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Top five things that were omitted in windows 10

Top five things that were omitted in windows 10

It's no doubt that windows 10 is the best out of all the windows operating system microsoft has created, and a very good successor of windows 8.1. But out off all these fame and success of windows 10, there are still some useful features present in the previous version of windows but ommited in windows 10.

1. BitLocker Drive Encryption: The windows bitlocker drive encryption is a feature that encrypt your drive and the data in it so that whenever you plug it into any computer, it request for a password before the data/files in it can be accessed by anyone.
Think of it like the windows “user account login” whereby you must know the password to the user account before you can access anything in it. it’s a pretty nice feature because it ensures the security of the data in your drive.
2. Windows update choices: In the previous versions of windows, windows users can chose one of the following options when it comes to windows-update:
  1. Install updates automatically
  2. Download updates but let me choose whether to install them
  3. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
  4. Never check for updates
But in windows 10, microsoft removed all these options thereby forcing it's users to download and install updates automatically. Not everybody find this very nice.Although there's still a way to disable it, but this is not known to normal computer users.
To learn how to disable windows 10 update visit this link How to disable windows updates.
3. Windows Experience Index: Although this feature has been removed right from windows 8, I still believe they should have put it back in windows 10. What this basically do is that it scans through the computer's hardware e.g. hard drive transfer speed, 3D graphics for gaming etc, and puts it in rating. So any one with higher rating means better performance.
4. User account parental control: Although this feature is still there, but the way in-which it was modified, an average computer user would think it has absolutely been removed. I personally prefer it the way it was in older version of windows to the way it is in windows 10.
It basicaly allows you to tell windows how to behave to a particular user account for example : the time that user account is allowed to spend on the computer, website to visit, time to spend online, and some more.
5. Device installation settings: This has to do with how windows install drivers. Almost 50% of the windows update contains drivers. So “device installation settings tells” windows how to install the drivers downloaded from windows update. In windows 10, Microsoft did not give it users many options. They either download and install it or don’t even download it at all. But in the previous version, there are many options to choose from.

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