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Google Chrome Browser: 12 Interesting and Helpful Features You Might Not Aware Of

Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008, for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. Google Chrome is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves as a platform for running web apps.

As of February 2017, StatCounter estimates that Google Chrome has a 62% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser. It also has 52% market share across all platforms combined, because it is also the most popular browser for smartphones. Its success has led to Google expanding the "Chrome" brand name on various other products such as Chromecast, Chromebook, Chromebit, Chromebox and Chromebase. Source:


Google Chrome has many features that simplify life on the internet. This post intends to reveal exactly those features.

Some of the following features might be something you already know. But as you read on, you are sure to bump into an amazing hidden chrome feature that you weren't aware of, and that's what makes this post worth going through. So, check it out!

Let us check at the most Interesting and Helpful Features in Chrome Browser.

1. Browsing Through The Passwords
Just as the Firefox browser, you can have Chrome remember your passwords for different sites. Whenever you sign in to a website, Chrome asks if you want to save your account info for that site.  If you're signed in to Chrome, you can use your passwords on different devices.

Every social media, web forum, and email accounts require you to come up with a password, which should be very strong. It is easy to forget them. Instead of verifying the identity via SMS or a link to the mail, you can enter "chrome://settings/passwords" in the address bar of chrome browser and click the "Show" button. After these actions, the built-in password manager displays all your accounts and passwords to them. You can retrieve your saved passwords whenever you need them.

2. Sync of Tabs
It happens that you find some interesting information on the PC, but you do not have enough time to read it and it is necessary to go to work. In Chrome, on Android devices, you can continue to view the tabs that were previously opened on your PC or a tablet. The function of saving tabs works automatically. The list of the last pages is displayed at the bottom of the page or in the browser menu. Naturally, you need to log into your Google account before this and turn the synchronization on.

3. PDF With One Click
The PDF format doesn't only take up less space, but is also ideal for printing. If it is necessary to save any page in the browser in this format, just press Ctrl + P (for Windows) or Cmd + P (for IOS) and choose "Save as PDF" in the list of functions.
4. Mail from the address bar
In order to send messages via Chrome, you do not have to open the mail. You do not need anything but to enter the "mailto:" in the address bar and create a new letter in the next window.

5. Hotkeys
A modern user does not like to type and dig through the settings. Google Chrome has all the conditions to make it even less. Here you can specify a hotkey for any extension. Just enter in the address bar "chrome://extensions". You can find the link "Quick Keys" at the bottom of the list and do fun stuff to the full or, in other words, set the necessary extensions.
6. Notepad in the browser
One of the chips of Google Chrome is a quick access to popular tools. Nevertheless, it is not always simple and obvious. For example, if you need to write something urgently, enter some simple character set, like "data:text/html," in the address bar and you will open a tab that can be used as a notepad.

7. Gestures for navigation
Many people learn VR helmets, but they are still familiar with a single gesture in the browser – "pull up the updating." Meanwhile, in Google Chrome, you can safely navigate between tabs by swiping from right to left. Moreover, if you pull the address bar down, a list of tabs opens. Scaling the pages is even easier – make a double tap on the screen.

8. Calculator and measurements converter
Google Chrome can perform simple arithmetic operations right in the search bar. It is enough to enter the necessary calculations, and the browser will give the correct answer. It is easy to convert units of measure, using the same method. There is one "but", it works only if Google is the default search engine.

9. Smart search
Google knows how to search, and it will be strange if it is not useful in its browser. The "Quick Search" feature will help you find additional information with just one click on any of the words on the open web page. Moreover, at the bottom of the page there will be not just a panel with search results but also many links on request.

10. Find Android Smartphones
Like Apple's "Find my iPhone," Google Chrome also offers the same feature for Android phone users. If you find yourself at a loss on where you could have possibly left your Android device, all you have to do is type in "Find My Phone" in the browser's address bar and it will open up a page giving users an idea of how and where to find their phone. Of course, you will probably have to log-in to make full use of the features.

11. Chrome Experiments
Google actually hosts a website containing experimental application, developers are working and users can take a look at the unfinished products. Just type in in the address bar and check out some demos.

12. T-Rex Game
Chrome users usually see a T-Rex whenever they lose their internet connection but not all users know that it is also a game they can play to pass the time.

Still, you don't have to wait to lose your connection to play it. Just type in "chrome://network-error/-106" in the address bar and get ready to hit the space bar to make the running T-Rex jump over cacti.

Be sure to use the comment section to suggest other Google Chrome Interesting and Helpful Features I may have missed out. Also, play with the share buttons below.


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