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How to open display and replace inverter board in HP Compaq 8510p and 8510w notebook

4 In this guide I explain how to open the display panel and replace the screen inverter board in HP Compaq 8510p and 8510w notebooks. The inverter board located inside the display panel beneath the screen. The inverter board works as a power supply for the LCD backlight lamp. When inverter fails, the LCD screen goes dark. The image is still on the screen but you can barely see it. By the way, in the previous post I explained how to remove the laptop motherboard. OK, let’s start taking this unit apart. STEP 1. There are two rubber covers in the lower left and right corners of the screen bezel. You can remove these covers with a sharp object. STEP 2. Remove two torx screws found under covers. You’ll have to use a T8 torx screwdriver. Attention! If you are looking for a good, reliable and unkillable screwdrivers, buy Wiha. You will never ever regret. Wiha screwdrivers are THE BEST! I purchased my screwdrivers over 4 years ago and I use t

Do you know The Oldest Site in Internet?

Do you know The Oldest Site in Internet? Today, i am thinking how to create another Business in this World, i want to learn from someone who has many experience before. I need learn from other success Story, and that will motivate myself. And i got the interesting site, a blog that oldest, online since 24 Years ago, that say many thing about making money. Yeah, 24 Years ago  ........ i am reading on that site, and i still learning to increase knowledge about making money online from him/her(i don't know exactly) That site is is the first domain name ever registered on the Internet (March 15th, 1985). This domain is used as the personal blog of Aron Meystedt, owner of and And i learn the Honest Attitude , be Smart , know the Business Ethics , and many more (same like what i say in my place before!) I found this tools, , maybe this site will useful for me ... let me finish my investigation g

Scan Your Adware/Spyware/Malware Now For Free

Scan Your Adware/Spyware/Malware Now For Free Do you ever scan Adware or Spyware in your computer? I want to introduce you with free program who can detect Adware/Spyware for free . I am online more than 20 hours a day, sometime i download files for my job, surfing in Easyhits4u , and i think Antivirus is not quiet enough, so i try to use Ad-Aware Free 8.1.0. And it take almost 3 hours to scan whole of my desktop PC(my hardisk only 250 GB), and i use my laptop for continue my work. I found 3 program that detected by  Ad-Aware Free 8.1.0. and they remove it You should try it and all is for free, you can download Ad-Aware Free 8.1.0. in here

The Best Article Marketing Traffic Generation Tips

The Best Article Marketing Traffic Generation Tips One best method for getting your current niche target audience on your site would be to target them within article marketing. The Best Article Marketing Traffic Generation Tips Article marketing can be a modern method to use your words to create traffic. Essentially you (or employed articles writers) might write about a subject directed at your website including a bio plus a hyperlink to your website. Article marketers will publish articles to article directories. When somebody uses Google, Yahoo or other search engine, usually these posts will appear and they will click them. This means that only those excited about the material within the articles are reading the content. They also are more interested to click through to your link plus continues to read, when you write plus target the articles correctly. Article marketing, when properly exercised will multiple the traffic in just a few

Simple Ways for Starting Up Online Business

Are you currently planning on starting up an Online Business ? If you do I have listed several methods that will bring you to the perfect way. Starting up an online business might be excellent way to build a living for you. As soon as you start to begin earning money online you might for no reason desire to return what ever what you are doing today. However never assume being successful arrive around night, managing an online business will take similar level of perform as some other business. When you implement yourself each day you might soon get build an effective online business . 1. Choose a profitable niche market - Getting a profitable niche market is really important. You need convinced everyone is enthusiastic about what you should provide. Many people never carry out the analysis and end up curious about the reason nobody is purchasing what they have to offer. As soon as you get a niche market you may earn income in you might be good on your own way

How to root your Android phone or tablet

How to root your Android phone or tablet Is the allure of being a superuser tempting you? Android rooting opens up a world of possibility, but it can also void your warranty, or even leave you with a bricked device. The important thing is to be careful. Read up about what you are going to do before you begin. Make sure that you backup your data. Follow the instructions to the letter. Manufacturers and carriers have a vested interest in dissuading you from rooting. If you’re careful, the risk is minimal, and the potential benefits are impressive. Let’s take a closer look. What is rooting? If you’re an Administrator on a Windows machine, you have access to the entire operating system and you can do whatever you like. That’s essentially what happens if you root your Android device. With root access, you can get around any restrictions that your manufacturer or carrier may have applied. You can run m