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How to Surf the Internet Safely

How to Surf the Internet Safely

Most of the people get hacked not because of some complex code, but because of lack of basic common sense computer security practices.

It is difficult to jot down all the tips but we are listing some really important practices that you should follow.

Keep your Webcam covered

There have been lots of cases where somehow the unethical hackers got access to one's webcam. It is always a nice practice to keep your webcam covered when you are not using it.


No matter how careful user you are online; you should always use an Antivirus. You may keep your PC/Laptop updated but it may get some new exploit, new vulnerability or unpatched code (known as Zero-day Vulnerability) by simply browsing the Internet. An Antivirus is an important part of your computer security.

Keep Firewall enabled

An operating system like windows has the in-built firewall but you should keep that enabled correctly. The firewall does not allow any unsolicited incoming connections, protecting Windows and the other software on your computer from malware that exploits unpatched vulnerabilities in system services that sniff the network. It prevents worms to spread.

Software Auto update

Many software companies release new patches periodically. If Auto-update option is enabled you won't need to install them manually and it adds to the strength of your Antivirus.
Software like Chrome, Mozilla, VLC etc. all have auto update feature. Leave them enabled.

Avoid Piracy and untrusted Downloads

You seriously take a big risk by downloading reverse engineered, cracked software from those untrusted websites. Any script kiddie can add malicious codes to it and can spy your computer or add your computer to their botnet if they are making one.

Be Alert

Crackers use human ways to get access to your private information, such as phishing and social engineering. Verify before giving your personal information to anyone who calls you, messages you or e-mails you. Don't panic by such calls when someone says that they have locked your bank account and they need to verify a password. Also keep strong passwords, the combination of lowercase uppercase and numbers.

This in any way is not a complete list but you surely would have got the idea about how simple basic practices can keep you safe. Remember you belong to Internet, not vice versa. So, It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe.

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