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Meet a girl that swallowed her phone(photos)

Meet a girl that swallowed her phone(photos)

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Back to business. We get weird and funny news daily. I recently wrote on sex robots to take over humans and a man that married his smart phone, now meet a 19yr old girl that swallowed her Smartphone.
It was reported that the 19yr old Brazilian girl, Adriana Andrade was cheating on her boyfriend has swallowed her Smartphone to prevent the guy from reading recent chats.

The innocent boy demanded to see her phone, he was suspecting the fact that she was cheating on him, instead of the girl to ask for forgiveness or even delete the recent chats, she swallowed her phone.

She was later rushed to the hospital when she complained that she was felling uncomfortable and was later operated on.

Did she do the right thing or was there anything better she could have done? Drop your comments, click here if you don't know how to comment.
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