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Facebook expands smartphone alerts to news, weather

Voluntary: Facebook said the change will be rolling out gradually but that the notifications will be opt-in. — AFP   SAN FRANCISCO:  Facebook, making a bigger push to deliver personalised information to its members, said it was expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates.  Until now, the huge social network's alerts to smartphone users had been focused around postings by friends, birthdays and upcoming events.  Facebook's expanded alerts will now also include community news and events, storm warnings and other weather information, and suggestions for television programmes or nearby movies.  "We've heard feedback that people wanted to add important information that they can easily see, all in one place," said Facebook product manager Keith Peiris.  Members will be able to personalise these messages for "things happening around your community, like local events and news that is popular in the city you live in,&qu

The big iPhone 6s Malaysian telco price comparison chart

  Price point: Yes we know the iPhone 6s comparison image is barely legible. Please click on our link at the end of the story for a downloadable PDF.   When Apple launches a new iPhone every year, local telcos come up with new price plans to fit every budget. This year, thanks to the skyrocketing exchange rate, owning an iPhone has become more challenging than ever, so finding a subsidised price plan that fits your budget is even more important. Don't fret. We've prepared a price comparison chart, as we have done in the past, so you can decide for yourself which of the four major telcos is the best fit.  We've simplified things – so you don't have to wade through nitty-gritty – emphasising the actual price you need to pay upfront, as well as the price the iPhones will be after rebates have been applied. Big time: The bigger iPhone 6s Plus also has a much bigger price this year, so you're better off opting for one of these price plans   Like before, we've opted t

How to Pre Schedule Status Update on Facebook

Officialy Facebook now give the option to pre schedule updates for page admins. Now page administrator's can schedule posts in advance up to next 6 months, adding feature that were previously only available in third party apps. With help of below multi-step process you can schedule your updates. How to Pre-Schedule Your Status Update 1. At first log-in to your Facebook fan page and click inside your page's status update area, 2. Now click on small grey clock icon will appear in the lower left-hand corner. 3. Now click "Add Year" link from within the dropdown menu, select the year in which you want to post the update, 4. Then click "Add Month" and select the month you want to update to go live, 5. Now click "Add Day" and enter the date, 6. Now click on "Add Hour" and then "Add minute" of the day to post 7. Finally click on "schedule" Once Facebook saves your update, you’ll see th

How To Remove Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is the new kind of Facebook profile but most of the people dislike it. If you have got Facebook Timaline and want to view profiles in the old style then this guide is for you, There is no permanent way to remove Facebook Timaline in your profile but you can easily do this using Browser extension, You will need to install timeline remover, Timeline remover is a browser extension that allow you to disable timeline in Facebook profile, This extension are available for Firefox and Chrome. Remove Timeline in Chrome Step 1- Go to following link to  download  extension(Download extension by using Google Chrome) Step 2- Click continue Step 3- After downloading is finished click on "Add" Restart the browser after installation Remove Timeline in Mozilla firefox Step 1- Go to following link to  download  extension(download extension by using Mozilla Firefox) Step 2- Click on OK Step 3 - Click install button Restart the

How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

If you are sick of Facebook or if you are spending large amounts of time on this site than you can cancel your account, Facebook allows you to temporarily deactivate your account which will hide all your information on Facebook from others that means no one will be able to access your information on Facebook But this does not permanently delete your Facebook account, In this article we will guide you on how to permanently delete a Facebook account. Steps to Permanently Deleting Your Facebook Account Important :Take a backup of your Facebook data before deleting the account, it may be useful in future. 1. At first login to your Facebook account. 2. Now go to  Facebook permanent account deletion page  and click on Delete My Account 3. Now when it pops up follow the steps such as entering your password and fill out a captcha code After submitting the account deletion process successfully you will get an email from Facebook saying “Your account will be d

New Facebook Chat Codes: colored chatting

Now on Facebook you can type anything in colored characters. Facebook recently made changes to it's chatting feature, Facebook provides some codes to type anything in color, Just copy any characters code You like to write and paste them in your chat box and click enter and colored character will be displayed. New Facebook Chat Codes Codes of A-Z  Below are codes of A-Z which you can use in Facebook chat. You can create your on words with this codes. [[107015582669715]] = A [[116067591741123]] = B [[115602405121532]] = C [[112542438763744]] = D [[115430438474268]] = E [[109225112442557]] = F [[111532845537326]] = G [[111356865552629]] = H [[109294689102123]] = I [[126362660720793]] = J [[116651741681944]] = K [[115807951764667]] = L [[106596672714242]] = M [[108634132504932]] = N [[116564658357124]] = O [[111669128857397]] = P [[107061805996548]] = Q [[106699962703083]] = R [[115927268419031]] = S [[112669162092780]] = T [[108983579135532]] = U [[10702374599

How to recover/regain Hacked Facebook Account

As of today Facebook hacking and account phishing is common problem because Facebook has biggest social network worldwide and hackers usually hack any account to get some sensitive data for wrong purpose. If you are one of whose account has been hacked or did you forget your password then Facebook provides a simple way to recover/regain your account. How to Recover/Regain Hacked Facebook Account At first go to  account recovery page Here you will see message like above just click on My Account Is Compromised, and they will take you to another page asking you to identify Here enter your email or phone number or username. You can also enter your name and your friends name. Now  just check one’s that’s your account and press this Is My Account/Continue. Now Facebook will simply ask you to enter the Current or Old Password, if your account was compromised than surely your new password will be changed so enter the current if that does not work than try to

How to Tweet More Than 140 Characters in Twitter

Twitter is second largest social media company in the world, It has  500 million active users and daily millions of users sharing their thoughts via tweets but one of the very few irritating things about Twitter is the limit of 140 characters per tweet, Sometimes you want to share your thought which contains more then 140 characters on twitter you feel very inconvenient. So what to do? Below are some ways to tweet more than 140 characters on the Twitter. How to Tweet More Than 140 Characters Here are listed some Apps to tweet more than 140 characters limit. TwitLonger Using TwitLonger you will post the first 100 or so characters along with a shortened URL to the TwitLonger web apps. You can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted. If it still asks for an invite – get a beta invite at Tinypaste Tinypaste is a simple web app that lets you to paste any text or code and then save it. Once you save it, you

How To Identify Facebook Fake Profile

Facebook is largest social media company in the world, It has about 750 million profiles and at least one million should be fake , There is no official way to identify a fake profile but the following tips might help you to identify whether the profile is a fake one. I prepared some tips to identify fake profile: Fake profiles have many friends around in thousands from all over the world Incomplete profile info Almost 80 percent of fake profiles either only females You can't find more pictures of her/him as shown in profile picture Fake profile generally use photos of sexy models, celebrity or photos copied from image search engine Fake profile owner never reply your massages No privacy setting for anything few states update and comments Now see this infographic:

Create Some Fake Computer Viruses

Today I am sharing another interesting article about "How To Make Fake Funny  Computer Virus". In this tutorial I teach you how to make a harmless and fake virus, Basically what it does is just log off and then "Shutdown" your computer. Disclaimer - Everything here is for informational purposes only. 1. Fake error message Step-1 Make a new text document with notepad, type msg *  YOUR MESSAGE , image refer below: Step- 2 Now save as  Play me.bat  As always, make sure that you select  All files  instead of Text Document. Here's how it will look like once it is launched: 2. Forced Shutdown Step-1 Put the following into your Notpad: @echo off shutdown -s -f -t  60  -c " YOUR MESSAGE HERE " (Replace 60 with the length of the countdown you want) Step- 2 Now save as  play me.bat Here's how it will look like: To stop it, open Run from the start menu and type shutdown-a. Enjoy

iPhone 5 Technical Review

As on schedule, Apple launched iPhone 5 in india with featuring a faster processor, bigger display and many of other upgrades. Apple products always been a little pricier in indian market compared to top competitor, Pricing starts from 45,500 for 16GB model, 52,500 for 32GB model and 59,500 for 64GB model. The new iPhone comes with bigger 4 inch display which is biggest of compared to earlier versions of iPhone, iPhone 5 has a dual core A6 processor which is one of the fastest compared to others. Take a look of iPhone 5 technical specification Network type: 2G Network - GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - GSM A1428 CDMA 800 / 1900 / 2100 - CDMA A1429 3G Network - HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 - GSM A1428 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO - CDMA A1429 4G Network - LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100 - GSM A1428 or LTE 850 / 1800 / 2100 - GSM A1429 LTE 700 / 850 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 - CDMA A1429 Size: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm Weight - 112 g Battery: Lithium-ion battery Talk time:

Is Your System ready for Windows 8 ?

Finally Windows released their most awaited operating system Windows 8 last week. I'm sure many of Windows users confused on a question to upgrade their previous version of Windows or not and how they can prepare their system for this newest edition of Window. Is Your System Windows 8 ready ? While upgrading the new operating system primary worry is about hardware that will be compatible with the new operating system or not ? and the answer is pretty simple, If your system has been running well on Windows 7 then it is compatible with Windows 8 too. that means Windows 8 required no major hardware change for those using. Windows 8 run on the same hardware that works fine with Windows 7 Processor :  1 GHz or Faster RAM :  1 Gigabyte (32-bit) or 2 Gigabyte (64-bit) Hard disk space  : 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) Graphic Card :  Microsoft DirectX9 graphic device with WDDM driver Connected Devices and Programs To solve certain issues, Windows provid

Nokia Key Codes : System Information

Recently we shared an article about Nokia phone software problem and this time we are sharing keypad codes, This page describes keypad codes in Nokia phones.There are given numeric representation, but also codes using chars. How to read them? WARNING: Using secret codes may be harmful to your phone. *#06# For checking IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) *#0000#  To view system information *#7780#  Reset factory settings *#2820#  Bluetooth device address *#67705646#  Clear the LCD display (operator logo) *#746025625#  Sim clock allowed status #pw+1234567890+1#  Show if sim have restrictions *#92702689#  Takes you to find some of the information below:    1. Display serial number.                      2. Displays the month and year of manufacture.    3. Displays the date of last repair.    4. Show life timer of phone. *#3370# Enhanced full rate(EFR) activation. Increase signal strength *#3370#  EFR deactivation, phone will automatically restart *#4720#  Half rate codac