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How to Connect your Twitter with 2go

How to Connect your Twitter with 2go

How to Connect your Twitter with 2go


By the time you read through this article, you should know how to connect your twitter account with your 2go account so that you may post directly to your twitter timeline from 2go.

Once you are able to connect your twiter account with 2go, you will be able to view tweets as they arrive on your twitter timeline (If you are on 2go), post replies to each tweet and also post tweets right within your 2go app.

How to Connect Twitter with 2go

Without any further delay, just follow the steps below to connect your twitter account with 2go and start viewing your twitter timeline right on 2go!

Step- 1 Visit www.tweet.im on your browser. On getting to the page click the "Sign in with Twitter" image.
By clicking on the "Sign in with twitter" image, you should be directed to a twitter webpage where you would be asked to authenticate and grant the application access to doing certain things in your twitter account on your behave.
To do this, on the screen that appears, you will enter your correct twitter username and password then, click "Authorize".

Step- 2: Having clicked on the "Authorize" button you'll be redirected to a page where you will be asked to select your prefered account to link.

Here, you should select "Google Talk" then, enter your Gmail email address and password into the appropriate field provided and click "Register".

Step- 3: Now you can lunch 2go on your mobile phone to complete the linking process.
On the 2go main screen, navigate down to "Settings" then select "Gateways" and choose GTalk Gateway. Enter your Gmail username and password and click submit on the screen that appears next.

Step- 4: After that, go back to your 2go friend list and accept the froiend request from GTalk. The friend request would be from your Gtalk username thus; your gtalkusername@tweet.im

When all these are done successfully, you'll be able to perform your twitter activities easily without stress. To tweet, just click on yourGtalkusername@tweet.im within your 2go app friends list and sarting chatting on.

Please note that only Gtalk can be used for the registeration and that all your tweets within 2go app will appear on your twitter timeline.

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