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How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO?

How To Find Long Tail Keywords For SEO? When you search for the best tips to help you rank a whole site or any particular article, then you will find a number of different ways to do so. Some will suggest working on On-page SEO optimization, some would suggest focusing on off-page optimization while some would recommend you to focus more on social media. But there is one particular thing that everyone will recommend you to focus on to rank an article. And that thing is  long tail keywords ! Long tail keywords are very important when it comes to ranking a blog or an article. The reason behind this is if you are trying to target a short keyword like “ blogging ” and you think that you can rank it then you are wrong. Unless you have an authority website like, you won’t be able to rank for such generic keywords in any way possible. But if you use long tail keywords like “ best blogging tips for 2016 ” or “ what are the best blogging to

How to Increase Domain Authority – Best 9 Methods

How to Increase Domain Authority – Best 9 Methods Did you ever wonder why some sites rank for terms and queries even if they have written it at a later date and have less information than you? This is where  domain authority  comes into play. Domain authority not only helps you to rank for keywords but also makes your site appear authorities to search bots that mean whatever you write is considered important. And this indirectly means more followers, more sponsored post requests, and more value of your blog. If you wanted to know how to increase your domain authority, this is where you will get it all. In this post, I will explain all you need to take care while thinking to improve your DA. But before taking you for an information splash let me explain the core concept of domain authority. Quick Navigation What is Domain Authority? Domain Authority Vs Page Authority Domain Authority Factors How To Increase Your Domain Authority? How To Check Your Domain