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MTN BBLITED Cheats With Psiphon, Tweakware, Netify, Pronet BLOCKED!

MTN BBLITED Cheats With Psiphon, Tweakware, Netify, Pronet BLOCKED!

Like seriously, I don't know how to break this Sad News. MTN BBLITED has really helped every one of us on this blog Mokoshalb Global Pimpz and I am gonna say its one of the best ever existing free browsing cheat that has ever surfaced. Unlike other cheats that get blocked few weeks after discovering them, It lasted for more than 2yrs.
Its departure started from the frustration of subscribing, then connection problems before its final seclusion . It will be remembered for its long connectivity, No IPs problem and blazing speed.

Now lets me illustrate how the MTN cheats got blocked!:

If you subscribe for daily, weekly or monthly you get 10mb, 70mb and 260mb respectively, with all of them capped with 5gb data. The 5gb data is what MTN has finally withdrawn from the subscription leaving us stranded with the 10mb, 70mb and 260mb for daily, weekly and monthly respectively which is not in anyway satisfactory to we, Nigerians. If you successfully subscribe today, you will be limited to use the free data after which it will stop and disconnects your Psiphon, Tweakware, Netify, Pronet or any other VPN app you are using.

Hence we search for other means to enjoy free and lasting browsing cheats. If eventually we meet another loophole by MTN, you will not be left out to enjoy the offer!

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