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How to Monitor Skype Video Calls from a Distant Location?

Monitoring phone calls may prove insufficient when you are overseeing your employees or young ones. You need to be able to have complete access to all conversations taking place via popular instant messaging platforms such as Skype. But the questions remain: How can you monitor Skype video call logs, conversations and more conveniently, quickly and reasonably? Look no further than, an advanced Skype spy software. The comprehensive monitoring tool will give you the ability to monitor your employees' non-work related video calls or those instant chats of your kid.

The spying app for Skype is available for all the latest mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. Irrespective of the type of smart device you wish to monitor, you can be assured of the fact that the program will work fluidly on the smartphone or tablet. In this guide, you will learn how Xnspy can be used to spy on Skype video call logs and Skype chats and other valuable information.

Preconditions to Spy on Skype Video Call Logs

If you are looking to spy on Skype on an Android device, you require one-time access to the target phone or tablet in order to install Xnspy on it. For no-jailbreak iOS device, you need the iCloud credentials of the person you wish to monitor. The process for installing the spyware on jailbroken devices is similar to that of the Android version.

How to Monitor Skype Video Calls Remotely?

Here is how you can instantly monitor Skype video call logs and Skype chats on someone's phone or tablet without touching their device:

  1. Grab the device you like to keep tabs on and set up Xnspy on it.
  2. Once the app to spy on Skype video call logs is successfully installed, log in to your web-based account.
  3. Click 'Dashboard' to gain access to the device information under 'Messenger'.
  4. Tap 'Messenger' on your left to see all the instant messaging applications installed on the mobile device.
  5. Choose 'Skype' from the list.
  6. View all the information along with the graph depicting the number of calls and text messages sent and received via this platform. Here is what you can monitor with Xnspy:
  • Access complete Skype video call log details.
  • Pry on Skype conversations (instant messages).
  • View the details of Skype contacts.
  • See time and date stamps for each chat thread and VOIP call.

Can You Monitor Skype Logs When the Device isn't Connected to the Internet?

The added advantage of deploying Xnspy is it also works on the offline mode. This means even when the device fails to establish a strong internet connection, the spy app would continue to snoop on Skype conversations, contacts and call logs. But, all the information that is gathered in the offline mode will only be accessible when the target phone or tablet connects to the internet using mobile data or a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Is it Possible to Access Skype Chats that are Present on the Monitored Device before Setting up the Spyware?

Any Skype chat or call log details that are available on the monitored device before installing the spy application will be uploaded to your personal web account as soon as the software starts collecting data. But, any Skype call logs or messages that are removed from the device prior to a backup by spy software, you won't be able to repossess them.

Is It Going to Cost You An Arm and A Leg?

Xnspy offers two subscription plans: (i) Basic Edition (ii) Premium Edition. You will be billed on monthly, quarterly, or annually basis, depends on the type of payment you select. The monthly subscription charges for the Basic plan are $8.33 a month. While the Premium plan will cost you $12.49 a month. This clearly depicts the program isn't going to blow your budget.

What Else Can You Monitor With Xnspy?

The sophisticated monitoring solution can also allow you to monitor other popular social networking apps such as WhatsApp and Viber. In case, you fear that your employees or kids are wasting time chatting away on any of these apps, the spying app for WhatsApp could come in real handy for you to snoop on their chat threads and take swift action. In fact, you can even leverage the Viber spy app to block some or all the chat apps if they taking the liberty way too far.

The spying app for WhatsApp can be used to eavesdrop on phone call and cell phone surroundings. The advanced feature gives you the ability to hear behind-the-wall-conversations, so you can stay in the know of things. You can figure out who your kids or employees are talking to and if there is a threat you can identify it beforehand. In addition, you will know if any of the employees have violated your company policy.

Another advanced feature of the Viber spying app is GPS tracking. It lets you track the whereabouts of your loved ones and mobile workforce from any place at any time of the day. However, if you don't want to preoccupy yourself with every single move of the target, you are free to set virtual boundaries around designated areas to get a quick message when the person of interest enters or leaves the zone.

Tips and Suggestions on Skype Spying

  1. Here are a few valuable tips and suggestion if you are planning to spy on Skype video calls using Xnspy.
  2. Make certain you use the mobile app in accordance with the local laws and abide by the terms.
  3. Not all features work on all Android and iOS devices. Also, bear in mind that feature information is constantly being updated. So make sure to affirm the information with the company prior making any purchases.




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