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How to Change your 2go Password


Secure and protect your 2go password following these simple steps.

Before we proceed, I want us to know clearly that this tutorial can help you change your 2go password if you still have access to your 2go account thus; if you have not forgotten your 2go password. But, if you have forgotten your 2go password and wishes to retrieve the password you may click: How to Regain Forgotten 2go Password Free.

Now, this tutorial would help you in changing your 2go password to a password you may possibly never forget and so, you would have no need to spend N30 at changing it again.

What is 2go?

Just in case you do not know what 2go is, 2go is an IM, messanger client/app commonly, for mobile phones. It is an IM similar to BBM, Whatapp, Nimbuzz, ebuddy amongst others.

Changing your 2go Password

If you are familier with 2go, you should know that during registration 2go requests for your mobile number and on completion; you are given a password which is expected to be used each time you wish to access your 2go account on any other device (PC or Mobile Phones) other than the device you have registered and downloaded your 2go client on.

This password is being generated authomatically and chosen by 2go at random usually; four (4) figures and it could be something you are not familier with. Since you are not familier with the password been given to you, it could be easily forgotten and that's why you should change your password.

To change your 2go password, lunch the 2go client on your phone and log in. Once done, on the main screen scroll or navigate down to Settings, then navigate down to Change Password.

Fill in the spaces profided appropriately and then; submit. See the screenshots below for the pictorial illustration.

2go password Change 2go password Submit 2go password

Main 2go Screen »» Settings »» Change Password

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