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iPhone’s battery explodes at another Apple Store - 2018

iPhone’s battery explodes at another Apple Store - 2018

An Apple Store in Valencia reportedly full of smoke after a battery inside an iPhone (model not confirmed) caught fire. One of the staff members of the Apple's store was engaged on the battery replacement when the iPhone's battery caught fire. The flames have been instantly smothered by the employees at the store. Employees called the fire service and police, nevertheless, it seems that their presence was not wanted because the incident was not too hazardous.

In line with the police reports, no injuries have been recorded in the incident, whereas the explosion of the iPhone occurred at 1:30 pm local time of Spain on Wednesday. The explosion was not too dangerous than Tuesday's incident where an Apple Store's worker faced burn on hand and 7 individuals got medical treatment in ambulances, whereas none was hospitalized.

Apple Shops all over the world are being flooded as of late by the individuals availing the offer given by Apple, a $29 battery replacement which obtained a price reduction of $50, as its older value was $79. So why have people been getting their iPhone's battery changed? Because Apple has been lowering the efficiency of its iPhones with outdated and worn batteries by introducing a software update since the last yr. Apparently, Apple admitted and apologized to that which resulted in over 26 lawsuits filed against Apple within the US and other nations.

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