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How to Make / Create a Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide

The essential step by step guide on how to set up a website How to Start / Create Your Own Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide by Christopher Heng, This tutorial shows you how to make or create a website. It is intended for the beginner and layperson, taking you step by step through the whole process from the very beginning. It makes very few assumptions about what you know (other than the fact that you know how to surf the Internet, since you're already reading this article on the Internet). As some steps are more involved, this guide also links to selected relevant articles on that you will need to click through to read for more information. The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Website Get Your Domain Name The first thing you need to do before anything else is to get yourself a domain name. A domain name is the name you want to give to your website. For example, the domain name of the website you'

DOWNLOAD Netbus v1.6

Netbus v1.6 - Download Netbus is a troja developed by Carl-Fredrik Neikter, a Swedish hacker and coded in Delphi. This program works under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and NT operating systems. Netbus was first appeared in 1998 with v1.60 and Netbus v1.70 versions. There are Netbus Pro v2.01 and Netbus Pro v2.10 also, they released in 1999. Netbus trojan is still apotential computer security threat. Hacking with Netbus: Before you start hacking , make sure the version of Netbus if you are using Netbus v1.60 and v1.70 versions, then the tracked port is 12345. Netbus Pro v2.01 and Netbus Pro v2.10, search for the port 20034. To run Netbus, we need the 2 files, namely NetBus. exe and Patch .exe. NetBus.exe a control file that is placed on our computers, while placed Patch.exe in the computer "victim" which is a server. There are many ways to "grow" patch.exe on victim co

How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords 100%?

How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords 100%? Hi friends, Today I am going to reveal all the Best methods that can be used to hack a Facebook account password. I will show Best ways to Hack Facebook Account Password that all hackers usually use to hack any Facebook account. 1. Facebook Phishing Attack: I am explaining this method first because its the most easiest and also the most popular method for hacking Facebook password. You can also search on Google the various famous Facebook hacking methods and you will find Phishing technique on the top always. And I am explaining the methods according to their popularity. Now you want to know which is my favorite method for Hacking Facebook account passwords and i will undoubtedly tell its simply PHISHING . I will recommend my users to read this post for knowing how to hack Facebook using Phishing as i have explained it in detail here: How to hack Facebook accounts or Passwor

How to secure files from other users on external disks

How to secure files from other users on external disks If you use an external disk drive with OS X, you may notice that when it is mounted, it becomes available for all users on the system. Therefore, if you have files you have saved to a USB drive and you attach it to your system and you switch user accounts, those files will be viewable within the second account. In addition, if you have network file sharing enabled, the files on this drive will be accessible to any user who logs in via the network. This behavior may seem a bit concerning, especially for those who have set up encryption on secondary drives in hopes of preventing others from viewing their files, but this is normal behavior in OS X, and essentially means two things: An attached and mounted drive and even private contents on it will be viewable in all user accounts. (Credit: Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET) Encryption by itself is only meant to secure a drive's contents f

How to make your Bluetooth speaker sound better

How to make your Bluetooth speaker sound better (Credit: Steve Guttenberg/CNET) One great thing about Bluetooth speakers is you can use them to learn about how room size and acoustics affect a given speaker's sound quality. Experiment with placement and you'll quickly learn that where you put a speaker in a room can make a big difference in the sound, for better or worse. That's true for all speakers, but since BT speakers tend to be small and light, they're easier to move around. Start by putting the speaker on the floor in the middle of the room, and you'll hear that it makes more bass than it does sitting on a table. It will also probably sound dull and lacking in detail down there. Next, try putting the speaker in a corner, on the floor, and it will make even more bass. After that, try putting it on a table in the corner, and you'll get back the missing treble, but the speaker will probably sound better a coupl
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