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Review: More Than 2 Million Naira Made in 3 Weeks on Zarfund!

  For the past 3 weeks now, we have been talking more about bitcoin and dollars. Yes! This is the way forward. Digital currency is taking over and it is creating more business opportunities. Zarfund global investment is one of the best ways to transact on bitcoin to attend financial freedom. We introduced Zarfund to our readers last 3 weeks and many who have been waiting for an opportunity grabbed it immediately. Over 200 new investors joined to make our team great. The first batch of 100 investors has gotten complete two referrals without stress. Yes! The team placed two people under each of them. The first 3 investors have completed level 3, now in level 4. They made a profit of 0.6BTC $450 (N240,000). The next 30 investors have completed level 2, now in level 3. They made a profit of 0.1BTC $75 (N40,000). The rest 67 investors have completed level 1, now in level 2. They made a profit of 0.01BTC $7 (N4,000) Now let's find the aggregate; N240,000 x 3 = 720000 N40,000 x 30 = 12000

12 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone Camera Aside of Snapping Pictures

  A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture photographs. Most camera phones also record video. The first camera phone was sold in 2000 in Japan, a J-Phone model, although some argue that the SCH-V200 and Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone, both introduced months earlier in South Korea and Japan respectively, are the first camera phones. Read more on  Wikipedia. Taking or capture photographs is the most used feature of smartphones and lots of people think that's where the use of the camera ends in a mobile phone. Some people only snap pictures with their camera phone and they think that's where the use of the camera ends in a mobile phone, not knowing that there are lots of amazing things only a camera embedded in a device can do. Here's a list of 12 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone Camera Apart From Snapping Pictures. 1. Document Scanning  Have you been required to scan and send your document to companies, institutions, and any organization, probably f

USB OTG Cable - 7 Important Things You Can Use it For On Android Devices

  OTG is short for  On The Go . USB OTG is a standard that enables devices to talk to one another. USB OTG Cable is an important tool to creates a link between your mobile phone and other computer peripherals such as USB flash drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Digital Camera, Game Pad, Card reader, External hard-drive etc. OTG Cable can do some really clever things and many people have never heard of it. If you don't know your OTG from your OMG, let's discover what it is and why it's so great. Below are the 7 important things which you can do with USB OTG Cable on your Android Devices  1. Share Battery Charge Between Two Android Devices For sharing the battery charge, all you need is a regular data/charger cable that you use to connect your smartphone to your PC and a standard USB OTG Host cable. If you do not have an OTG host cable, then you can buy them very cheap from any mobile store or from online shopping sites. When you have everything ready, connect the USB data cable to one