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Things you had never imagine about your phones battery

Things you had never imagine about your phones battery

I guess you must have heard some stuffs about your phone's battery or probably read some blog post on how to make your phone's battery last longer and and you have probably practice all what you have read.
But could that be all that there is to know about your phones battery? or maybe after practicing all that you have heard and read you still notice an unusual battery level/lifespan decrease.
Everything you do on your phone depends on how long your phone's battery last and as a result, you try all that you can to make sure the battery last longer by taking proper good care of it. But it can be quit hard or almost impossible to a good care of something you don't know all that there is to know about.
Ok enough of the story!! let's look at:

Things you had never imagined about your phone's battery

1.Never empty(drain) your battery: Do you know that every time you completely charge and discharge your battery, it reduces the battery life cycle. A battery's life cycle is the amount of complete charge and discharge the battery can take before it start reducing in performance. To avoid reduction in your battery life cylce, avoid completely discharging it.
2.0 - 100% charge: Avoid charging your phone's battery from 0 - 100%. If your phone's battery was completely discharged and you charged it from 0 - 100%, it will help in the reduction of the battery's life cycle. And if that happens a certain number of time, the battery starts reducing in performance.
3.Over night charging: It's a very common believe among android users that charging your phone over-night or leaving it plugged-in even when it's fully charged, does nothing but destroy your phone's battery. But it's not that much of a bad thing compared to the way people see it. These modern phones and chargers are now smart enough to detect when the battery is fully charged and thereby reducing or preventing current from entering it.
When ever your phone is plugged-in, One very important thing to take note of is the battery's temperature. Make sure the temperature is not above normal because high temperature damages your battery faster than anything else.
In conclusion, Here are:

Few tips for a stronger battery

  • Regularly charge your phone's battery: Make sure you battery level doesn't go below 50%, as this will help prevent complete discharge.
  • Hot temperature : Make sure your battery's temperature is not above normal while charging and if it is, cool it down and continue charging.
  • Don't completely discharge your phones battery
  • Avoid charging from 0 - 100%
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