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Handworks You Can Learn Within a Month in Nigeria

Handworks You Can Learn Within a Month in Nigeria

Handworks You Can Learn Within a Month in Nigeria

Handwork is one of the most reliable means of income in today’s world economy. If you have any quality service you can render to people, you’re sure to be making regular income all year round uninterrupted, as long as your service is good.

But one thing that discourages people from learning handwork is the long period of time normally required to complete apprenticeship.

Fortunate to know however, that there are some handwork you can learn within two months and be able to start making money for yourself. Some of the world’s most satisfied and accomplished people are people with great handwork, who have learned the art of craftsmanship and renders quality services.

As usual, I’ve taken time to dig some of these handwork you can learn within two months in
Nigeria. I tried to keep it on those that are very profitable and with potential to add value to the society. In no particular order, I present to you some of the Handwork you can learn in two months

1. Phone Repair - Nearly 100Million Nigerians have GSM phone and these phones need constant servicing. To learn phone repair, you need about two months or less. People in the trade confirmed that the work isn’t that difficult, that one can learn it even using phone manuals.

The cheapest repair you do on your phone will cost you nothing less than N1,000, and you are guaranteed of plenty customers on daily basis if you’re good at your work.

2. Graphic Design - This is one of the highly sought after services both on and off the net. A good and creative graphic designer earn very decent amount from his work, and you can be paid in Dollars if you work on the Internet too.

I’m learning how to use Coral Draws right now purely on my own. Other application like Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc combined wouldn’t take you more than two months, especially if you’re creative and quick in learning.

3. House Painting - Houses are springing up all over
Nigeria on daily basis, that’s the sign of level of prosperity in our father’s land. These houses are to be painted, and to learn house painting work will take you approximately two weeks.

House painting work is a combination of art and creativity — if you’re a creative person, you will surely do well in this work. Get in touch with a good house painter now and begin to learn this. House painters charge between N100,000 to Millions of Naira to finish a whole house depending on the extent you want the painting done and how big the house is.

4. Hair Barbing - Every man in
Nigeria needs hair cuts at least twice weekly. That’s why no matter how many barbing salon we have, it seems not just enough because they have over 70Million men to be serviced twice weekly.

To learn Barbing, you need just a month except you’re a duller. Barbers charge minimum of N200 Naira for one hair cut. When you multiply that by number of people you barb everyday, you’ll find out how much you can make in this business.

5. Wrist Watches Repair - Wrist watches repair is another goldmine –  you can learn how to repair wrist watches within two months, I mean the popular types you find everywhere. There is nothing much to repair other than change the batteries,clean the engine, change the coil, change the glasses, or change the entire engine.

One funny thing about wrist watches repair is that you can get all the required tools for less than N5,000. Therefore, once you’re done with the training, you need very little amount to get started, and the profit is quite high.

6. Hair Dressing and Makeup
The Nigerian make up industry is made up of many professionals and it’s only going to keep getting better. There is really no basis of comparison as all of them have brought the industry to the enviable heights it is now.

However if I must choose I’d say I admire
Tara for actually paving the way for others to follow. she is acknowledged as the first Nigerian make up artist. In fact many of the established and the up and coming artists cut their teeth in her school or her studio. Her vision and foresight kick started this opportunity that has produced wealth for a lot of women today.

You can learn Hairdressing and makeup for less than two months and come off as a professional. There is money in this business if you know your balls.

7. Interior Decoration - Interiors looks best when it has the touch of a professional. You can learn this service fast in a month or thereabout and start making your own money.

8. Laptop Repair - There are hundreds of thousands of Laptops in
Nigeria that if anyone of it has fault will require the skill of a technician to fix it. Learn this job within a month and you are good to go.

9. Beads Making - This one is very suitable for ladies and any man who has the liver can try it too. I heard that it makes a lot of money for the experts in the business.

10. Fancy Brick Making - I'm sure this isn't hard to learn. Once you have the equipments, little practical tutorial could get you going

Others are:

Website Design
Flower Gardening
Bread and Cake Making
Floor Tiring.

If you can get the training for any of these Handwork and Services — within two months from now, you’ll be sure of smiling to the bank.
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