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New Airtel SmartSPEEDO Data Plans & Subscriptions Code Updated

New Airtel SmartSPEEDO Data Plans & Subscriptions Code Updated


Airtel data plan

                Airtel is one of the internet Network providers that are best known for their fast speed of internet access. Today i want to presents to you their data plans and what it has to offer you. I am an airtel fan when it comes to high speed browsing but a little displease i observe from them is how they sap their data bundle, though this is only applicable to some plans, especially when you are not a Blackberry user and you subscribe to the blackberry plan. So my advice is when you want to subcribe to airtel data plan, carefully choose a data plan that is suitable for your device in order to avoid data sapping from airtel. We have help you do this by carefully sectioning airtel data plans base on your type of phone.


For Androids

  • Airtel N1000 android data plan gives you 1.5GB to browse, downloads, chats on all social Networks with friends and families. Valid for 30 days . This plan is also usable on all devices. How to subscribe; dial *496#. You must have upto N1000 on your airtime balance in order to successfully subscribe to this plan
  • Airtel N2000 android  data plan gives you 3.5GB, valid for 30 days. Works on all devices. How to subscribe; dial *437#. 
  • Airtel N2500 android data plan gives you 5GB. Valid for 30 days. Usable on all Devices. To subscribe to this Data plan dial *437*1#.
  • Airtel N3500 android data plan gives you 7GB. Valid for 30 days. Works on all devices. How to subscribe; dial *438#
How to chech Airtel android data balance: To check your Airtel android data balance dial *223#

For BlackBerry 
  • Airtel N1500 Blackberry plan (Unlimited Month) give you 3GB unlimited data valid for 30 days. How to subscribe to his plan; dial *435#. Usable on all devices.
  • Airtel N1000 blackberry plan ( BB complete Month) gives you 3GB worth of data. Valid for 30 days. Note: These blackberry plan works only on blackberry phones.
  • Airtel N525 blackberry plan  ( Unlimited week) gives  you 200MB. Valid for 7 days. How to subscribe; dial *440*17#. Usable on all devices.
  • Airtel N100 blackberry plan ( Unlimited Day) give you 40MB. Valid for 24 hours. How to subscribe; dial *440*18#. Usable on all devices. 
How to check airtel blackberry Data balance: To check your Airtel Blackberry Data balance dial *123*9# 0r just dial *123*123#

Bundle Plans 
  • Get 30MB for just N100 on airtel. Valid for 24 hours. To subscribe Dial *410#.
  • Get 50MB for Just N200 on aitel. Valid for 3 days. How to subcribe; dial *412#.
  • Get 5MB daily for 5 days ( total of 25MB for 5 days). how to subscribe dial *417#
  • Get 750MB worth of data for N500. Valid for 7 days. How to subscribe dial *418#. 
Social Bundle Plans 
      This plan is suitable for those who just want to stay connected on their social network to chat with friends and Love ones. 

  • Opera Mini Bundle: Airtel opera mini bundle gives you access to browse on opera web browser, chat on facebook, Twitter, whatsapp , We chat and 2go Messenger. Do you just wnt to stay social and also browse some few information on the www world, Then this is the bundle plan for you. This plan charge N300 for 250Mb worth of data valid for 30 days . To subscribe to this plan dial *885*1#.
  • Whatsapp Bundle: Airtel Whats-app bundle give 15MB for just N100. Valid for 15 days. When you subscribe to this plan you also have access to browse on Facebook, twitter and 2go. How to subscribe; dial *948#.
  • WTF monthly Bundle: Get 80MB to chat on Facebook, twitter, we chat, whats app and 2go for N200 valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *990#.  
Aitel Time/Night/Weekend Plans 
  • Airtel time base 30: Get 30 mins unlimited access to the internet to browse, downloads. This plan is suitable for those who have something to download quickly. You pay N300 and get unlited access for 30 mins. How to subscribe to this time base plan dial *439*3#.
  • Airtel time base 60: This plan give you unlimited access to browse and download for 60 mins. You pay N500 and gain unlimited access for 60 mins. 
  • Airtel Night Plan 120: These plan give you  unlimited access for an allocated period of time to browse and download movies. Its work only at night. The charge is N1000 and its usable between 12am to 6am. Get some interesting movies to download then these plan suit your purpose. The speed is uncontrollable ie it browse steady and stable. How to subscribe to this Plan dial *481*2#. 
  • Airtel Weekend Bundle 200: This plan give you 200MB worth of data for N200 to browse on weekend. Works from 12am on Saturdays and 11;59pm on Sundays. How to subscribe to  dial *472#. 
  • Airtel Weekend Bundle 500: This plan give you 500MB worth of data for just N500 to browse on weekends from 12am on Saturdays and 11:59pm on Sundays. How to subscribe dial *473#.

Airtel Mega Packs Data Plans 

      This data plan is suitable for heavy internet users
  • Smart 5: Smart 5 is an airtel internet plan which give you 12GB data for N5000. Valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *452#. The charge rate is as follows; 1kobo/kb from 10pm to 6am and 2kobo/kb from 6am to 10pm
  • Smart 8: Airtel smart 8 plan gives you 24GB data for N8000. Valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *460#. The charge rate of this plan is as follows; 1kobo/kb from 10pm to 6am and 2kobo/kb from 6am to 10pm.
  • Smart 10: Airtel smart 10 plan give you 34GB data for N10,000. Valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *462#. The charge is schedule as follows; 1kobo/kb from 5pm to 6am on all weekdays and weekends.
  • Smart 15: Smart 15b is an airtel data plan which give you 30GB data for N15000. Valid for 60 days. How to subscribe dial *463#. This plan comes with a FREE DONGLE/DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI. You can use this data plan to provide internet access for the whole of your family.
  • Smart 36: Airtel smart 36 is a data plan that give you 50GB data for N36,000 valid for 180 days. It also comes with a Free Dongle/Dongle-Mifi/Mifi/Router. How to subscribe dial *406#.
  • Smart 60: Smart 60 is an airtel data plan that give you 100GB for N70,000 valid for 365 days. How to subscribe to this plan dial *407#. It comes with DONGLE/DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER
  • Smart 136: Airtel smart 136 plan gives you 200GB data for N136,000 valid for 365 days. How to subscribe Dial *408#. It comes with DONGLE/DONGLE-MIFI/MIFI/ROUTER. 

Airtel Data Plus Talk Time Plans ( UNLIMINET)

  • Unliminet 200: The airtel unliminet 200 plans offers 20MB data, 10 mins of talk time and 20 SMS for just N200. Valid for 24 hours. How to subscribe dial *498*1#. 
  • Unliminet 600: Airtel  unliminet 600 plan give you 150MB data, 60 mins talk time and 60 SMS for just N600. Valid for 7 days ( 1 Week ).  How to subscribe dial *489*2#
  • Unliminet 3000: This airel plan offers 2gb data, 180 mins talk time and 300 sms valid for 30 days. How to subscribe dial *489*3#. 
  • Unliminet 5000: Airtel unliminet plan offer 3GB data, 300 mins talk time and 500 sms valid for 30 days.
How to check airtel blackberry Data balance: dial *123*10# or *123*123# or *141*712*0# 
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