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The Easiest Way to Unlock Some Stubborn Internet Modem

The Easiest Way to Unlock Some Stubborn Internet Modem

Many individuals keep wondering why they are unable to use multiple SIM cards on their internet modem?
This is because every company would like their customers to keep in touch and use their product and as well subscribe to the internet through them, but you find out that sometimes you might not get exactly what you want using one network provider may be due to network problems. This calls for trying out other networks and which leads us to modem unlocking.

Modem unlocking is the ability to break or unlock an internet modem so as to use multiple network simcards on it i.e changing it to an universal modem using a given calculated code or a software.
Unlocking your modem generally will give you access to use other network on that modem. Imaging you using your  Mtn magic sim on Etisalat modem or using my crazy Airtel gigabytes on Glo modem; it sounds so great friends. Don't just keep your modem in bondage when you can turn it into a universal modem now.

Today we will be solving the problem of unlocking ZTE, Huawei, and other internet modems but ZTE as a case study. After most of the research taken by internet lovers and gurus, they found and discovered a very simple way to unlock internet  modems. Now let's get to business!

Here we will be using a software called Dc Unlocker to do the job.
Following the simple steps below will get it done for you in a couple of minutes

Step 1: Download the DC Unlocker Software by click on the image link below
Step 2: Create a folder and Extract the DC Unlocker  to a location in your computer preferably, Desktop.
Step 3: Insert your modem with the incorrect SIM card or another SIM card and allow it to prompt or request for unlock code.
Step 4: Open the folder you created and Start your DC Crap Software and allow the software to load, then select the make/company of the modem which is ZTE

Step 5: Also select the model or version of the modem or select automatic then click the search button and allow the software to detect the modem

Step 6: After detection click unlock button at the top right side of the software and you are done.

Enjoy your Modem with any Network & Make Money doing this Biz for Others @ School and Home!
NOTE: you can use this method to unlock other modem from different companies such as Huawei, Micromax, Maxon Huawei Phones etc.

Hope this information helps?
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