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As the topic states, If you are really with me, In our previous post 
you will find out that More of softwares is involved, but right now, am gonna show you my tricks to watch dSTV, HITV and other Tv channels without any Software. 

>>> 1. YANGO: 
This is a website that offers live transmission on highly rated cable channels, and the hotest of it, is that it also has HITV channels with a high speed video buffering. 
To watch it now, visit http://yango.mobi 
When it opens a page, choose any station you want to watch, they comes with images therefore, click on it and get directed to the final page, then click image again and start watching the station. 

>>> 2. HACKMAN :-> 
While I love this website, is that it doesn't waste time on mobile phones because of its features watch sports and movies directly on my phone. 
You wanna know how? Okay! Visit http://hackman.mobi/index.html 
Then click on ' Live Tv/movie, LiveTv channels, A list of Live Tv stations will be Displayed, click on any and start watching. 

>>> 3. EJAZWORLD :--> This is a superb website great stuffs feel the LiveTv features that includes => MTV channels and many others. Just visit http://ejazworld.mobie.in 
then click on Live Tv, Scroll down to the bottom of the site, just select any of the station and it will start showing immediately. 

>>>NOTE:- For You to effectively watch Dstv on your phones, you must activate Streaming Settings or Multimedia Default Settings to enable it load faster. More to this, is that you use when you are on a data plan because it saps credit like mad. Play wise friends. 


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