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How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s desktop OS which offers a familiar, safer, and more secure personalized experience for users. If you’re still wondering why you should upgrade, you should check out the article on why you should upgrade to Windows 10.
Windows 10 free upgrade might have ended some time ago (July 26, 2016 precisely), and purchasing a licensed edition costs around $119 for the Home edition and $199 for the Pro edition. However eager users still have a window of opportunity to get the latest Windows iteration on their PC for free. If you have a licensed version of Windows 7 or 8, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free using the Windows Upgrade assistant.
Here’s how.
  1. On your web browser, go to the Windows assistive technologies site
How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10
  1. Once the site is open, navigate to the button that says ‘Upgrade Now’ and click on it. This will download the Windows Upgrade assistant to your PC. The file is about 6MB in size.
  2. Once the Upgrade assistant is done downloading, click on it and run the program.

  1. Accept the software license agreement (try and read a few sentences) then proceed with the installation.How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10
  1. Click on Update Now and let the upgrade assistant check your PC for compatibility.
How to Upgrade Your PC to Windows 10
  1. Once that is done, the update will start downloading and will install when the download is finished.
Ensure you have enough mobile data (about 4GB) before commencing as the update is a large file. You can also use wifi which is cheaper.
Ensure your PC is plugged in to a power source before the installation begins. If the battery runs out during installation, it could pose a huge challenge to fix.
The deadline for the free upgrade is December 31, 2017

Microsoft Will End Windows 7 Support by Early 2020

The Redmond Software giant, Microsoft, has announced that its support for Windows 7 will end after January 14, 2020. In essence, Windows 7 users will no longer receive updates or security fixes after the said date.
“All good things must come to an end, even Windows 7.”

Windows 7 has been applauded as the best version of Windows, after Windows XP. At its one year anniversary in 2010, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc blogged that more than 240 million Windows 7 licenses were sold that year, making it the fastest-selling operating system in history. Even after the release of Microsoft’s elegant Windows 10, Windows 7 still ruled the market. It took a few years before 10 started getting fair market share.

Some of the features that greatly improved the general user experience of Windows was first seen on Windows 7. The OS brought the ability to pin items on the taskbar, and refined the look and feel of Windows with Aero Interface.

While Windows 7 wasn’t exactly overloaded with fancy features, it brought stability, good networking and enhanced security to the Windows landscape, especially after its predecessor – Windows Vista, received much criticism for its poor performance.

Current Windows 7 users have about a year before Microsoft cuts off their supply of security fixes. Microsoft will, however, continue to provide updates to Windows 7 enterprise customers who’d pay for support.

Should you decide to continue using Windows 7 after its end of support date, Microsoft warns that your PC will become vulnerable to security risks. Users of 7 are advised to upgrade to Windows 10. Even better, one should purchase a new Windows 10 PC in order to enjoy the latest hardware capabilities.

Checkout this article on upgrading to Windows 10.

Tip of the Day: Know Which Network Each Mobile Phone Number Belongs To

Mobile Network
The first GSM service was rolled out in Nigeria in August 2001. A little under two decades later, the number of SIMs issued by network operators has grown so much so that it’s almost impossible to associate numbering schemes to their respective operators. Back then it was quite easy to know which number prefix belonged to which network. For instance, any number starting with 0803 belonged to MTN, 0805 Glo, 0802 Airtel, and so on. But due to the explosion of mobile telephony across the country, it’s almost become a chore to know which numbers are associated with each network.
The Nigerian Communications Commission is responsible for the development of the National Numbering Plan. It publishes a list of the numbering schemes on its website and makes it available to the public. You can find the exhaustive list containing all the operators in Nigeria here. The list contains other operators like Smile, Visafone etc.
The table below shows the phone number prefixes for some of the major Telco operators in Nigeria:
Even though people are now being able to port their numbers from one operator to another using Mobile Number Portability, the number of ported numbers aren’t too many. It’s safe to say the overwhelming majority of numbers still belong to the telcos that originally issued them.
You can also discover other useful statistics on mobile number allocation and management from the NCC website.
Feature image source: Hot Vibes Media

4 Ways Technology Impacts Tourism and Travelling in Nigeria.

Today, technology affects every aspect of life, including travels and tourism. With the introduction of the Android phones and mobile network upgrades from 3G to 4G, and possibly now 5G, the tourism scene in Nigeria is being impacted.
mobile phone
1. Improve Our Travel Options
Before, we would have to go to a physical location to book a flight, hotel room or make reservations in advance. But these days we can do that from the comfort of our homes. We can even compare prices and book holiday tour packages via the internet with websites like Wakanow, Travelstart Ng,, etc. Plus, we now have access to a range of hotel options with pictures and where their property is located, a list of their services and prices. We can also choose the bus seat and time of travel from road transport companies through their website e.g. God Is Good Motors or Chisco Transport. We can use some travel Apps on our mobile devices to make travel easier like Google Maps, abokiFX, Oanda currency calculator, Uber/Taxify, etc.

2. Keep Communication Lines Open
In the 80s and 90s, we needed landlines and telephone operators to keep in touch. But these days, we have mobile phones that allow us to receive calls wherever we are with no need for a phone booth or having to run back home. We also have Messaging Apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp; Video calls Apps like Skype or Facetime. And Social Media Apps to share picture updates to friends and family on your travel progress like Instagram, Facebook, etc. So Communications are no longer just audio, they can be visual and real time too.

3. Have Easier And Secure Payment Options
Nowadays, we don’t have to travel around with bulk money in our pockets, wallets or suitcases. Just a few bank-cards like a credit or debit card and we are ‘good to go’ if the recipient has a POS or there is access to an ATM for a quick withdrawal. Banks also have mobile Banking Apps and AI like Leo who can help manage money transfers without the need to set foot in a banking hall. If the move towards a cashless society had panned out, we would have electronic payment systems that use Apps like Google wallet, Bitcoin payment, Samsung pay, etc.

4. Create More Personalised Travel Experiences
We capture memories with selfie sticks and our high-resolution Smartphones if we can’t afford a DSLR camera. Thereby allowing us to document our travel experience.  We can also now catch up with News or Entertainment on the go as most TV stations now have Apps with streaming services like Kwese TV, Channels TV, DSTV Now, etc. For now, we are yet to use Augmented Reality to sell tour destinations so people can get a feel of experience they are buying into. Or use translator Apps like iTranslate to break language barrier in certain parts of Nigeria (since we are a country with over 250 languages).

There are so many amazing technologies out there that are yet to be implemented in Nigeria. But as we catch up with the new technological advancements, we will continue to feel it impacts in our national Tourism sector.

Featured image source: Substantia Mea

Top 4 Nigerian Mobile Games

Not so long ago, we were mostly used to games designed by foreign developers, but today we now have our homegrown games produced by talented developers, who aim to create entertainment for the Nigerian market.
If you in search of such games, look no further as we have compiled a list of some of them below

Keke On The Run 2

The craze for runner games started some years back when games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and the likes came on board. Now we have one by Nigerians that is not only visually engaging but also celebrates the Nigerian culture in many ways. Keke On The Run has 2, has you driving through various obstacles and winning coins as you do so. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the African theme sound you can hear playing at the background. With over 1000 downloads and decent ratings, you can tell the game is worth giving a shot.

Aboki Run

Aboki Run, another game likable to Temple Run and Subway Surfers is an “endless runner” game designed by Maliyo Games – Nigeria’s premier mobile gaming startups. This is definitely one game to look out for because of its beautiful interface and interesting theme that can keep you hooked for days. The game sees you helping three friends, Danjuma, Gbenga, and Chinedu find their way through their ancestral home. Assigned with this task, you will be running endlessly through the dark caves and forests, amassing coins and cowries, and disrupting ‘Owambe” parties just to escape the danger lurking behind. Aboki Run has hundreds of decent reviews on Google play store and has been downloaded multiple times. Click here to download it.


According to Yoruba folklore, an Orisha is a supernatural being that embodies the supreme divinity of the deity Eledumare also known as Olorun. Adapted from this belief, “Orisha” is also a game designed by Nigerian mobile-game production company, Gamesole, for lovers of African folklore and myths. The game has so many engaging levels as well as attractive visuals. Click here to download it

Gidi Run

Another “endless runner” game by Gamesole, Gidi Run is set on the streets of Lagos where you get to play as a policeman, bus conductor, and even a Danfo. The game also has a championship mode that allows you compete against your Facebook friends. Click here to download it. All you have to do is avoid getting hit by trucks and buses and you’re safe.
Featured image source: Connect Nigeria

Top 7 Mobile Photography Tricks

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”
— Irving Penn
Great images are not made by cameras but by people. There’s a whole lot to taking good pictures than just having a nice camera or smartphone. There are one or two things one needs to take cognisance of, and a few other pro photography tricks that can be employed to take good pictures on a smartphone.
Let’s take a look at a few smartphone photography tips you should know.

Clean Your Camera Lens

This might just be the most overlooked routine when taking pictures. Chances are that while using your phone, you must have smudged the camera lens with your fingers which will make it dirty and greasy. A dirty lens will block light from entering the camera’s sensor effectively and will lead to poor, blurry images. A clean lens will ensure you get crisp, clear images with your phone.

Light Is Your Best Friend (But Not The Flash)

You need to take advantage of natural light sources, and also pay attention to the light source. Make sure the light source is not behind your subject, rather it should be in front so as to light up the subject.

Use The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds suggests that you divide your camera viewfinder into a set of 3×3 cells so that you have 9 parts. You can do this by enabling the camera grid on your smartphone. With this grid in mind, you can better compose your images by positioning your subject at the intersection points of the grid lines.

Focus With The Viewfinder

Always tap the viewfinder to focus on the subject you are trying to capture. This will make for sharper images.

Get Close To Your Subject

If you are taking portrait shots, get close to your subject. The portrait feature in recent smartphone cameras works much better when you capture the picture close up.

Shoot Along Lines

Shooting along lines can lead to breathtaking images. You can practice this by taking pictures along wall lines, bricks or tiles, staircases, or a building’s grid. Lines enhance a sense of depth in photos and emphasise your subject.

Get A Better Camera App

If your camera app is not feature-rich, get another camera app that will allow you more control over things like exposure compensation, white point, shutter speed, ISO, etc. Some camera apps also have better image processing than others.
Featured image source: Quertime

Tip of the Day; How to Use the New Windows Clipboard

Microsoft Clip
Copy and paste is arguably one of the most used software features on mobile and desktop devices. This is because people are always transferring information (usually text and images) from one field to the other, or one app to the other. The copied items are held in a clipboard so the user can easily paste it wherever.
Microsoft in its October 2018 update introduced a new and refined clipboard. The new clipboard stores copied content (up to 4MB), allowing you to view and paste them from the clipboard history. This is averse to the old method that only supported copying one piece of content at a time and had no interface where the copied items can be viewed.
In addition to displaying your copied items, the clipboard also syncs and makes your data available and accessible across all your devices.

How To Use:

Clipboard adds a new keyboard shortcut to the popular Ctrl C + Ctrl V combo. You can now use the Windows key + V shortcut to bring up the new clipboard history. You’ll find a list of items (such as text and images) that you have copied from different applications (Microsoft Word, OneNote, PDF, etc) in the Clipboard interface.
To  use clipboard, you first need to enable it from the Settings app. Follow the steps below.
  • Go to  Settings >> System >> Clipboard.
  • Turn on the Clipboard history toggle switch.
Alternatively, you can enable Clipboard when you use the Windows key + V keyboard shortcut. If Clipboard history is off, you’ll be asked to turn it on.  Just click the Turn on button.
Then, to copy and paste content from your history, follow these steps:
  • Select the text or image you want to copy.
  • Use the CTRL C or CTRL X shortcut to either copy or cut, or right-click the selection and click the Copy or Cut option.
  • Open the document or filed you want to paste the content in.
  • Use the Windows key + V shortcut to open the clipboard history.
  • Select the content you wish to paste and click on it. Your cursor must be placed in the field where you want to paste the item.
You can also pin the items that you wish to reuse.
  • Use the Windows key + V shortcut to open the clipboard history.
  • Click the Pin button at the top of the content to pin it.
  • When you no longer need the content, click the button again to unpin or the X button to delete the item.
Clipboard doesn’t yet support copying of non-text or non_image files. Also, the cloud clipboard only supports images copied within a document and disregards image files copied from file explorer or the web browser.
Clipboard history is only accessible on computers running Windows 10 version 1809 or later, and the same Microsoft account must be signed in on them.
Anyone using clipboard must be careful when dealing with sensitive content like passwords and personal info. You must be sure to delete such data as anyone that gets a hold of the computer will be able to view the information by just using the Windows key + V shortcut.
To clear clipboard data,
  • Go to  Settings >> System >> Clipboard.
  • Under Clear clipboard data, click the Clear button.
Enabling sync for clipboard means your history will be uploaded to Microsoft servers. You should disable sync if you do not want to expose any sensitive data.
To turn off sync,
  • Go to  Settings >> System >> Clipboard.
  • Under Sync across devices, turn off the toggle switch.

Featured image source: Slim Gigs

Microsoft’s latest feature could save users from startup failures after installing Windows Updates

Windows users have a love-hate relationship with Windows Updates. This is mainly because they keep running into issues after installing updates. It looks like Microsoft has also taken note of the issue and has added a safety measure for the same.
According to a new document published by Microsoft (via Windows Latest), Windows will now automatically uninstall updates if a user runs into startup issues. Due to the sheer number of devices running on Windows, it’ important to have a safety mechanism in place for when things go wrong. If something does go wrong, Windows will boot up the device and uninstall Windows Update.
Not only that, if this happens, Windows will automatically block Updates for the next 30 days so Microsoft can investigate and fix the issue before the update is delivered to the user again.
To ensure that your device can start up and continue running as expected, Windows will also prevent problematic updates from installing automatically for the next 30 days. This will give Microsoft and our partners the opportunity to investigate the failure and fix any issues. After 30 days, Windows will again try to install the updates.
Microsoft does allow users to manually install updates if they think that the rollback was a mistake or if Microsoft fixes the issue before the 30 day period is over. Lastly, Microsoft also asked users to share Feedback using the Feedback Hub so the company can take a look at the diagnostic data and work on the fix accordingly.

Chrome 73 with new Dark Mode now available to all

We have been following the development of an official Dark Mode for the Google Chrome browser for some weeks, and today that new feature is finally available to all on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
The feature is similar to the Dark Theme in Incognito mode, and responds to the Theme selected in the operating system.
The feature does not appear to be fully developed for Windows yet, but can be enabled like this:
  1. Right click on its shortcut on the desktop and select Properties
  2. Add --enable-features=WebUIDarkMode --force-dark-mode string in the Target field after “chrome.exe” (see the screenshot below).
On launching the browser you should be able to see the dark version of the browser.
Besides the Dark Mode, the update also brings along a number of other changes and improvements including improvements in synching and account sign-in, support for media hardware keys, and auto Picture in Picture.
The update also brings a number of other improvements for developers, which can be seen in video below:

New Google policy means Microsoft Launcher users are facing a hard choice

Google has updated its policy for Android apps which affects the apps that use SMS/Calling permissions and includes Microsoft Launcher. The new policy restricts the use of SMS/Call Logs by third-party apps on Android.
According to the new policy, apps will need to file a new declaration form and update the APK files to meet the new policies. Microsoft recently released a new update for Microsoft Launcher and with it the company also updated the backend of the app to meet the new guidelines. However, these new guidelines might hurt Microsoft as Google will no longer allow two different assistants to run on Android. What this means is that users can’t have both Cortana and Google Assistant on their phones at the same time.
If you choose Microsoft Launcher as the default launcher, you will be asked to choose an Assistant as well which will be your default assistant. This will be an issue for people who prefer Google Assistant as Microsoft Launcher will no longer be able to manage calls and text messages. Users will need to select Cortana in order to allow Microsoft Launcher to get access to calls and text messages. Microsoft is currently sending a pop-up to all the users asking them to select Microsoft Launcher as default in order to use all the features.
Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on the change right now and how it will affect the users as well as the app developers. If you’re interested then you can read Google’s document on the new changes for more information.

Samsung’s Slap Bracelet folding phone patent brings the tall iPhone 5 meme to life

Flexible screens allow for all kinds of bizarre form factors, but one of the most hilarious tends to be the slap bracelet smartphone, where a flexible phone wraps around your wrist, but then unfolds for full functionality when you need it.
It seems Samsung was not going to leave that form factor alone and has applied for a patent at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for a “Shape retaining structure of electronic device and electronic device including same” which was published on March 7, 2019.
The design features a slider (at the arrow above) which would lock the bracelet in phone mode so it does not curl up spontaneously.
It also features a magnet system to keep the two ends connected in phone mode, and the patent notes that the links can be made of stainless steel and be designed to feel smooth and comfortable.
LetsGoDigital has posted some renders of what such a device should look like, which can be seen below:
The design however reminds me of another render from a few years ago, when Apple added an extra row of icons to the iPhone 5.
Apple was of course also first with a bendable phone proving that Apple is once again out-innovating everyone else.

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