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Learn how to recover a BlackBerry ID using a BlackBerry smartphone

Learn how to recover a BlackBerry ID using a BlackBerry smartphone,For you to recover a blackberry id using a blackberry smartphone without any problems you need to use your blackberry default browser on your device or a web browser,this is as a result of safe precautions that prevent the password recovery email from being sent to the device how to recover a BlackBerry ID For you to recover your blackberry ID password, use the blackberry smartphone browser or you can use a computer and follow the steps outlined below... Navigate to the blackberry ID password recovery page Now enter the email address you use in registering your blackberry ID and fill out the CAPTCHA characters given . And a confirmation message will appear stating that ("your request to reset your password has been submitted") And finally Open the mailbox for your email address on the computer or by logging into the mailbox using your default blackberry browser and click on the Blackberry ID password reset em

Latest Airtel 2gb for N200 and 6gb for N500 (Cheapest data Ever)

Hello fans of, this is really amazing as airtel Nigeria release the cheapest data subscription plan for June 2016, the latest airtel cheap data bundle of 2gb and 6gb for 200 Naira and 500 naira respectively, works on all devices i.e pc, android, tablet, java, Symbian and China *lolz.... (it works on any Internet enable devices) %25255BUNSET%25255D How to subscribe/activate latest airtel 2gb for N200 only To activate this offer, make sure you have either N200 or more on your Airtel Sim then dial *482*1#.  You will receive a text message from airtel.  To check your data balance on your airtel Sim dial *482*3#. You can also dial *482# and choose from the options.  Review: This data bundle subscription is valid for 14 days.  How To Subscribe/Activate Latest airtel 4gb for N500 only? The cheap airtel data bundle subscription for all devices is not a cheat but a bonus to all airtel's subscribers and currently it working on all Sim card and phon

Hello readers, Good News is here. MTN 2GB VSF BB BES Staff data can now be renewed at no cost

Hello readers, Goodnews is here. MTN 2GB VSF BB BES Staff data can now be renewed at no cost, as i was surfing today, i recieved an SMS from mtn Saying "Yello Your Subcription to VSF BB BES Staff 2GB will expire at 2016-06-20  and will be automatically renewed" this to say that for many who have not unsubcribe for this plan it will be automatically renewed. i will be showing you how to get and use this 2GB on your device for free, all you need is to follow my steps LATEST METHOD ON HOW TO GET FREE 2GB ON YOUR MTN SIM -  Dial  *444*847664#  You might See ' System Error' Just ignore it & Send  JKCJHC  to  444 -  You will bw given 2GB on your sim card -  To check your data balance just Send  STATUS  to  444 HOW TO USE MTN VSF BB UNLIMITED BES 2GB ON YOUR DEVICE - First of all you will need to DOWNLOAD :  Psiphon Pro Handler.apk   -  You will need to change your IMEI of your phone to Blackberry IMEI,  HERE IS LIST OF BLACKB

Valid Blackberry10 IMEI Numbers

We know that many of our fans are fine it difficult to enjoy or browse due to insufficient MB on their sim and many finds it difficult to subcribe because of cost amount of data. But I am sure that many etisalat users are still Enjoying this  Etisala Socialme Browsing  which is still rocking fine.  Today I will be droping list of valid generated IMEI numbers for blackberry10 because many have messaged me that they need it in other to also enjoy airtel 3GB for N1000. Which I worked hard to generate this. Because my work is to ensire every guest on clickedwap tech blog enjoys free internet data. I will be writting an article on how to use this Blackberry Plan on Pc so don't worry. Valid Blackberry10 IMEI Numbers 356760051192803 356760051192290 356760051192811 356760051192404 356760051192275 356760051192231 356760051192903 356760051192902 356760051192802 356760051192903 356760051192174 356760051192431 356760051192862 356760051192621 356760051192006 356760051192281 356760051192897

Browse with Airtel 2GB for N200 and 4GB for N500 hmm free browsing again

We have been working hard and trying to see every of our guests and members Enjoy free and affordable and cheap data plan, I posted Tutorial on  How to Get 2G and 5GB for N200 and N500 on Your Airtel  which Many Tried and but Didn't work on 3G Network its only Effective on 2G Network.  I went on Research with some of my Few Gurus, we have been Tweaking and Re-tweaking to see if it can be powered on 3G because many people can't Bear the Slow Throttling of 3G Network. I will be showing you How to use this cheap data on 3G and 2G Network.  How To Browse with Airtel 2GB for N200 and 4GB for N500   We will be using a VPN to tweak this, VPN which is to be used for this is Called  Protect Free VPN + Data Manger . Before I Proceed Let me tell you things about this Protect free VPN.apk.  THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT PROTECT FREE VPN + Data MANAGER   - You get alerts when apps are using lots of data - Use a free, fast and secure VPN to protect personal information - Block a

How to Browse and Use your Airtel 2GB and 4GB for N200 Respectively

I have Posted How to Enjoy this Data but it an Official plan not a Cheat so for Those who finds it Difficult to Use, After I contacted Airtel Customer care to help Solve out my Problem but they gave me an Instruction which states that,  Before I can Browse freely with the Data I will have to switch my device to 2G Network, which I did and Now mine is working fine without any problem but the problem here is that speeds on 30kb/s which seems not to be faster,  So if You not the type that love browsing with 2G Network then don't border activating this on your Sim, but as for me is really cool I don't have any problem with it, is cool for my liken  So to Activate yours for those that's reading it for the first time kindly follow my procedure below.  How To Get 2GB and 5GB for N200 on Airtel   Simple Dial  *482#  and Now Select The 2GB Option for N200. Valid for 14days  You can Still Dial  *483#  which goes for 4GB for N500. Valid for 1Month  With this I am sure it will work

How to get 150mb free on MTN

Recently there has been competition between the telecommunications network where the introduced new cheap data subscription codes  MTN 500mb @ #25  has been rocking for some time now,  I recently published a list of Etisalat browsing codes,  not to forget their  social me and chat pack settings  which is rocking but now data capped. Glo opened the month with extremely cheap subscription codes where you can get  6gb@ #2000 .Airtel is not left out in the game as they have been partnering with Facebook for free Facebook via opera mini and also with  free   basics  to visit  popular   sites   for  free But today I'm going to be sharing a new and free way to browse on Mtn via game plus, this tweak is powered by psiphon and pronet Read   also :  •  How to get Airtel 7gb @ #700 •  How   to   get  1gb @ #100  on   glo How   to   get  150mb  free   on   Mtn 1.   Send  GM   to  2200 2. Dial *559#  to check your balance How   to   browse  with   the  150mb  via   psiphon APN