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Airtel 3G Tricks: Trick to get 3G speed in 2G internet plan

Airtel 3G Tricks: Trick to get 3G speed in 2G internet plan

Airtel 3G1 Airtel 3G Tricks: Trick to get 3G speed in 2G internet planAirtel 3G provides BEST downloading and browsing speed also its much cheaper compared to other network providers.
As discussed in the earlier Post we can avail 1GB of data limit by paying 252 rupees in Airtel 3G but by using this Trick you can avail the same facility by paying just 106 rupees.
Here is the simple Airtel 3G Trick to get 3G speed in 2G internet plan in Airtel.
  1. Type 3G in your handset and send this SMS to 121.  This will activate 3G in your mobile (Note: You Handset should be 3G compatible)
  2. Activate the 8 Rupees 3G Plan wherein you will get 10 MB data limit for 1 day
  3. After the activation of this plan recharge your mobile again with 98 Rupees for activating 2G internet plan wherein you will get 1 GB data limit for 30 days
  4. Now check the speed by viewing any video in YouTube and get amazed by its awesome speed
  5. When you find the speed getting slower then just deactivate 3G and reactivate it again by following the first 2 steps
Most of the tricks are getting blocked and I hope this trick works forever so we can enjoy the amazing speed of Airtel 3G for long.
Activating, Deactivating and selecting Plans in 3G : Send 3G as an SMS to 121 and follow the procedures
Activate 98 Rupees 2G Plan : Dial *567# and follow the procedures
Its working fine for me in Mumbai.  So try Airtel 3G Tricks and post in your comments.

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