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Traffic Racer for PC free Download – How to Guide

Traffic Racer for PC free Download – How to Guide Download Traffic Racer Now a days with such a high configuration devices games are as well getting great graphics and playing games with 3D graphics is a awesome experience. Do it be tablets, Android, or PC, its always have nice experience. The same thing today TechiSay has came up with a new trending game in market known as Traffic Racer readily available on official Google play store and the best part its completely free. So lets get started on our today’s tutorials on  How to Download Traffic Racer for PC absolutely free , as well by covering some of its feature. Based on the previous version this game doesn’t have any new features except the awesome and eye rolling 3D graphics, and that’s the only one thing what makes this game different from its competitors. Traffic Racer Description first. In arcade gaming its one of the best and trending games available right now, driving through such a high traffic, mak

Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 7|8|XP|Vista and Mac OS)

Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 7|8|XP|Vista and Mac OS) Download WhatsApp Hello friends today we are here with another guide on How to Download WhatsApp for PC , Windows 7/8/Xp/Vista as well on Mac. In this tutorial we are going to cover the easiest method so that you can start using WhatsApp on PC absolutely free, as we know use of smartphone has increased and so free messaging service as well. All cautions have been taken and no development skills needed for this trick . Hope you wont get struct in middle, so lets get started guys. We all know that WhatsApp these days has become an addiction to the smartphone users. Presently, it has active users for about 1.1 billion but now it is not only specifically for the smartphone users, you can even download WhatsApp for PC windows or Mac as well. Whatsapp decreased the usage of normal text messages as it allows users to chat with their friends and share videos as well the images instantly without any cost. Tod

India next target for Chinese, Taiwanese smartphone makers

India next target for Chinese, Taiwanese smartphone makers Shoppers flock to smartphones at a shop in Mumbai. Chinese and Taiwanese makers are rapidly gaining popularity in India. MUMBAI -- Chinese smartphone manufacturers are shaking up the Indian market as they rapidly gain popularity and shift the balance of power in the country's mobile sector.      Since entering the Indian market in July, Beijing Xiaomi Technology has quickly caught on thanks to its strategy of selling its Mi 3 smartphone through limited-quantity, Internet-only sales events.      Xiaomi has been offering a fixed number of Mi 3s once every week through an online shop of its local part

T-Mobile drops iPhone 5S by $48, iPhone 5C by $50

T-Mobile drops iPhone 5S by $48, iPhone 5C by $50 The no-contract 16GB iPhone 5S, for example, is now shipping for $600 -- down from the $648 the carrier was previously charging. Apple Apple's iPhone is suddenly a bit cheaper at T-Mobile. T-Mobile on Wednesday reduced its iPhone 5S pricing on all versions by $48. The company's full-price, off-contract 16GB iPhone 5S is now $600. The 32GB model is selling for $700, and the 64GB version is going for $800. T-Mobile offered similar treatment to the 16GB iPhone 5C, which is now going for $5oo off-contract with a $50 discount from the previous price. The 32GB iPhone 5C is selling for $600 with a $48 price cut. It's unclear whether the price cut is temporary or permanent, but T-Mobile's site dubs it a "sale." The TmoNews blog reported Tuesday that discounts were coming to T-Mobile&#

The 10 Top Earning Bloggers In The World

The 10 Top Earning Bloggers In The World Blogging, so much a part of daily lives today, actually took a while to catch on before becoming enormously successful – practically overnight. Blogging began to rapidly spread in 1999 and shortly thereafter thanks to a few nearly-simultaneous creations of blog tools: Open Diary (1998), LiveJournal (1999), (1999), and (1999). In 1997, John Bargerm, editor of Robot Wisdom, coined the term “web-log” while attempting to describe the daily list of sites that he “logged” onto during his web travels. A few years later Peter Merholz used the word in his sidebar but made the creative decision to split the word into two: we blog. It wasn’t long after that, that Evan Williams at Pyra Labs began using the word “blog” on its own as both a verb and a noun, before finally creating the term “blogging” in association with Pyra Labs’ Blogger product. Today, blogging is more than a familiar term. Many of us inte

Tips: How to install Android beta apps and .apk files

Tips: How to install Android beta apps and .apk file S Step 1: Download and extract the file What’s an .apk file? Every time we post about beta applications, the comment section inevitably fills up with people confused about how to download and install Android apps that are not in the Android Market. Well, we can’t keep typing the same information, so here’s a simple explanation of how to do it. Developers often do beta testing, which is where they distribute a pre-release version of their app so they can have people test it before it’s uploaded to the Android Market. They often distribute these Android apps as .apk files. Here’s how to install them. Files are often distributed in “” or “appname.rar” archive files. Windows PC’s can typically open .zip files natively, but you can download WinRAR if your computer doesn’t have that feature.Note: if the file you download looks like “appname.apk” you can skip to Step 2. Open the archive and Extract the file to “M

The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 1 of 2)

The Best Android Apps were easier to find when there were only a few great apps to choose. Now there are Desires, Droids, and Nexus Ones sparking more incredible apps in the Android Market. These are the  60 Best Android Apps . We added new entries to our previous picks and trimmed the fat to put together a list of incredible apps we believe most users will enjoy. AppBrain users can download apps by syncing with our Top Apps List . All others can scan barcodes by clicking on an app’s name to launch its page. If you don’t know how to use QR codes,  visit our tutorial here . Happy app hunting! Some apps may not be available  because of your carrier, location, or phone version. Sorry, guys, but that’s beyond our control. AppBrain AppBrain “syncs” apps between desktops and Android Phones. As you browse the Android Market at, filtering out spam apps, the AppBrain app will download each everything that you mark for install/uninstall. [ Read

AppBrain adds new install from any website feature; Androinica will adopt it

AppBrain adds new install from any website feature; Androinica will adopt it Since 2008,’s staff has worked hard to highlight the best applications. During that time, we made it a priority to include QR codes in our posts to make installing those apps easier. We have also highlighted AppBrain, a great service for installing apps directly from the desktop browser. In an effort to give users both options, will be adopting  AppBrain’s new install feature  that includes both direct install links and QR codes for scanning barcodes. I know that some of you QR enthusiasts won’t like having to click a link for the barcode to appear rather than have it displayed directly in the post, but it can become very tedious (and ugly) including them – especially in app lists. From now on when you want to install an app, click the  “Install app”  link and you will get the following options: If on a desktop, you’ll get a preview image showing a QR code or the opti

Tips: trim your bloated contacts list with a custom sync group

phone. My phone has hundreds of contacts because Google auto-adds people I frequently email. That’s a great feature in Gmail, but its annoying on Android because I’m unlikely to call more than 20% of the people stored in my phone. The simple fix for this problem is to create a special group of people to sync between Android and Google Contacts. This will give me much more control over who appears on my phone’s contacts. WARNING:  This method removes many contacts from syncing to the phone, which will affect the auto-complete feature in the Gmail application. Include people you frequently email if you want to auto-complete their address. On Your Computer Login to and click the “Contacts” tab. Then click the “Add Group” button that looks like this: Label your new group “Android” or whatever term you choose to classify contacts. Click on the “All Contacts” link to choose who will be included in your new group. Select as many people as you want by pressing the squa

A Guide to Making Your Android’s Battery Last a Little Longer

A common complaint among Android users is short battery life. As we all now, Google’s platform has numerous benefits, but state-of-the-art features and constantly being connected seem to come with one drawback: comparatively large battery consumption. I don’t suggest that you should stop taking advantage of the things that make Android great, such as streaming music players that allow you to walk around with millions of songs in your pocket, location-aware apps, background updates or all the wireless options. Still, if you’re frustrated by how often you need to connect your charger, it’s good to know what types of apps and activities that eat the most battery, so you can make an active decision whether or not it’s worth the extra juice. Use the GPS Wisely The GPS uses the battery like there’s no tomorrow. Location-aware software is one of Android’s many fortes, but they can be real battery drainers. The  Power control widget  is useful for switching the GPS on and off, and