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11 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Safeguard your Blog from Hackers

11 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Safeguard your Blog from Hackers How secured is your WordPress blog? Have you ever given some thought? If No, you should start thinking about the security of your WordPress blog, now on. Merely setting a strong alpha-numeric password with special characters and thinking ‘ I am safe now  ’ is definitely a false sense of security. And, may cost you very heavily in the future. Security threats are too vast, ranges from a poorly coded plugin and theme to your WHOIS information and browser. One thing is clear, your WordPress blog security is not an One-time-deal. Security is like a Lifetime commitment, just like a relation between Mother-and-Daughter! A number of good quality WordPress security plugins are available, which can protect your blog from hackers. I am listing 11 best plugins for you to use on your WordPress blog. Security Routine : You should invest at least 30 minutes, every week or fortnightly for scanning and dif

Recharge Cards/Voucher Dealers In Nigeria (MTN, GLO, ZAIN,ETISALAT, STARCOMMS etc)

Recharge Cards/Voucher Dealers In Nigeria (MTN, GLO, ZAIN,ETISALAT, STARCOMMS etc) Baffled of where to buy bulk recharge PINS/vouchers of MTN, GLO, ZAIN,ETISALAT, STARCOMMS etc in Nigeria, at cheap rates?...Sit down and relax.... There are many dealers out there from which you can be buying your Recharge PINS of ALL networks. You are going to be dealing with these major dealers and NOT DIRECTLY with MTN, GLO, ZAIN etc UNLESS you too want to be a MAJOR DEALER. Before going further, I hope you have read the articles below, if not kindly read them before you continue with this article. So, let's ride on.... For those who are ready to go into the Recharge Voucher printing business and start making extra income with a start-up capital as low as N10, 000 or more , I have taken my time to compile a bumper package which will get you on the successful track instantly . This package basically contains: ** A FREE SOFTWARE that you can use to start printing rechar

Automatically Share Your Post To Twitter And Facebook

Automatically Share Your Post To Twitter And Facebook   As a blogger we know that how important it is to promote our posts to social networking sites, because now Google is also considering social traffic in search engine ranking. If your post is widely shared among social sites and has got numerous likes and share, then it is a positive signal to Google to rank your post high in search engine.  If your blog has high followers on different social sites and you are not able to share your posts to your followers (we know how tight your schedule is) and due to constrains of time, it could be tough and not possible to share your content with your follower, then you need not to worry anymore because today I am going to share how you can share your posts to Facebook And Twitter automatically. Previously I have shared how you can post automatically to Facebook only but today in this tutorial you will be able to share to Facebook, Twitter as well as LinkedIn automatic

Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator and Checker tool

Robot.txt for Blog SEO: List of Generator and Checker tool   Robot.txt file is simply a line of codes that tells crawler what part of site to index and which not. As a blogger you should at least know the basic of Robot.txt file. Although it sounds more technical word but it is just as simple as publishing post.  In this tutorial I will be sharing about tools that will help you to easily create Robot.txt file and tools to check whether the file you created is right or not. Because just a line of wrong code can block your site from being index in Google which ultimately leads to no traffic. You don't need to go into the technical aspects and meaning of each line and neither I am going to teach you, but I will be sharing simple meaning and a tool that makes it easy to handle all. Advantage of using Robot.txt As I said with Robot.txt file you can tell Google to not index certain URL or part of the website, therefore you can take advantage in many ways

Top 6 Blogging Communities to Get Huge Traffic

Top 6 Blogging Communities to Get Huge Traffic I have seen many newbie bloggers saying that they are not getting enough traffic although they are publishing so many articles. Why is so? Here comes the point which they are missing, the blog promotion, which is as much as important and must as creating content. For that there are many different ways to get your blog spread over blogosphere which every problogger talks about and Apart from the usual ways to promote your blog I had also shared some ways to get your blog promoted by unusual ways. On the top list we talk about social media website like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus for promoting out blog content and that's also award us with some descent traffic only if we have a large fan base and that too targeted. And the second number that comes at the top list is blogging community. Blogging community not only gives you the targeted traffic but it makes a little different from social media websites. Bloggin

All Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans & Subscription Codes

All Nigerian Internet Data Bundle Plans & Subscription Codes This is a complete list of all internet data bundle plans provided by all Nigerian Internet Service providers with their prices and subscription/activation codes inclusive. It comes in handy if you do not know which network to choose from and which Internet bundle plan you would love to activate for your usage. This guides covers the various major network providers in Nigeria namely; MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. Let’s start with MTN. All Internet Data Bundle Plans for MTN Nigeria and their Subscription Codes Plan Name Service Rental Bundle Size Validity Period SMS Code Target Device MTN Mobile Daily N100 10MB 24 hours Text 104 to 131 Handset MTN Daily Internet N500 150MB 24 hours Text 104 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet MTN  250MB Mobile Browsing N1300 250MB 24/7- 30 days Text 109 to 131 Handset/PC/tablet MTN 500MB Mobile Browsing N2,000 500MB 24/7- 30 days Text

How To Use MTN BIS On Android Smartphones

How To Use MTN BIS On Android Smartphones Hello friends , have you guys started to flex the new Airtel  package  as I posted about its release recently? Today's post will be about BIS! We all know for sure that data bundle costs more than BIS service which was created initially for blackberry smartphone users. However, in this post, I will teach you How To Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones. Ain't that nice? I know some people know this and are already using and enjoying its benefits but this is for the newbies and not too tech savvy individuals to get the knowledge. So let's  roll ... .  Benefits Of Using MTN Bis On Android Smartphones   1. It is cheaper 2. You have more data to Use 3. With more data, you can update your apps easily So, How Do I Use MTN Bis On Android Smartphones 1. Go to network settings on your android device 2. Change the APN to  blackberry. net 3. Then complete it with the normal mtn gprs settings which are: username:

3 Methods To Disable Right Click On A WebPage – CSS, Javascript and HTML

3 Methods To Disable Right Click On A WebPage – CSS, Javascript and HTML There’s no doubt that since the inception of the internet, the fight against content theft has always been on the increase as content thieves are always on the rise . In this short tutorial, I’ll be guiding you through a set of ways you can easily disable right click on your website, blog or webpage using any of the methods below. Before we continue, one thing you should bear in mind is that disabling right click can be useful in some websites and become useless for others. For instance, disabling right click on this blog would do more harm than good as many people won’t be able to copy various codes I’ve given out here. So use this function wisely. Below, you’ll learn how to disable right click using JavaScript, CSS and HTML body tag Disabling Right Click Using HTML Body Tag After you must have designed a webpage let’s say using DreamWeaver, it is very much easy to disable

6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Web Design Business

6 Effective Ways To Promote Your Web Design Business The internet has really proven to be a place for great money making opportunities in recent times and is the major reason why everyone wants to build a website for their business. Considering the fact that all businesses are going online, web-designers are really sort after for their services. If you started a small webdesign business recently and looking for ways to promote your web design busines s to get more clients and make more money, here are 6 must know tips for your business promotion. 1. Create A Portfolio If you intend providing web design services for clients, you surely know how important it is for you to have your portfolio website. A portfolio is were you show off the best jobs and designs you’ve done previously. One thing to bear in mind is that you should have your best jobs out there in your portfolio, and at least 5 screenshots of 5 jobs you’ve done. Your portfolio has it’s way o

New: Updated List Of All Spectranet Data Bundle 4G LTE Plans

New: Updated List Of All Spectranet Data Bundle 4G LTE Plans We had actually written a post where we listed out all spectranet data plans , but today when I was about renewing my data using Quickteller, it was unsuccessful and therefore made me take a stroll to one of their offices here in Abuja. On getting to the place, I was welcomed with a new price plan list and guess what, the new spectranet plans are really cheap compared to their former plans and other service providers in Nigeria. Enough of the whole talks. Below is a complete updated list of all Spectranet 4G LTE Data Plans made available here in Nigeria Spectranet Night Plans The night plans are quite affordable and great for people who are willing to sacrifice their nights for cheap internet surfing. Plan Name Time DL Speed Validity   Data Volume   Price   Knight 5000* 6pm to 8am Up to 2MBps 30 Days 20GB N5000 Knight 7000* 6pm to 8am Up to 2MBps 30 Days 40GB N7000 Knight


HOW TO USE YOUR PHOTO AS BACKGROUND ON 2GO The Above Snapshot Is The One I Shot Using My Babe's Pix as THE Background... This Tutorial Will Teach U How To Use Ur Own Babe's Photo, Ur Photo, Or Any other photo As The Background Photo...  But Before I go On, I'll Luv to gv Credits To Whosoever Discovered This...  Now, Lets Ride On...  Firstly, Download This 2go Which Makes The Background Photo Feature Posible  2go with  Or 2go With Background.jar Now after you have downloaded the App open it and press option then press General settings => Den you will see a box titled Background path. Under it you will see something like FILE://E://Images/420177 as in the Snapshot Below but You May See Another Thing in The App If U Download It.  Now, To Put Your Photo As The Background Photo, Lets Take For Example You Saved The Photo You Want To Use as "My photo.jpg" and It Is Stored In "Images" In Your Memory Card Change The Stuffs in the

How to Automatically Tweet When You Publish a New Post in WordPress

How to Automatically Tweet When You Publish a New Post in WordPress Twitter is one of the best tools to let your followers know whenever you publish a new post in WordPress. If you have an active Twitter following, then you may want to automatically send tweets from your WordPress site whenever you publish a new post. In this article we will show you how to automatically send a tweet when you update or publish a new post in WordPress. First thing you need to do is install and activate WP to Twitter plugin. After activating the plugin, go to Settings » WP to Twitter to configure plugin settings. Creating a Twitter App for Your WordPress Site To make use of Twitter API, Twitter now requires authentication using OAuth protocol. In order to use this plugin, you would need to create a Twitter App for your website. Go to Twitter Apps Registration page and sign in with your Twitter account. Next click on Create New App button to register your app. On the next pag


NEW MTN 2014 MAGIC SIM FOR ALL ::.Yeah, am back to make it happen again, within 2 hours your Mtn Sim will be h*cked to browse free, download unlimited, watch live tv, YouTube and other live streaming. It works with all browsing devices, Laptop/ Desktop, Tablet, Android, iPhone, iPad, and all Others. But you must remember that in the game of Magic Tweak, risk and luck is involved. If you can't risk it, don��t try it. No much story, straight to the point and we are out of here. To Get Started With This Tweak 1. Get a Mtn SIM(i prefer new sim) card which is on any plan. 2. Load the sum of #250 on it, nothing less, nothing much 3. Then, set your time to 0:00 and the date 12/12/2015. (Nokia torch light recommended) 4. Once you have recharged you sim with that amount, subscribe for the Mtn 2hrs plan. 5. To subscribe, simply send '2H' to '131'. That's not all oOo. Once you have subscribed for the 2hrs plan, then