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Windows 10 marks 1 year today and free upgrade expired

Windows 10 marks 1 year today and free upgrade expired

Windows 10 is a year old today and just like they promised, Microsoft have cancelled the free upgrade which they made available before.
Last year on July 29 2015, Microsoft publicly announced windows 10 and made available free upgrade for every device and also stating that the free upgrade will expire on July 29 2016. Windows 10 is now available for $119(#)
Windows 10 which is Microsoft latest Operating system and the successor of windows 8.1, is no doubt the best out of all windows operating system Microsoft has created. Lots of features have been added to it which makes it stand out from the previous version of windows.
But not many people appreciate the effort Microsoft invested in windows 10, as many people detest windows 10. Upon the fame and success of windows 10, many people across the glob believe windows 10 is just another way Microsoft wants to use to get a closer look into their private life. Windows 10 has been accused of so many things from bugs to privacy problems.
Some of the accusations includes: forceful upgrade of windows 10, computer developed problems after upgrading, viewing browser history, sending malicious data to Microsoft etc.
Microsoft has responded to these complaints and has also promise to fix the problem. 
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