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Surf Your Etisalat and Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Issues With New Tweakware v6.0

Surf Your Etisalat and Glo 0.0KB Free Browsing Issues With New Tweakware v6.0

 Hello guys, this is to notify you there is a new version of TweakwareVPN, known as Tweakware version 6.0, it comes with new updated servers, which gives users more opportunity to utilize the VPN.

The latest Tweakware version 6.0 has been updated with the new servers and it appeared at the right time as it will serve as an alternative to the Etisalat N0.0k that stopped working.

For those that complain about Etisalat N0.0K tweak (60mb daily limit), with new Tweakvpn you continue flexing with your free browsing, the Tweakware v6.0 also working fine with Glo unlimited free browsing.

There are new '30 free servers' inside the Tweakware v6.0, which means you can now make more choice of the free servers to use, but don't forget that you are only limited to 350MB per day if you are using the free version else you need to upgrade to be a premium user in order to enjoy unlimited servers. However, with this 30 free added server, you can surf the web for free without even thinking of any limitation.

Remember that premium servers are free from annoying ads and they are more optimized. If you are satisfied with the Glo network in your area, I advise you to upgrade your Tweakware to Premium version to enjoy the tweak to the fullest. 

Download the latest version of Tweakware v6.0 via PlayStore here 
Alternatively, you can download Tweakware v6.0 apk here 

Features of Tweakware V6.0 
  • Fixed inability to connect on Etisalat 0.0kb tweak
  • Fixed bug that causes the connection to stop at every 95 - 100 MB on HTTP Mode
  •  Updated built-in server list
  • Up to 25+ Free Servers contain ads
  • More stable than previous versions because of more choices of free servers for users.
To Setup Etisalat N0.0k (60mb daily limit)
APN Settings
Use Etisalat default APN settings
  1. Launch the Tweakware v6.0
  2. In Server list, select any free server from the 30 servers in the drop-down (if you are not a premium user.)
  3. On the Tweaks list, select "Etisalat 0.0kb".
  4. Now, Tick the box beside Tweaks, to enable it.
  5. Then tap on "Connect" and it should connect in seconds.
To use it with Glo unlimited free browsing, follow Similar procedures and when you get to tweak list, select "Glo 0.0kb" and connect.

Many people are also trying to use free servers as you are trying so most times, you will get an error message or it won't connect. It's because of traffic and network jam on the free servers. So keep trying until yours connect and continue blazing your free browsing.

As I said earlier, to enjoy the tweak to the fullest, you need a premium/upgrade account. Upgrading to premium costs only #500 and gives access to all the servers without any daily limit.

Enjoy it while it last and don't forget to share this post using the share buttons below.
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