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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date LEAKED: Specs & Features Detailed (share comment and like please)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date WILL happen in 2017. Here we detail the Galaxy Note 8's rumoured specs, hardware and release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date CONFIRMED

The wait is OVER! Samsung will announce its Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, confirming what most of us already know.
ETNEWS is reporting, citing a network representative, that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will get a release date in Korea on September 15, following the handset’s announcement on August 23.
“According to experts,” notes Android Police, “sales will be very strong, as this is virtually the first new Galaxy Note in two years. On a somewhat related note, the LG V30 may also be released on September 15th, despite its unveiling being said to occur about a week after Samsung's August 23rd date.”
This is likely bad news for LG, but Samsung will almost certainly want to get the Galaxy Note 8 out before the arrival of Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s.
Analysts are confident about the Galaxy Note 8, as noted above, but these same analysts are positively frothing at the mouth about the iPhone 8, which is, essentially, the first, proper new iPhone we’ve had since 2014’s iPhone 6 update.
And the last time Apple did a big, ground-up redesign of its iPhone, the results were very impressive, indeed.
The handset, which is expected to be the most potent handset Samsung has ever built, will pick up where the Galaxy S8 left off, adding in more power, more specs and, overall, better performance.
This is why Note releases are always so tantalising; they’re basically a Galaxy S phones on steroids.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a new design, similar to the Galaxy S8’s, only bigger, the company’s S-Pen, plenty of new specs and features and a significant bump in battery life, potentially.
The Note 8 will be 0.1in bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S8+, making it the largest handset Samsung has ever built.
The Galaxy Note 8's dual-camera hardware will be better than the equivalent dual-snapper on current-gen iPhone 7 Plus. This is according to the latest research note from Ming-chi Kuo, the prominent analyst from KGI Securities who has a reputation for being accurate regarding Apple rumours.
In the note, Kuo said the dual-camera on the Note 8 will be "the most important upgrade" for the handset. It's believed it will feature a 13MP wide-angle lens, as well as a 12MP telephoto lens, both will feature optical image stabilisation (OIS) and 6-element lenses, and the setup will be capable of 3x optical zoom. Kuo also reaffirmed existing rumoured specs including a 6.4in QHD+ Super AMOLED display, and either Exynos 8995 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processing hardware.
According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Note 8 is codenamed "GREAT".
"According to our sources, the Galaxy Note 8 is codenamed Great. You read that right. Great, and not Baikal as had been previously rumored. If that’s not a big sign that Samsung is doing all it can to make the Galaxy Note 8 special, we’re not sure what would be," said the report.
But the source also revealed a model number for the handset; SM-N950F. Now that number specifically refers to the international variant, as Samsung is known to put particular letters on the end denoting different regional models.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is widely believed to be the first 4K handset from Samsung. Beyond this Samsung will focus on quality, especially in the battery department, and further refinements to the handset’s performance and overall aesthetics.
The Galaxy Note 8, reports suggest, could be more expensive than its predecessors as well. All the new spec and hardware, as well as Samsung’s losses in 2016 off of the back of the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation, all point to a new premium price mark-up.
Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8 Pro model will also be more expensive than anything that came before it. Multiple reports claim it could well be the first phone to cost more than $1000.
Samsung has now released a teaser video featuring its "Do Bigger Things" slogan we've seen on other Galaxy Note 8 promotional material.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date & Specs: Design
Another set of images has emerged, this time showing an alleged dummy unit which rocked up in China for a photoshoot (complete with cigarette butts) and then landed on Weibo; as per usual for this sort of thing, it's based on the schematics provided to case manufacturers so they can fit their products around the chassis accurately. Thus, even though it's non-functional, it serves as a pretty good indicator of what the final device will look like. The dual-camera, Infinity Display, and slightly more squared Galaxy S8-style design are all present and correct as per earlier leaks.
Some more new teaser images have leaked ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 launch, once again via @evleaks.
A new image has leaked of the Galaxy Note 8, however, this time it comes via reputable source @evleaks and appears to be the kind of image he is famed for; official press renders. There's not a lot to see from this simple, face on view of the phone in the basic Midnight Black colour option. However, we can see that the top and bottom bezels are equally sized; the handset has three physical keys on its sides for power, volume rocker, and the Bixby key; and it has no physical Home key on the front.
However, Blass quickly followed up with a second Tweet showing the phone from all sides, including the S-Pen stylus, in black and gold. This second image shows the phone's rear panel with the dual-camera and fingerprint scanner.
A set of renders showing the Galaxy Note 8's front fascia has leaked online via Twitter. Prominent Chinese Twitter tipster @UniverseIce claims these images are the real deal, and they do have a slightly official look to them, although they're clearly promotional material for the Asian market due to the language shown on screen. We can see that with all three images shown the front fascia is black, leading some to speculate that only the back panel colours may vary.
According to the word of a Samsung official, the Galaxy Note 8 will not, contrary to earlier rumours, feature a fingerprint scanner embedded under the display glass. Korean publication News1 ran the story quoting an unnamed official from inside Samsung, who said; "We made every effort to install a display-integrated fingerprint sensor on Galaxy Note 8, but we decided not to install it on this strategic phone due to various technical limitations such as security."
That means that, once again, just as with the Galaxy S8, an in-screen scanner was planned, but has been dropped due to Samsung being unable to implement it satisfactorily. That probably means we'll see a fingerprint scanner mounted on the rear, near the camera again, and indeed, a number of leaked images suggest this is the case.
While some users, including us, are fine with the placement of the Galaxy S8's scanner, many have also complained saying it's an awkward place to put it, as the scanner is asymetrically on one side of the camera lens. 
We've heard before how the Galaxy Note 8 will pack a 6.3in display and now the rumour has been reiterated once again, however, there are some new details this time around. Allegedly, according to sources on Weibo, the Galaxy Note 8 will feature the same 18.5:9 screen ratio seen on the Galaxy S8 (and LG G6), a factor which will actually make the Galaxy Note 8 taller than its predecessors. The tipster also adds that it'll feature a dual-sensor camera on the back panel.
On January 3 2017, new details have emerged which claim the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 4K display and Samsung's much-rumoured Bixby AI assistant, which is also pegged to be a main feature aboard the Galaxy S8 flagship due for launch much earlier in the year. The word comes via sources speaking to Business Korea, which also allege that more Galaxy Note 8 related info will come to light following Samsung's release of its investigative report into the Galaxy Note 7, due for publication later in January.
It cites an official from one of Samsung's partner companies: "Samsung will introduce 2K resolution displays in the Galaxy S8, but it will use 4K resolution displays in the Galaxy Note 8 to realize improved virtual reality (VR) functions. I heard that it will connect with new Gear VR wearable."
The report also notes that in January a Samsung official has once again confirmed the company's plans to release a Galaxy Note 8 device. It is expected in the second half of the year:
"The Galaxy Note 7 was very popular before user reports began circulating about devices that exploded or caught on fire while charging. As the phablet market, which was developed by Samsung Electronics, has been growing, the company will release the Note series this year again," said the spokesperson.
Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, which has leaked all over the shop in recent weeks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 WILL NOT feature a Home key. Instead, it will feature an all-display front that will allow Samsung to cram a bigger display panel inside the same sized chassis as last year’s Galaxy Note 7.
The removal of the Home button makes the handset a lot more engaging to behold as well; it’s just a slab of super high resolution display awesomeness.


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