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how to make your Keyboard Lights Flash

Keyboard Lights Flash This Trick will make your keyboard lights flash randomly like a disco light. Code: Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") do wscript.sleep 100 wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}" wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}" wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}" loop -  Open a  notepad  and paste the code above in it -  Save the file with an extension .VBS (e.g. xyz.VBS or test.VBS) -  Now Run the File and see your Keyboard Lights Flash Continously :) -  To stop it…  Open Task Manager  -> Goto Processes Tab -> Select WSCRIPT.exe -> Now click End Process Try it out and post in your comments.

Crack any software and run the trial version forever?

Are you using any trial version software which is just too awesome but nearing its expiry and unable to find ways to crack it? Here is a trick to crack any software and run the trial version forever just in a couple of minutes. Before starting with the crack you should know how these trial version software are programmed. These software’s always comes with 1 month trial period after which they will expire. When these software’s are installed for the first time they make an entry of Installation Date, Time etc. in the Windows Registry. Whenever we run these software’s they compare the current system date and time with the installation date and time. Thus they make out whether the trial period is expired or not. Manually changing the system date and time to an earlier date and time will not be the right solution. To over come this there is a simple tool “ RunAsDate v1.11 ” which can be used. RunAsDate v1.11 is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and

Airtel 3G Tricks: Trick to get 3G speed in 2G internet plan

Airtel 3G  provides BEST downloading and browsing speed also its much cheaper compared to other network providers. As discussed in the earlier  Post  we can avail 1GB of data limit by paying 252 rupees in  Airtel 3G  but by using this Trick you can avail the same facility by paying just 106 rupees. Here is the simple Airtel 3G Trick to get 3G speed in 2G internet plan in  Airtel . Type 3G in your handset and send this SMS to 121.  This will activate 3G in your mobile (Note: You Handset should be 3G compatible) Activate the 8 Rupees 3G Plan wherein you will get 10 MB data limit for 1 day After the activation of this plan recharge your mobile again with 98 Rupees for activating 2G internet plan wherein you will get 1 GB data limit for 30 days Now check the speed by viewing any video in YouTube and get amazed by its awesome speed When you find the speed getting slower then just deactivate 3G and reactivate it again by following the first 2 steps Most of the tricks are get

How to access Facebook without Internet on your mobile?

How to access Facebook without Internet on your mobile? To spread Facebook application on every mobile phone Facebook India has partnered with Fonetwish.  Fonetwish helps users in accessing Facebook in any type of mobile without the need of Internet. Step 1:  Dial *325# Step 2:  Type in your User name and Password… you are now in to access all the features of Facebook Step 3:  Start using the Facebook feature of your choice by typing in the corresponding number Features that are currently available in Fonetwish are: New Feeds, Notifications, Update Status, Wall Posts, Manage Friends, Chat and Birthday Reminder.   To use all these features Fonetwish charge around 30 Rupees for 20 days .   Fonetwish is currently available on network operators like Airtel, Docomo, Aircel, Loop, Videocon and Idea. I hope this article is of great help for Members who don’t have Internet Plan activated in their mobile.  Try it and post in your comments…

Mobile Balance Transfer for different networks – Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL and Tata DOCOMO

How many times have we left with NO BALANCE when in Emergency? The answer is MANY a time!!! Today we will learn how to do Mobile Balance Transfer for different networks with ease.  Mobile Balance Transfer is a very handy Top Up option which is available on Networks like Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL and Tata DOCOMO.  Imagine that your friend is out of town travelling and is left with very low balance, asking you to top up his account.  In such instance you can top up your friends account using Balance Transfer process with ease.  This process doesn’t require any Internet Connection, Credit Card, Debit Card or Direct Top-Up card; instead it just requires some Balance in your Account.  This technique will be very handy on emergency or demanding situations.  Now let’s see how to do Mobile Balance Transfer for different networks. Vodafone Dial:  *131*<Amount>*<Receiver’s Number>#  (E.g. *131*30*9820098200#) Transfer Limit:  5 Rupees to 30 Rupees Service

How to make money online using Points2Shop and Cashle?

How to make money online using Points2Shop and Cashle? Make Money Online Every one of us always tries to find some online tasks to make some money online and most of them end up being a scam.  Today we are going to know about  Points2Shop  and  Cashle  which are very genuine paying sites. Points2Shop As the name say, you earn points for every activity that you do in this website and those points can be used for purchasing anything in Amazon.  You can make points by doing different types of tasks which suits you.  These tasks include Watching Videos, Online Surveys, Downloading Software’s, Playing Games etc.  They also have a referral system through which we can make lot of points from every activities of your referrals. Cashle Cashle  and  Points2Shop  are sister sites and both are exactly the same the only difference is, in  Cashle  you get direct cash which can be redeemed.  Cashle  also have tasks and referral system which are exactly the same as  Points2Shop . So now

HOW VoIP Works?

HOW VoIP Works? Our phone uses analog signals to communicate between two phones.  In VoIP this analog signal is converted into digital data and transmitted to servers and used for communications. Some VoIP’s are free, some cost you a fraction of a cost of regular mobile phone. Commonly the digital data is encrypted using SSL ( secure socket layers ) and some with ZRTD. WHAT IS SSL AND HOW IT WORKS? SSL or Secure Socket Layers is protocol to encrypt digital data. The sol protocol was originally developed by Netscape and released to public in 1996.  Its newer version TLS  ( Transport Layer Security )  which is based on SSL 3.0. How SSL works SSL use a program layer between HTTP ( hyper text transfer protocol  )  and server side TCP ( Transport Control Protocol ).  TCP convert data into packets also guarantees that packets will be delivered in the same order in which they were sent.  SSL consists of public and a private key encryption systems RSA algorithm (Rivest-Shamir-Adle


Airdroid Airdroid is one of the best Android Application which lets you manage your android mobile from your web browser.  These are few main features of Airdroid: Features of Airdroid: Easy File Transfer:  Transfer files (Upload or download) with ease just by dragging the files. Manage SMS:  Now you can send, receive, copy or forward SMS from your computer. Apps:  Install or Remove applications from your Android Mobile. Photos:  Easily manage (upload, download, set as wallpaper etc.) your photos from your web browser. Contacts:  Easily add contact, remove contact, check logs etc. from your Android Mobile. Ringtones:  Manage your android mobile ringtone with ease. Photos/Music/Video:  Easily manage (upload, download etc.) your photos/music/video from your web browser. How to use Airdroid? Step 1:  Download  Airdroid  from or  Play Store  and  install  it in your Mobile Step 2:   Run  the Application and then you can  enter the details mentione

Paltalk Messenger: Best Video Chat Messenger

Paltalk Messenger: Best Video Chat Messenger Paltalk Messenger is one of the best video chat messenger which is used by people across the world.  It has all the feature of an Instant Chat Messenger along with little more cool stuff.  Mentioned below are some of the features of Paltalk Messenger. Features of Paltalk Messenger Video Calls:   Video chat with your friends from any part of the world.  It provides best voice and video quality. Chat Rooms:   In free version one can enter 3 chat rooms and can chat with as many people as we want. Calls and SMS:   In free version we get 100 free minutes and 5 free SMS which can be used for local or international numbers. More Features:   Features like File Transfer, Screen Capture, Video Conference etc. are available in this amazing Messenger. Download Paltalk Messenger Link: Try it and post in your comments… Happy Ch

How To Become A Good Website Developer?

In order to achieve success for a website, it all comes down to the design of it. However, supplied data is substantial, design basics constantly keep changing along with the notion of “nice” modifies, thus accomplishing a “nice” website isn’t very effortless. So you know the reason of this article to be here! Look through to seek out the modern day up-to-date, successful info readily available online. Great speed is the most regulating element of Net and it’s crucial to make sure your website makes a hundred and so on at a quick stride. We also need to comprehend that visitors to our website have numerous options to turn away if the website doesn’t load immediately. Introducing your website is merely the beginning. Get ready to socialize with your website on a constant basis. Despite the fact that there is no reason for you to frequently update your site, it will want to be up-to-date on a daily basis. That’s especially in the case if you host video clips or deal with present-

SpareOne – A Cellphone which runs in a single AA battery and can last for 15 years

We are in a world wherein everyone would love to have the greatest smartphone with awesome features. But when it comes to emergency we will be left with a phone which eats up your battery faster. So it would be a better idea to have a emergency phone which can last long. SpareOne would be the perfect match for an emergency phone!!! SpareOne mobile runs in a single AA battery that gives you 10 hours of talk time and will last for 15 years on standby. The idea here is to have a simple cellphone with incredible battery life and is cheap so that we always have a phone on hand to make any emergency calls. SpareOne has a built-in torch along with some common features which can be found in other mobile phones. It can be programmed for accessing important contact numbers and emergency services easily. SpareOne mobile doesn’t have a display but its designed in such a way that you will find a battery forming a lump in the plastic where the display would usually be. Since there is no d

Make Any Folder InvisibleMake Any Folder Invisible in your computer

Make Any Folder Invisible Today we will learn how to make our  Personal Folder  Invisible in 2 easy steps: First Step -  Make the Name Invisible Select the Personal Folder -> Click F2 -> Type Alt 0160 Second Step – Make the Icon Invisible Right Click on the Folder -> Properties -> Click Customize tab -> Click Change Icon -> Select Blank No one will be able to find the folder except you thus making it completely secured. Try it and post in your comments…


you will find out that More of softwares is involved, but right now, am gonna show you my tricks to watch dSTV, HITV and other Tv channels without any Software.  Spb softwares has become another talk of the day, of which it posess the capability to load foreign stations live on your Mobile phones(Symbian), Androids, Smartphones, Blackberries. E.t.c.  >>> Follow the below steps and vital links to download the softwares.  STEPS:  1. Visit  , you will be automatically be re-directed to  Make sure you open with your Pc Okay!  2. You will be ask to download Silverlight, if it's not found on your PC, you can download it here =>   3. After Installing Silverlight Software, Refresh or revisit the site  and you will see the Live Tv streaming Screen.  4. Finally, you can now Watch and Rock with SPB on your Pc... Watch AFP news, France24, CCTv, Mt