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davor.io bitcoin lending platform 2018 Roadmap

davor.io bitcoin lending platform 2018 Roadmap

Davor's 2018 Roadmap

Thank you for being part of this amazing adventure with Davor. As promised, we release today our latest road map updates for 2018.

1st quarter

  1. Paris dream trip (26–28 Jan): Davor already selected the top 5 promoters to join our team in Paris for an amazing week-end. It would be a nice moment to enjoy the City of Love and to meet the Davor team.
  2. Global marketing program: We're creating a full global marketing program to make Davor even more popular! This program will include performance ads, the brand-new marketing material section and worldwide offline events.
  3. Davor Million Dollar Club (lending over 1M): Want to know more about this exclusive club? We will reveal details soon…
  4. Public Exchange API: any third-party will be able to access our public exchange API.

2nd quarter

  1. Mobile wallet app & Davor native mobile app: With these apps, you can do anything on your Davor account using your smartphone.
  2. Marketing platform for promoters: Promoters will be able to promote Davor more easily thanks to this advanced marketing platform.
  3. Support popular altcoins: Don't want to purchase DAV using BTC? No problem! We will support many popular altcoins to help you acquire DAV more easily.

3rd quarter

  1. Davor Social Hub: The platform will help you communicate with other Davor users. Very useful for leaders/promoters.
  2. Instant exchange to altcoins: you can exchange instantly DAV to many popular altcoins (and to withdraw of course).

4th quarter

  1. Hardfork to support SegWit, Lightning Network and Atomic Swap.
  2. Partnership with credit card issuing companies.

Please follow our social media to get new updates and details. Feel free to give us feedbacks and suggestions.

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