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Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy

Lefkofsky Talks About the Need for More Empathy People who have success in the realm of business innovation, like Eric Lefkofsky, may ...

5 Of The Hottest Mobile Games In Aprail 2019

The Google Play Store is home to several games and applications that will appeal to several tastes and genres. The games are so much that it can be difficult to know the exact ones to choose to download and install.If you seek action, there is a game for that, it you want to entertain yourself and friend, there is a game for that, for those heated races, there are several of them to wet that appetite.To help you get the best options this month, check out our list of 5 Of The Hottest Mobile Games In May:

Article Map

1. Hopping Ball

Mobile Games In MayBe prepared, because you will definitely get attached to this game. The game will put your focus and reflex to the test since you have to control a bouncing ball with the aim of touching the white dots seen on the spinning cylinder. Make sure you do not touch the semi-black beads so you will not be discarded.

2. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Mobile Games In May

This is a strategy game, where the player has to assist an evil wizard to come up with a plan to recover lands that have been lost.

To get this done, you will have to make sure your powers are strengthened and you must also be ready to do and undo with diabolical powers to battle several opponents that will do everything possible to make sure the evil empire is not expanded.

3. Slope Run

Mobile Games In MayAnother massive game for you to work on your reflex and focus with when you are less busy. Slope Run provides various addictive levels, filled with obstacles.

  • The aim is to reach the finish line as quickly as you can with the ball still in your control. Loads of challenges must be expected but you must not falter to be crowned a true champ.

4. Book Of Dead

Image result for Book Of Dead game

You get to go back in time to ancient Egypt with this game. With several bonus features in it, this beautiful game is simple-to-enjoy as you move. You get to explore the enticing Egyptian elements that make it so fun to play.

  • Confirm if you are able to retrieve the treasure or if you will succumb to the pressures along the way.

5. Pick Me Up

This is all about exploring cities in the USA, which includes New York. It even drives through its casinos, how cool is that? In this enticing arcade, whoever is playing has to drive on rowdy streets and he or she has to stay away from collisions and all other kinds of accidents. Always remember to give people a ride along the way so you can receive money to unlock more automobiles.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of hottest mobile games in May. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


How To Hide Your Online Status In WhatsApp

The fact that Whatsapp is the most used Instant messaging app is unarguable. Whatsapp has a very intuitive user interface, that makes interaction a whole lot easier. With WhatsApp, you can send voice notes, make free voice and video calls. Whatsapp also is a very secured instant messaging platform, void of ads. All these features put together make Whatsapp an excellent choice for many. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to hide your online status in Whatsapp. This way you are able to keep your presence on WhatsApp clandestine.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application used by several people all over the world. With default settings, it lets your friend know when you are online or the last time you launched the app.

How To Hide Your Online Status In WhatsApp


It could be that you only intended to view some messages and not necessarily let your friends know you are online. Or maybe you just wanted to view their message in secret. Most people just fancy their privacy that's all.

  • The reason for wanting to do it does not matter, but it is possible to hide your online status in WhatsApp. Simply adhere to these instructions:

How Can I Hide My Online Status In WhatsApp?

1. Open the WhatsApp application on your device.
2. Click the menu icon and choose Settings.
3. In Settings, click Account.
4. In the next screen, click Privacy.
5. In Privacy, click "Last seen" and once the pop up with options is visible, choose Nobody. You are done. You are now invisible on the messaging platform.

  • One warning to note though about Last seen privacy is that you too will not know when your friends were last seen on the app. Since you are denying them that, it is only fair that you are denied something as well, right?
  • There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to hide your online status on Whatsapp. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Glo New Daily Data Splash Plan - Get 1GB Data For N300

After a few months when the Glo Special data offer that gives subscribers 1.2GB for N200 was terminated, Glo decided to silently launch a New Daily Data Splash Plan which is quite similar to Airtel Daily Binge 1GB for N350.

The Daily Data Splash is a N300 Data Plan designed for heavy data users. The plan can be purchased/used by any existing or new GLO customers. The plan can be gifted and it is shareable.

Package Details
Plan Name
Price (N)
Data Volume
Daily Data Splash 300
1 Day
I'm not feeling this new plan, the validity should have been 3 to 7 days, but the plan is fair for downloading, even though it's not really much, but at least it's still okay for quick use, as it gives room for multiple times subscription.
How to Activate Glo New Daily Data Splash Plan 1GB For N300

  • Recharge your Glo line with N300
  • The plan is available via USSD on *777# or simply dial *127*35# to activate the plan directly.

Note that the data is valid for just 1 day. You can dial *127*0# to view your data balance.

Will these plans work on modems, routers and mobile routers?
Yes, these plans will work on any compatible device.

What happens when I have a plan and buy this plan?
Your current plan will be paused while the Daily Data Splash Plan takes priority and gets consumed first.

This Glo new plan is in response to the Airtel's Daily Binge Plan that was launched a few weeks back. I'm optimistic that MTN will shut them up soonest.

You can Now Send, Receive and Earn Bitcoin & Litecoin on WhatsApp

 Great news guys! WhatsApp users can now send and receive Bitcoin and Litecoin with full-featured conversational crypto wallet via the popular messaging platform. Thanks to the Lite.IM bot.

This will help many people dive into the world of the cryptocurrencies, considering the facts that WhatsApp has over one and a half billion users and sees 60 billion messages sent per day.

A Swiss-based crypto messaging platform called Lite.IM developed a simple tool to receive and send Bitcoin on WhatsApp. No need to download any wallet or login to any site. Just within your WhatsApp messaging platform, you can send and receive Bitcoin.

All you need to do is to add Lite.IM WhatsApp bot and start receiving payments in a snap.

Step-by-Step Guide
  • Start the process by clicking here.
  • Choose your Language
  • Set a password
  • You're all set!
The incredible part about this bot is that you can also earn free Bitcoin by inviting friends, this might be a better opportunity for those who love to earn free Bitcoin right from the comfort of their home.

How to Receive Bitcoin via Whatsapp
It's simple, once you installed the bot you do the following:
Type in 0 and press enter, to reset the bot
You'll see the options menu again, and you type in 1 to receive BTC
You select how you wish to receive it, we selected 2 QR code.

Send that QR code to your friends, and tell them you are open for business and you accept bitcoins!

How to Switch to Your Preferred Virtual Currency
Besides Bitcoin on Whatsapp, you can also use other coins on the messaging platform.

You go back to the main menu by typing "0".

You change your default currency by selecting "1" and pick which coin you want to use between Ethereum, Litecoin and Zulu Republic token (ZTX).

Note: For now, this is just an add-on by ZULU REPUBLIC and not FBcoin.

How To Use Your Android Smartphone As Microphone Via Bluetooth Speaker

 The best thing about Android is that it's completely customizable. There's almost nothing you cannot change about it., it runs a lot of apps and games. There is no limit to what you can perform on an Android phone. Every Android genuine user is an explorer. They love to explore every nook and cranny of their beloved devices. 

Today I am going to talk about an awesome app that can turn your Android phone into a microphone for the listening pleasure of your audience. When checking Google Playstore you will see numerous applications with similar functions, but Microphone app is our main focused.

There are a lot of apps available by that name so make sure you download Microphone by Wonder Grace developers. The app designed for Android users to be able to use their smartphone as microphone connects to a speaker through Bluetooth. You can control almost all the aspects, using it. First of all, you can control the gain, volume and even the equalizer of the output. It can be tough to get the ideal values at first and you might even hear an echo while using the app, but you will get there eventually. 

Features of Microphone App
  1. Amplifier
  2. Mono / Stereo (Balance channel individually)
  3. Equalizer adjustments
  4. Line-In / Line-Out selection
  5. Sampling rate selection
  6. Widget support (Lock screen and Re-sizable)
  7. Supports Locale / Taker as a plugin
To Connect Mic App With Bluetooth Speaker
Connect your Bluetooth speaker with your Android device and open the app, tap the microphone logo at the middle on your phone screen to ON/OFF the Mic.

The sound might not be perfect at first, but you can always adjust the settings and control to get the desired mic effect.

You can turn on the widget support to make it easier and flexible to use.

You can order for a nice Bluetooth Speaker at

That is all for now on how you can use your Android phone as a real-time mic.

Earn N1000 Cashback for Each Friend You Invite to Jumia One

 It's time to get friendly and Jumia One makes it worth your while. I'm glad to let you know that Jumia One has increased their referral bonus promo to N1000 per referral! This time around the reward is unlimited.

If you are a blogger, webmaster or you have lots of fans on social media or in the group on messaging apps and you have not yet introduced Jumia One App to your audience, (I have been saying this and I will keep saying it), you are missing a lot.

This is another great chance for you to make cool cash via Jumia One as the reward just increased from N500 to N1000 per referral.

All you need is to start sharing your personalized referral code and reap the rewards by earning ₦1000 for every person that signs up and recharges, provided the terms are complied with. When someone uses your referral link to sign up, you get ₦1000 on their first recharge and your friend get 20% Cashback (up to ₦1000) when they make their first successful transaction.

Note that you can use your earned bonus (wallet balance) to buy airtime & mobile data, pay bills, shop online, book hotel, flight & cab, order your food from your favorite restaurant, buy movie ticket, place your bet, the list is endless. It's convenient, fast and 100% secure.

Also, it gives you 5% Cashback up to ₦2500 on each recharge helping you spend less on Airtime. Just download the app through this link,

This is how you refer a friend!
  1. Open the Jumia One app installed on your phone.
  2. At the bottom of the app, Click on Invite a Friend icon
  3. Then, click on Invite Your Friends
  4. Select your desired way to share with your friend (e.g Whatsapp, Facebook, Email etc.)
  5. You receive your ₦1000 cashback when your friend makes their first Airtime, Mobile Data or Bill payment.
  6. Your friend enjoys 20% Cashback (up to N1000) on their first transaction.
  7. You'll get the unlimited reward when you refer friends, following the Terms and conditions for referral campaign.
How to Earn Your N1000 Welcome Bonus on Jumia One App
  • First of all Download the Jumia One App Here 
  • After you downloaded it, register with your real email address and recharge at least N100 through the app, remember to use the voucher code sent to you in order to enjoy the 20% cashback.
Please note:
You only receive the cashback if your invited friend is a new user on Jumia One
Your friend needs to use the voucher code sent to them in order to enjoy the 20% cashback.

Cashbacks are usually given within 24 hours. If after this period you have not gotten your referral bonus, please reach out to Jumia customer care.

This offer is valid on Jumia One Android version 2.7.1 & above and iOS version 2.7.2 and above.

Start inviting and earning unlimited rewards!

Subscribe with N1000 and Get 1GB Data plus N2000 Airtime on Airtel DataPlus

 Airtel Nigeria has just released a new plan that will serve as a good choice for those who fancy more Airtime and less data. The plan is known as "Airtel DataPlus", it gives subscribers N2000 worth of airtime plus 1GB of data for only N1000.

The plan was squeezed in a few days after Airtel announced the Airtel Binge Plan, which gives 2gb for N500, the DataPlus allows you to browse your favorite websites and as well call your friends and families on any network.

With just N1,000, you can get 1GB data + N2,000 Airtime to call any network in Nigeria, only on Airtel DataPlus.

To Get Started
  • Simply recharge your Airtel line with at least N1000
  • Dial *154*2# to subscribe to Airtel DataPlus
  • All Airtel sim are eligible (both new and old sim).
After the subscription, N1000 will be deducted from your main Account balance and you will be given 1GB of data, plus free Airtime of N2000.

The data can be used on any device and the Airtime can be used to make both local and international calls.

What do you think about the plan?

Earn money by referring friends and completing tasks!

Why and how does it work?

So why does this all work? Are you guys just giving away free money? We get asked that question a lot. We are a influencer marketing platform. We connect influencers (you) with top advertisers and brands, such as Target, Epic Games, Amazon, Apple, and more. We essentially pay you to bring traffic to our site which will in turn build exposure and awareness of these brands. Basically, advertisers pay us to pay you to bring traffic and awareness to our site and their products. Once you invite a friend and they become a member, they are exposed to our advertisers' products in our members area.

You see, we've been in the business for quite awhile. When we first started, we used to pay our influencers $0.10 for every referral they had. However, since then, our service, advertisers, and clientele has grown and the value of your referrals have grown.

As our ad revenue and popularity increases, we pay you for the traffic you bring to our site ($10 for every referral). On top of this, members get paid by our partners by trying new products and services in our members area. Ready to start earning? Get started now!
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10 Best Color Identifier Apps for Android/iPhones (iOS) in 2019

Despite the enlightenment given in schools, Identifying colors remains difficult for a lot of people. The inability to identify colors can be as a result of many things. Some people may lack knowledge of the color's name; others may be color blind, while others may be entirely blind. Whichever category you fall in, Color identifier apps will undoubtedly be of help to you. In this article, we explore a list of best color identifier apps for Android and iPhones.


1. Color Grab (Color Detection)

Best Color Identifier Apps

Color Grab is an app designed for users who have problems identifying colors. It has an inbuilt feature that recognizes colors, as soon as you point your camera at the object. The color grab app was designed to suit the needs of designers, artists, professionals, developers and color blinds.

The Color Grab app features real-time color measurement (color metering), color recognition (color-2-name), custom white balance, color platelets, and harmonies themes generation tool, color blending tool, tune too, color-locking indication and lots more.

2. Color Meter (Color Picker)

10 Best Color Identifier Apps

Color Meter lets you identify apps with ease. It is an app that lets users make use of live colors around them. Once identified by the app, these colors can be used as wallpapers on smartphones. Once the color has been detected, the app will display the RGB version of the identified color, as well as the hexadecimal (HTML) color code, that can be used in graphics or web design.

The Color Meter app features a live color analyzer, white balance, CMY model, color palette, a built-in flashlight and lots more. This app is available only on the Android platform and can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

3. Examine Clothes Color

Developed by Masao MIYAKE, Examine clothes Color is an app designed to help visually impaired persons. It allows visually impaired persons to choose colors by themselves.

Using this app, you are required to take photos of objects you want to inquire about their colors. The photo is taken using the in-app camera. After the photo has been taken, the color will be vocalized to you. The color included in clothes is expressed by up to 4 colors. The pattern is expressed by a category of 5, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, checker, plain color and lots more. This app is only available on the iOS platform and can be downloaded from the apple app store.

4. Swatches (Live Color Picker)

Best Color Identifier Apps

Swatches is a color picker app, famous for its fidelity in telling colors. It helps users identify colors seamlessly. Swatches support both manual white balance and exposure for maximum accuracy.

identifying colors with the Swatch app is a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is take a photo of the object bearing the color you want to inquire about. After which you are to import the photo to the Swatch app. Colors identified with the swatch app can be viewed as RGB or Hex. The swatch app also lets users see the nearest paint and Pantone colors.  The swatch app is only available on the iOS platform and can be downloaded from the apple app store.

5. Color detector by mobialia

As its name clearly depicts, the color detector app is an app that makes detecting colors very easy. It was designed to help people who find detecting colors difficult, to recognize colors in real time. It is a useful tool in the hands of people who are color blind and visually impaired in general.
  •  Using this app, you are required to take a photo of the object bearing the color you want to detect, after which the result will be presented to you. This app provides color information in RGB, HSV and HTML notation. Colors identified will be vocalized.
6. Image color identifier 

Best Color Identifier Apps

The image color identifier app is an app that is used to identify the colors in a photo. It provides all the color codes, of the colors in the picture. Using this app, all you have to do is take a photo with your gallery and then import the photo taken to the app.
  •  After which the app will provide information about the color, searching through its bank of 1500 different colors. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

7. Color Identifier

Still, on the topic of best color identifier apps, the color identifies app is yet another awesome app, used to identify a color. Its name says its all. It was designed to help people recognize colors faster. Its mode of operations is similar to the already mentioned ones. This app is available on the Google Play store for downloads. It is an Android exclusive app.

8. Color detector by RamelTec

Best Color Identifier Apps
Color detector app by Rameltec, is one of those color detectors that vocalize color identification results. It was designed to help the visually impaired identity colors easily. This app houses an inbuilt camera. To identify colors using this app, you are required to take snapshots of the object, after which the app will identify the colors. The camera app features a flash, allowing users to identify colors in the dark and in the light.

9. Color Picker

Best Color Identifier Apps

The color picker app is a unique color identifier app. It has a built-in mechanism, that lets users identify colors,  by tapping on different parts of the photo. Color identification results are presented in Hex code, RGB values, and RAL System code. The Color picker app is exclusive to Android and is available for downloads on the Google PlayStore.

10. Colour identification by MAX- INVEST

Last but not least, the color identification app by max-invest, is yet another app, that lets visually impaired users identify colors. It working principle is similar to that of the already mentioned apps. It lets you import photos containing the colors you want to inquire about, after which, the app detects the color.

There you have it – the best color identifier apps for Android and iPhones. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


How To Hide Apps On iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch

Strangers or even people you know snooping through the apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be disgusting. Ensuring the apps are hidden via methods like parental restrictions or removal of the app are very extreme and time-wasting ways to get this done.

An easy way out is to simply hide the app in folders among other apps. This makes it difficult for someone to locate the app unless they allocate gigantic hours searching for it or are aware of what exactly to search for. It also ensures no one really suspects you like when you make use of a lock or passcode. It functions for all iPhone generation.

Article Map


How To Hide Applications On An iPhone iPads or iPod Touch

1. Find the app that you wish to hide.
2. Press and hold the app until it enlarges.
3. Move the app onto its own screen.
4. Get the app hidden on a screen by getting it surrounded with other apps.
5. Get the app hidden in a folder for more privacy.
6. Give the folder name. Pick the name correctly.
7. Get the screen filled with folders of various apps to ensure the app is even deeper.
8. Tap the home button to lock everything in place.

1. Find The App That You Wish To Hide

Press and hold the app until all the apps wiggle.
You will also notice an 'X' on the top left corners of the apps.

2. Press And Hold The App Once More So That It Enlarges Slightly

The app will increase by about 25% larger than its regular size.

3. Move The App Onto Its Personal Screen

As you press down the app, get it moved to the right edge of the current screen to move to the next screen. Do not stop moving it to the new screen until it is on a screen by itself.

  •  You are allowed to go all out to 15 screens if you use iOS 7 and later while 11 screens is for iOS 6 and older, but when you press the Home button to lock your app in place, the app immediately gets moved to the next screen that follows the last taken screen.

For instance, if there are three taken screens, even if you move an application to the last page, it will instantly be moved to the fourth screen when you lock the apps in place.

4. Get The App Hidden On A Screen By Surrounding It With Other Apps

Still, on the tutorial on how to hide apps on iPhones, With other apps still wiggling, get the app you wish to hide surrounded with random apps you really do not make use of.

The more full screens you have, the more difficult it will be for just anyone to locate the app. You can fill up to 15 screens with applications for iOS 7 and later or up to 11 screens for iOS 6 and older.

Your screen size will determine what each screen can hold.

5. Get The App Hidden In A Folder For Added Privacy

While the apps are still wiggling, drag any one of them and have them placed directly on top of another app. The two apps will be moved into on box, creating a folder. The app beneath will flash twice, and then a folder will open up.

  •  Keep dragging other applications into the folder. You will need the secret app to be at least on the second page of the folder.

Each page of a folder will show you nine different apps. Each folder can hold up to 135 apps for iOS 7 and newer, about 16 apps (for iOS 5 and 6), around 12 apps (for iOS 4 and older). Once more, the higher the number you add to a folder, the more difficult it will be to locate the app you are hiding.

how to hide apps On iPhones

6. Give The App A Name

Pick a folder name that will not be too obvious so no one has an idea what is hidden in it.

To get a folder renamed, click the 'X' on the right side of the top bubble. This will open up the keyboard.

Type in any name that will give out no clue to a potential intruder.

7. Get The Screen Filled With Folders Of Various Apps to Ensure The App Is Difficult To See

Ensure you create folders and apps that intruders will encounter to locate the app you want to be kept away from them.

  •  It'll be that much difficult if you filled all the potential screens with folders, each with several apps, depending on your phone's memory.

8. Press The Home Button To Lock Everything In Place

After you might have carried out all the steps as outlined in this article on how to hide apps on iPhones, the final step is to press your home button to lock everything in place.

There you have it – A comprehensive tutorial on how to hide apps On iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch. If you have questions concerning this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.


7 Best Time Management Apps For Students

As any student, anywhere in the world, you are faced with a mountain of tasks every single day, in addition to the time you have to set aside for yourself, your family, friends, your social life and coursework. Keeping your head synced in with all every single day can be daunting, so we are here to make that easier by giving you our list of Best Time Management Apps For Students:


1. Evernote

Best Time Management Apps For StudentsThis application is brilliant for the provision of a workspace for saving and organizing notes, task lists, and random ideas. It can be used to manage tasks, presentations and institution projects. Even if you do not have the hours to type, you can have a note stored via voice memos, photos, and more. It is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It charges nothing for a free plan buy you get to pay something to upgrade your plan.

2. Remember the Milk

Best Time Management Apps For Students

This is the ultimate time management app. Do not forget that the milk affords adult students the opportunity to add assignments and prioritize when coursework ought to happen. Huge tasks can be broken down into little subtasks. Your task list is even customizable for work, school, and home, plus you can set a reminder anywhere through your email, SMS, Twitter, and other mobile applications. It is available for the web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android devices and tabs e.t.c. There is a free and premium version.

3. Focus Booster

This is a desktop app that you do not pay for. It aids the improvement of your focus and productivity. The app utilizes the Pomodoro technique, a well-known management technique that will split focused work sessions into achievable 25-minute intervals a.k.a pomodoros. Each interval gets separated by a 5-minute break that lets you get your focus before starting our work again. The app can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds and opened in your desktop.

4. 30/30

Best Time Management Apps For StudentsIt helps to get things done. You can set up a list of tasks, and the period in which you want each of them completed. With a timer set, you are aware of when to move on to the next task.


The display is a bit small but you still see all you need to as you use the app. Syncing over iCloud is possible plus it has smart time functions. Just add a list of things you want completing, give everything a set time, the app then monitors things for you and when the time is up, you get notified.

5. AnyDo

You get to take charge of your life with this app. It also syncs smoothly across all of your devices, ensuring your to-do list can be accessed at all places. You will always remember all you should not forget plus your progress gets monitored. This app also possesses lovely themes and remarkable features. There is a hundred percent guarantee to save time with this one.

6. Finish

Image result for finish app

This application is great for helping students stick to the timeline set to complete a particular project. It is simply a to-do list with steps, and you even get rewarded for wrapping up a step early enough. There are free samples and trial offers included in it. You get to track your project and get reminded when you have to. It is a remarkable tool for procrastinators.

7. 2do

Best Time Management Apps For StudentsThis app allows you to manage your tasks differently. It is easy to work with and its features are very vital to achieving your daily goals. Unlike other time management app, you are not compelled to adhere to a specific task management method. It is free and it works offline.

  •  You can create simple tasks with markdown, attachments and several alarms. You also get to conveniently see upcoming, starred or scheduled tasks. It can be synced in CalDAV (iCloud/Fruux/Fastmail and so on.), Dropbox or Toodledo. 2Do works across Android, iOS, and Macs. There is password protection for tasks if you choose to use it plus locations can be attached to tasks so you receive reminders when you are close to these locations.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best time management apps for students. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


10 Awesome Features Found in Android Q

Lots of Android lovers are still expecting the Android Pie to find its way to our phones, but Google waits for no one. The mega-company is presently working extra hard on Android Q, the next version of its mobile platform. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of 10 awesome Android features. These features are listed below:

1. A Legit Dark Mode

The feature that stole our hearts was definitely the system-wide dark mode to the OS. This dark mode applies to the settings menu, launcher, notification shade, and other UI elements. The dark mode can be permanently turned on or automatically switched on at specific periods during the day. To turn heads, you can even force dark mode for apps that do not support it. A dark mode on an Android is long overdue. Helping to decrease glare at night and boost battery life on OLED phones is key for users. But the company has teased potential customers for long and failed to provide it, so chill until it happens.

2. Permissions Whenever You Need Them

In Android Marshmallow, we sure noticed an overhaul of Android permissions, and this routine continues to be the foundation for Android Q. But things might be about to change, as users can now reportedly ensure that an application is only allowed to make use of particular permission when the app is running. This is massive for privacy-focused persons or users that want great battery life. Phone owners can decide to allow an app to use location permission while running or permanently. Another brilliant inclusion is a brand new status bar icon to allow users to realize when an app is using the camera.

3. Desktop Mode

Samsung and Huawei have taken care of offering desktop modes recently, and we must admit, it is a remarkable idea. When you connect your mobile device to a larger display, the UI transforms into what looks like a desktop computer.


That means a PC-like home screen, a start menu, resizable app windows, and the ability to make use of a keyboard and mouse. Investigations by XDA has revealed that the Android Q will delve into the world of desktop mode as well. It might be the exact same thing Samsung and Huawei provides, or it could be a step up from that.


4. A More Secure Smart Lock

Smart Lock was brought to the world by Google when Lollipop was buzzing, and it helped to keep our smartphones locked when we were far from it. The feature was also useful in aiding us to unlock our phones according to our location. The early version of Android Q has revealed two fresh additions to Smart Lock. One allows you to use Smart Lock to extend the unlock period of your phone and the second will lock the device when the trusted companion device does not attract trust anymore.

5. Doper Facial Recognition?

In addition to the security measure spoken about in number 4, there will be facial recognition too. Androids are known with camera-based face to unlock but this time around, there are some additions. Error messages that are displayed when a smartphone does not have facial recognition hardware. Also, you will require this new type on facial recognition to unlock your smartphone, purchase items and get yourself logged in to applications.

6. Native Screen Recording

Screen Recording in Android will attract no breaking news, we are used to it, thanks to third-party OEMs like Oppo, Samsung, and Huawei. Sadly, stock Android does not possess the feature, but Android Q is finally offering it.

  •  9to5Google is reporting that the soon-to-come update will provide native screen recording. The feature will repeatedly request the appropriate permissions when you first try to attempt it. It is also likely that you will get to record a voice-over to go with your video clip.

7. Android Previews For OEMs

Are you fed up of pixel users enjoying all the goodies as regards Android previews? Google feels your pain and opened Android Pie previews on the Android Q. Android engineer, Iliyan Malchev recently disclosed to Android Developers Backstage Podcast that more manufacturers will aid the Android Q beta program. He shared that the number of OEMs that will partake is larger for the upcoming release, but he did not expatiate.

8. A Potential Warning For Older Apps

XDA found out that Google might have in their plans to ridicule developers that do not update their apps. This ridicule will be in the form of a notification, letting phone owners know the app they are set to run has not been updated and might not function properly. Do not bother though, as the alert will only focus on apps that are yet to be updated since the Lollipop era. Also, Google will not actually prevent you from launching these apps.

9. Dynamic Android And Android On Tap

A possible pair of fresh Android Q features aimed precisely at the development community were discovered by XDA developers as well. A.K.A Dynamic Android and Android On Tap, this feature will raise Google's Project Treble to a greater height, letting developers to seamlessly flash various ROMs on one device without needing to unlock the bootloader or perform a data wipe.

  •  Google is basically trying to make it simpler for OEMs to update Android. If OEMs can engage in the testing of new Android versions easily then that should make updates come at a more rapid pace.

10. Rich Communication Service For Third-Party Apps?

This service is supposed to act as a successor to text messages tech. The process of achieving that is still far ahead but the next version of Android can aid adoption. Android Police saw RCS-related APIs in Android Q recently, which means that third-party messaging apps might be about to get involved as well. Sadly, reports are gathering that the functionality has been "punted from Android Q," but anything could still change leading up to the release. Google might change its mind once more.

There you have it – A comprehensive list of ten awesome Android Q features. If you have knowledge of other exciting Android Q features, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


Download Plants Vs Zombies 2 (mods+Unlimited Coins)

Plants vs. Plants Zombies is a popular engaging tower defense game that had gotten over 100 Million Downloads. This is an app that has had received more than 100 million overall downloads across the globe. Plants vs. Plants Zombies game was developed by Popcap's Game and published by EA Mobile for free. Certain items require in-app purchase –that's some real cash.  In this article , we explore the features and we also provide a link to download plants vs zombie 2 mod.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 mod

Right here, you can play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure with much ease. Not only are you going to greet, meet, and defeat a battalion of chucklesome zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days, but also get the perfect recipe for Mods+Unlimited coins.

There is quite an array of the army from stunning plants; energize them with Plant Food, and strategies to get the ultimate plan to protect your brain.

If you've been spending your real money on doing all those mentioned above, I highly recommend our mods+Unlimited Coins can save you a little fortune.

Now you can enjoy the unlimited experience this game for free –freedom to purchase any item.


Plants Vs Zombies 2 Game Storyline

The storyline has always been the same. As the zombies attack the city and proceed to your house with the desire to eat your brain.

As the owner of the property, you must take the bull by the horns by planting individual crops to kill the zombies before they get their foot in the door.

In a nutshell, you accidentally get lost in the past, and finding yourself in Ancient Egypt; you figured ten keys across space, that brought you the whole house to many different fields in the past and future like.

  •  Engage in blood and guts fight with tons of zombies, strike ferociously from a lot of different regions, and victimize more new plants and powerful new zombies.

Therefore, thrive through each door to get to the next door and unlock new crops.

Collect your desired lawn legends, like peashooter & sunflower, alongside hundreds of other compelling horticultural hotshots like Laser Bean and Lava Guava.

Go toe-to-toe with a gigantic array of zombies at every side just like Mermaid Imp and Jetpack Zombie. Most importantly, protect your brain from uncontrolled Zombie chickens.

In your gameplay, do your utmost to earn Seed Packets. Also, use them to fuel your plants for more features. Go on double-down defenses, power up attacks, gain new abilities and speed up planting time to boost your plants and make sure those zombies are lawn-gone

Go tooth and nail across 11 crazy worlds, from the cradle of Ancient Egypt to the Future, and explore beyond that.

  •  There are more than 300 levels to reach, ultra-challenging endless zones, fun mini-games to keep you addicted, and of cause, daily PiƱata Party events. Lastly, there are new challenges to be finished.

If you're frustrated on where to go next, you can easily consult your Travel Log to quickly advance on any Quests.

Beat the clock and complete Scheduled Quests before the time elapses, also take on tones of epic quests and earn unique rewards.

Gameplay is more Intense action than Ever!

The higher you go, the hotter it becomes, In the previous version –version 1, what is required of you is only the need to kill all the zombies then you've won –able to cross the stage.

  •  But in version 2, more is expected of you. You're supposed to do more than just killing all the zombies. This alone makes it more brutal for gamers and heighten intense action in the game.

There're more engaging things involved now. Secondly, each stage is usually on a map; this allows you to know your position and the position of your target.

Useful skill Control System

The gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies 2 surpasses the previous version. Version 2 is much more attractive; there are featured trees that also have their own "killer" skills. Set to impede certain movement. Also, players can gain magic clover.


Furthermore, the game shall provide you with supported skills in three types; Freeze, Shock and throw. These skills are constructive as such can't be collected, but you can spend some coin on the purchase.

Better Graphics & Better sound

The graphics of Plants vs Zombies 2 is insanely breath-taking. There are masterful working with bright colors and vibrancy. This recent version is more impressive than the first version.

Moreover, lots of people have a preference for the second version over the first as well as many new effects appear going alongside these versions.

The movement has never been so smooth and real. There're no opportunities for lag when playing.

  •  In addition, there has been more fun than ever!  Plants vs. Zombies 2 incorporates lots engaging war music that puts you in battle mode.

One interesting thing about this game is, each land that you step foot on has an appropriate sound that makes players feel more thrill when fighting.

There are many vivid sounds in the game such as shooting bullets, zombies eating, etc.


Plants vs Zombies 2 is a simple fun game that has many different Version that incorporates new plants and new zombies.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a comic game of defense. You have to responsibility of protecting your house against zombie attacks. You'll be needing tons of coins to grow your Zen Garden and to get more rewards in a much easier way.

The game is compactable with Android 2.3 and above. Furthermore, you can Download latest version Plants vs Zombies 2 from us and get free Apk + MOD (Unlimited Coins, Gems) + Data with Direct link>>>Download MOD


  1. Firstly, you have to install Apk.
  2. Secondly, copy folder and move it into Android/Obb
  3. Thirdly, you're free to play and enjoy the game.

Are you ready at your best defenses, because Dr. Zomboss is waiting on you on the other side? All you have to do is follow the steps list above to download the Plants vs zombie mod 2 Don't forget to drop comments below.


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