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55 Best Apps for College Students: The Uncut College Apps List

Studying in one of the top Colleges in the US is quite different from studying in some other Universities. In this days of smart cell phones, PC, PDA and tablets: the need for time management apps, self-control apps, science apps and digital translating apps is almost inevitable.
From note taking, budget management to research documentation, dictionary and equation solving apps, this list takes into account the needs of college students and list college apps that can help with them.
In this list, we'll feature both paid and free college apps for students in general (science, arts etc.). Web apps (for PC), cell phone (android, iPhone, blackberry 10) apps & tablets apps are listed so no one gets left out in our listicle.
See how to install APK (apps) for here or see the Google play store alternatives for blackberry 10 devices here.

Top 55 Great Apps for College Students

Read the app's description to see if it is going to be useful to you. Installing as mush as 55 apps isn't going to let you concentrate on your course of study. So, the fewer, the better!
Some of the apps listed here do have similar functions and so should be taken as an alternative where the favorite one fails.

1. Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia BritannicaEncyclopaedia Britannica is a digital learning suite for college students and professionals alike. The database structure is similar to the defunct Microsoft Encarta Cd/DVD encyclopedia and has lots of contents for your research and projects.
Encyclopaedia Britannica have good app for web, DVD encyclopedia software for PC, App for iOSmobile browser app and study app for kids.

2. Cam Scanner

CamScanner HD
Cam Scanner is another useful app for college students, it helps you scan documents on the go and with super precision. The premium version allows you to scan and copy text from scanned document.
An app like CamScanner can increase productivity by 100%, saves you the time of copying text from cyber café, friend's note or even the lecturer's handout.
There is –

3. Mathway

Mathway college app
Mathway is a good college app to use for mathematics, science and algebraic equations. It comes handy when trying to verify solving for your home work and science projects.
It isn't just a free college app but one that's really worth buying. The premium version eliminates ads and other features restricted in the free app.
Mathway was featured on our earlier post on 5 Free Software Apps to Solve Maths and Scientific Equations and can downloaded from any of the links below.

4. Evernote

evernote app for students
Evernote is an app to have in 2015 as a college student, professional, applicant or even as a super user of smart cell phones and tablets.
Evernote is not only mobile but saves documents, notes and events directly to the cloud and can be accessed at home with a computer, at school with a smart phone and at the library with a tablet and/or person digital assistance (PDA).
Get a copy of evernote today to increase productivity as a student. There's a version for Windows PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and tablets.

5. Math Expert

maths expert app for students
Math Expert, just like mathway is a free app for students, will come handy for leisure studies and can be used to relearn maths or play with some maths exercises.
Math Expert is available free on the Google play store. We also have the FX Math Solver (f0r iOS) and Mathematics (for Android): other great apps for students and professionals.

6. Translators

babylon translator for cell phones and tabletsCollege students of linguistic studies can make use of these good college apps for their studies, for this category we have two great apps that are best for translating text to different languages.
  •   Google Translate: This is hands-down the best text translator app for smart phones, tablets and PC. Google translate cell phone and tablets app is available free on AndroidiOS, Windows mobile, Blackberry 10 and Web app.
  • Babylon: This is another good translator mobile apps, must have alternative app for college students studying linguistics and languages. Babylon is available for free download on Windows MobileAmazon (for BB10) and on Apples app store as iBabylon and as Babylon translator on the Google play store.

7. Dictionaries

offline dictionaries app for studentsDictionaries is very essential and at such should be with you every time of the day, there's the dictionary for idioms and idiomatic expressions, dictionaries for law and medical science, engineering dictionary and IT dictionaries to mention but a few.
But for the sake of this list, our attention will be on the 3 best dictionaries for college students.
  • This is one of the best free dictionary app for students, has really comprehensive database for words and its meaning. It available free for Android / iOS / Blackberry 10 / Windows mobile and other operating systems.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Merriam-Webster Dictionary (iOS / Android) is comprehensive mobile dictionary for cell phones and tablets
  • Offline Dictionaries: Offline Dictionaries (Android) is another great college app for students. With this app, you can study English words like a pro, get access to thesaurus and English other languages studies

8. Exam Vocabulary Builder

vocabulary building app for studentsExam Vocabulary Builder helps you prepare for graduate school exams, university entrance exams and professional advancement test.
It can also come in handy for projects, increasing language skill and for home work. It is available free on the apple iTunes store. There's a good alternative for android here.

9. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific CalculatorRealCalc Scientific Calculator is one of my favorite college apps as it can serve both students of arts and those in sciences.
Once plugged into your smart phone, it goes with you everywhere else. The functions are big enough to solve all basic college mathematics problems.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive cloud storage app
Google Drive (download) does not only offer cloud storage access but does it with a difference. You get to sync doc, notes, pdf and study materials for easy access.
Google Drive for a university student is a collection of office and publishing utilities that helps sync documents and increase productivity.
It available for web and all popular mobile operating systems.

11. Pocket

Pocket [AndroidiOS] works just like evernote but with unique features of its own. With Pocket, you can bookmark interesting links, save voice notes, images, videos and other interesting contents you'll like to read later.
It is available for free download on popular platforms. Use to download for your device.

12. DocScan

Doc Scan is a great alternative for students who aren't willing to pay the exorbitant subscription fee for camscanner premium.
It is a good iOS app for college students. It is free on apple iTunes store.

13. Engineering Professional

Engineering Professional app just like the IT and Computer Dictionary app mentioned above is targeted at college students studying engineering related courses.
It combines all the formulas from Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Hydrology and Mechanical Engineering formulator apps (which are from the same developer).
Every engineering student that have some bucks to spare should go for it. I really found it a useful app to have as an engineering student in the university, polytechnic and/or college of education.

14. BenchPrep

BenchPrep is like a learning management system that's built with college students in mind. The web app is flexible and their intelligent techniques makes learning fun and super cheap.
BenchPrep's robust technology offers a game-changing learning experience with really advanced learning data, algorithm and analytics.
You can register with their student's oriented services via and then, download the iOS or android app depending on your cell phone's operating system.

15. Coursera

Coursera is one of my favorite apps, it has a database of many university's courses to improve your outdated course materials and lecturer notes.
Coursera is open to users from anywhere around the world, even non-US students can study and research with course materials from US top universities such as Stanford, Yale, Princeton and Europe's top colleges. 
The web app is here, so is that of android and iOS.

16. EasyBib

EasyBib is a productivity app to automatically generate accurate citation for works. It helps you to automatically create citations for your bibliography.
It is available free for iOS and Android devices.

17. Dropbox

Dropbox box helps you share researched documents and files remotely. It is a cloud storage app that automatically sync your work across all the devices you own.
You have up to 2GB of space and can share files with groups and friends over the cloud. There's an app for PC, phone and tablets.

18. Kindle

Kindle is available for download free on Google's android play store, Apple's iTunes app store and Microsoft's windows mobile store.
It is like a mobile digital library with millions of books and articles. This app can be used for research, studies and pleasure reading during leisure and lecture-free times.

19. iTunes University

iTunes University (iTunes U) app provides all the tools an instructor needs to bring their classroom together on iOS. Build lessons with apps and your own materials, collect and grade assignments from students, discuss one-on-one or in groups, and annotate PDF assignments.
at iTunes University (iTunes U), anyone with an iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can learn from the collection of free education content.
Download link – iPhoneiPad

20. GoConqr

GoConqr (previously ExamTime) is a splendid app that helps students study smarter. From timetabling, setting goals, planning to sharing and collaboration, GoConqr productivity app is a good tool to have in your day to day studies.
GoConqr has both the iOS and Android versions and works splendidly as a great educative app with Mind Maps and group learning features.
Continue reading by clicking on the next button below, the next page would reveal the next 20 best college student apps at once while the last page complements the list. You can navigate with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

21. iHomework

iHomework, just like other productivity college apps in our list is like a student's companion. Helps you keep up-to-date with your school work, grades, to-do's, teacher's information, and almost everything else that's useful for you during the school year.
iHomework supports cloud feature and helps you sync saved data across all your iOS powered devices. It is a premium app that goes for little above $1.

22. is a top free student app for creating "to-do list". It lets you organize projects and manage your tasks from anywhere and share them easily with friends and sundry. 
It is available for android, iOS, Web and Mac.

23. Studious

Studious utility apps lets you set class schedules, homework deadlines, store notes, photos and to do tasks with ease. Studious app will automatically silence your phone on getting to the corresponding time added to your class schedule. 
There's a full guide on makeuseof that gives a walk through and how use and setup this app for increasing productivity and time management. 

24. IT & Computer Dictionary

IT and Computer Dictionary is a good choice for electrical electronics and computer engineering students. Contains database for IT terms and jagons.
It is a premium android app sold for a little above $1 (buy from on the Google play store.

25. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is not like just any other free productivity app on the internet, it is an app specialty designed for college students that combines tracking schedule, grades and homework with a lovely GUI and overall user-experience.
iStudiez Pro is available for Windows, Mac and iOS. Supports data sync between Mac and iOS versions.

26. Mint

Mint is a digital finance manager that lets you manage your spending as a college student. With Mint app, you can create budgets, receive alerts for unusual account charges, get free credit score and custom tips for reducing fees and saving money.
It is available for Web, iOS, Windows mobile and Android.

27. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is not just a college app but one that even professionals endorses. It is a mobile encyclopedia that cuts across all sphere of studies.
Lets you analyze and and get reports for course material and researches. It is a premium app sold for little above $2 and it is available for all major platforms and operating systems.

28. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the best apps for organizing travels, excursions and just any perfect trip. It lets you find the lowest airfare, best hotels, great restaurants, and fun things to do, wherever you go.
It is available for all popular platforms and offers even more than just advice for trips.

29. is a feed aggregator app that helps you read news, articles, resources and tips from sources that are really valuable to your field and course of study.
Feedly as a popular app is available for web, cell phones and tablets.

30.  Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation ( is an iOS app that lets you do voice to text like a pro.
As one of the best voice recognition application on Apple's iTune store, dragon dictation lets you dictate to your smart phone with just your natural Speaking as you do your day to day activities.
You can take notes and record events faster with the dragon dictation app. It supports dictation in languages other than English. You can get the android version at

31. Voice Recording Apps

Smart voice recording apps is useful for taking memo,meetings and long lecture notes from lecturers, course mates and study groups.
Can be faster, smarter and lets you study lectures at a better time when it is neither boring nor looking like a brain-overload.

32. SelfControl

SelfControl is a must have for students, there is a version for Mac and Android from different developers. The android version focuses more on controlling your activities on the smart cell phone while the Mac version helps you block distracting websites and email clients so as to stay focused and stacked to one productive activity at any given time without being distracted by apps or website notifications.

33. Todoist

Todoist is not just a time management app but a students-enhanced time management and organization app to increase productivity.
If you are in a college or university and not making use of Todoist app to manage your time productively, you are really loosing out on such a free gift of an app.

34. Quizlet

Quizlet is a combination of all useful tools and study materials to help out in leisure and during group study. Can come in handy for students in high school and colleges alike.
It is available free on all major platforms and operating systems.

35. XMind

XMind is a superior educational application used for mind mapping. It lets you clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming and get work really organized.
Xmind is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the free version from or go for any of the premium versions.

36. The Photo Cookbook

With the Photo Cookbook app, you can impress your lodge mates, your course mates and even learn new recipes for making your favorite meals.
You can learn lots of new cooking methods and recipes by taking a full cooking course with the Photo Cookbook app.

37. Notability

Notability app for iOS ( lets you take notes, mark-up photos, provide audio feedback, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, and record lectures.
It is a premium educational app that's best for college students and lecturers. It is sold for about $4 at the iTunes app store.

38. Sleep If U Can Alarm

Sleep If U Can Alarm application will help you meet up with lectures in time, it does this by not just ringing the alarm tune but makes sure there isn't easier method to shut it down.
You must be fully awake to be able to stop the disturbance from the app, just take it that this app will always wake you up in time to prepare for lectures, group reading and meetings.

39. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is an educational app for literature and linguistic student. It should serve as your leisure study pal if your course is related to literature and English language studies.
It is a free app and supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download from

40. Flashcards+

Flashcards+ is one app you shouldn't do without as a student in high school or college. It is a superior online flashcard & notecard tool for high school and college students, and those studying seriously for GRE, SAT, ACT and other standardized exams.
It lets you Memorize fast and fun like a pro. Flashcards+ is an educational application designed to help you learn things more quickly and scale through your toughest classes.

41. Chegg

Chegg is a must have app for college students, lets you get access to textbooks, study materials and to also get help, tutorials and tips for solving complex questions and scientific problems.
Chegg  is available free on the iTunes app store and Google play store.

42. TED

TED app is updated regularly and has database for bold and new thought leadership from education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, music legends and other remarkable minds that have excelled in their field.
TED lets you find thousands of inspiring TED Talks: videos to feed your curios mind, explore innovative concepts and expand your world.

43. StudyBlue

StudyBlue provides you better ways to study smarter as a college student, lets you keep and learn concepts as well as make your notes organized and easily accessible.
There's a study blue app for all popular smart phone's operating system and it is a free to download! free to use! application.

44. Duolingo

Duolingo is another lovely app for college students, it lets you learn new languages with ease and simplicity. It is free and available for web, mobile phones and tablets.


IQTELL is an email productivity application that lets you manage all email account from one place as well as add items to your to do list.
With the IQTELL app, you'll learn to browser smarter, learn and manage your time very wisely.

46. Clear

Clear is one of the best premium "to do" reminder application available on the iTunes app store. It lets you get really creative with time management and improve your overall productivity as a college student.
You can start organizing your life as a student with a copy of clear iOS app (

47. Mobile Banking and Finance Management Apps

To make the most use of your time for really valuable activities you need a good finance management application. Lemon wallet used to my favorite before they got acquired by lifelock. We still have really good options for managing finance and increasing productivity.
  • Venmo: Venmo is a mobile baking application that uses bank-grade security systems and data encryption to protect your financial information. It lets you collect money from debtors, send money, Cash out to any bank, pay for friend's drink and all that.
Venmo is available for iOSAndroid, Windows and Blackberry 10 devices.
  • QuickTeller: Quick Teller was featured in our list of mobile banking applications in Nigeria. It lets you buy airtime for your cell phone, pay for your call line services, transfer funds between accounts and pay for various subscription services.
It is available free on all platforms and operating systems. Click the linked article above to download a version that's suitable for your device.

48. Wunderlist

Wunderlist lets you capture your ideas and organize them in ways that increases productivity. It should be top on your time management apps.
It is loved by college students and professionals that cares about innovation and increasing productivity.

49. Health and Fitness Apps

Health is wealth, they say! You need these top recommended health and fitness apps to stay fit in school and colleges. From medical advice to food and dieting tips, these application will normally help you stay fit and strong for lectures and all the hassles that comes with learning in a higher institution.
MyFitnessPal: MyFitnessPal as the name suggests is a utility app that helps you keep fit all year long. My fitness pal as a highly recommended college app has the calorie counter and helps you set a daily calorie goal as well as record your daily food and exercise to make sure you stay on track always.
It is available for Android, iOS and other operating systems (OS).
Lose it: Lose it works just as great as my fitness pal. It is a weight loss app that is furnished with superior tips and guides for losing weight.
It is free and available for download from any of the top mobile apps stores.
WebMD: WebMD is another good app in the health and fitness group. It lets you access physician-reviewed health content and really interactive tools in addition to on-demand healthy living tips.
WebMd is available free on all popular platforms and mobile operating system (OS).

50. Scribd

Scribd just like kindle is a must have app for college students. It has long database of books, audio, comics, documentation and references.
You can never get bored leisure reading with this application. It is a premium app and will cost you some bucks.

51. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is another application I could easily recommend to students in high school, polytechnics and colleges. It lets you get access to Allrecipes' awesome collection of member-submitted recipes, with ratings, reviews, and photos.

52. LectureNotes

Lecture Notes is an education app that's particularly designed with university students in mind. It lets you write and make sketches faster on the screen of your phone, phablets and tablets.
LectureNotes app is particularly optimized for tablets and goes for little above $3.

53. RefME

RefME makes it easy to create essay footnotes and citations. It is targeted at university students and makes automating citations, reference lists and bibliographies a stroll.

54. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar lets keeps stay organized and avoid distractions that arises as a result of lacking a good sense of time management.
It can help you to always keep up with meeting and schedules, never lets you miss appointments with your team, group and course mates.
It is available on web and mobile.
Another good app (Sunrise alternative) that helps with productivity and time management is the Trello app which is also available for android and iOS.

55. Group Chatting apps

Group chatting apps are very useful for group projects and researches that needs collaboration. You can keep in touch with your group members as well as report project's progress and challenges to members of the group.
In this category, we are going to go with three (4) apps that works best for college students and with little or no distraction from random acquaintance.
  1. Whatsapp: Whatsapp lets you create group and chat with only your contacts. See for download links and more info.
  2.  GroupMe: GroupMe is another superior messenger that lets you keep up with your team's progress without missing a single update. You can even take part on the conversation without having the app installed. See for download link and more details.
  3. Skype: Skype is like the first two above but offers less control than them. Great for cloud conferences, party planning and team's progress report. Random contacts should be blocked to avoid being distracted from your studies. See for apps download links and more….
  4. Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts connects with your Google account and can be used for meeting, cloud conferencing and group studies. Visit for download info and details.
Are there college students apps we missed or supposed to have includes in our list?
Please do drop them below.  Share this page with your friends and also share your experiences with the apps listed either as a student in high school, college or a professional.
Get a PDF version of this list here

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