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Get a Twitter Verified account easily: The blue check mark is now open to everyone

Get a Twitter Verified account easily: The blue check mark is now open to everyone

Get a Twitter Verified account easily: The blue check mark is now open to everyone

Edited by TNI Source: Twitter

It is the account that is verified due to public interest and these account might be of the people who are affiliated with business, sports, government, media or others. When an account is verified by social media then a blue tick starts to appear on the profile of the person who got verified. There is a series of steps that has to be followed to get a verified account and according to the representative of twitter there are only 0.06 percent out of 310 million users are twitter verified accounts.

Twitter has also started taking verification request from today. If a user wants to get his twitter verified account then all he needs to do is that he has to fill out a form consisting of his number, profile picture, email address and other additional information as well and this information would help to get him verified but still Twitter has not made any public statement about the cause due to which they made such changes. Though the company reveals that there are about 187,000 twitter verified account but their active users are more than 310 million so there are some options regarding anti abuse that were only available to the celebrities and now the public can avail from them too and there had been an issue faced recently that many fake account of government were made and they were the reason of major riots in the city of Baltimore as there were some imposter accounts who appeared to be the Baltimore police so these twitter verified account can put an end to such things.

Twitter verifies the accounts with the help of their beta verification program and the blue tick on the profile denotes that the tweet from that specific person is not fake and it is a twitter verified account.

It is a very useful step that twitter has taken because there are millions of people out there who have to suffer from abuse on daily basis and they do not quite have the option of anti-abuse that was only available for the twitter verified accounts previously and so it is going to help the mass to get rid of those offensive comments by the option of twitter verification.

The importance of twitter verified accounts cannot be ignored and so keeping in view the importance of it to Facebook , that is another major social network, verification is also obtainable in some specific states and cities and the option of verified accounts has also been offered by Google plus but Google plus only offers it to the renowned celebrities and not everyone can apply for it. All the people that have got the blue tick admit that they had not applied for a verified account on Google plus and Facebook gives the blue tick to those people who have a massive amount of followers and so is the case with Instagram . Being a close competitor of Twitter, Facebook might (and should) open it to their users as well because fake ids is also one of their major concern and through this step, Facebook can control it.

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