The monstrous battery capacity Gionee M6 device has been launched together with elder brother Gionee M6 Plus
Now the only differences between the Gionee M6 and Gionee M6 Plus can be seen in their display sizes and batteries.
While the Gionee M6 spots 5.5inches display together with 5000mAh battery, the M6 Plus on the other hand is bigger, featuring 6.0 inches display and 6020mAh battery capacity, sharing similar battery capacity with their younger brother Gionee M5.
Another important feature to note on the Gionee M6 and M6 Plus is that they both came in 2 variants of 64GB and 128GB internal storage.
But we are interested in taking look at the price tags for these two devices.
The launch price for Gionee M6 64GB variant was pegged somewhere around $409 (N122,700) while its 128GB variant is around $439 (N131,700).
Then on the Gionee M6 Plus 64GB variant, the launch price was place at around $454 (N136,200) and its 128GB variant stood somewhere around $485 (N145,500).
Having seen the prices for the Gionee M6 and M6 Plus newly launched devices, what are your take on the prices? Do you consider them pricey or are the prices truly commensurate with the powerful specs that the devices are packed with.
Or will you rather go for Samsung devices of similar price range? What are your takes?