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With This Gadget, Your Phone Would Be Turned Into A 3D Printer!

With This Gadget, Your Phone Would Be Turned Into A 3D Printer!


A US-based company has claimed that it has created a portable device through which 3D prints can be created by users by using the light from the screen of their smartphones.

This gadget is named OLO and it is a simple one which consists of just 3 plastic pieces, 1 motor, 1 chip and all of them are operated by 4 AA batteries.

The weight of the gadget is 780 grams and it is light and compact enough for fitting in backpacks or satchels. One the object is loaded on OLO, the smartphone can be placed in the base.

The resin chamber offers 400 cubic cm of printing volume and rests above for holding the desired resin as per one's choice. The top piece is set in a complete seal and OLO would be prepared for printing.

This company named OLO 3D is based out of San Francisco and it has found something unique which is named 'daylight resin'. The photopolymer is mainly designed for reacting to the white light which is emitted by the screens of the smartphone, after exposure.

The OLO app handles the software processing and it is available for Windows, Android and iOS. There is no need of manual calibration or leveling, stated the company.

After the object is loaded and the printing starts, the smartphone is instructed to light up some pixels for a set amount of time. The resin which is affected by light transforms into a hardened material from goo like substance.

OLO 3D Printer

OLO 3D Printer

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