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Samsung Bixby Is Going To Revamp Voice Reorganization?

Samsung Bixby Is Going To Revamp Voice Reorganization?

Samsung Bixby Is Going To Revamp Voice Reorganization?

Samsung is striving hard in the fight of who's the best smart phone giant, this fight is not only confined to smartphones not, but also includes all related devices and features, and as for Samsung, this fight also includes all the Samsung Smart home appliances. As for now, Samsung is working on getting in pace with the much popular voice assistants and wants the Samsung Bixby to come in competition with the other Voice assistances from Google and Apple, the current most prominent and popular Voice assistants are the Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Cortina has also made its place in the voice assistant market. Yet, Samsung was still a little behind, but it is never too late, as Samsung has decided to not only upgrade Samsung Bixby with artificial intelligence, but also, to introduce Bixby to almost all Samsung devices to come. But the initiative will be taken from the Samsung Smartphone and then to the rest of the devices.  

So, what exactly is Bixby? Recently, through its blog post, Samsung itself announced that it will be coming up with artificial intelligence that is designed to enable easier device interaction, and to make features more user friendly and less time consuming. It is also specifically designed to avoid the complexity of increasingly fully-featured devices. The Samsung Bixby has also already made its debut through the latest Samsung Signature smartphones that are; the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8+ as well as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But Samsung has rather bigger plans, for this year, 2018, Samsung wants to incorporate the amazing Bixby feature to all its smartphones as well as home appliances, or whatever other devices we have by Samsung such as speakers etc. Now coming to the Samsung Family Hub, yes, the amazing Samsung Family hub that has everything to make your household experience a lot better and easier, for everything including TVs to washers.  

With the Bixby in all smart home appliances you will finally live your fantasies, Samsung Bixby along with Samsung Smart Things support, let's see in a smart Samsung fridge already lets you see outside your door when the doorbells rings and to also open or unlock your door from your fridge screen, but with the addition of Bixby and it's amazing artificial intelligence, you will be able to unlock or open your door without having to touch your pretty and clean fridge when you're covered in cookie dough all over.  

This is not all your Bixby will do for you, it will actually make all your science fiction fantasies come true, through the other amazing features, such as, it's early morning and you've finally made it from your dressing room to your kitchen but with a lot of questions brimming in your mind, how's the traffic outside? Should I take an umbrella or my sun glasses? What's the date? Did I have any meetings? What's the schedule for today? Do we have enough groceries for dinner? Are there any pending bills? What do the kids need for lunch? Shopping list for today? Well, ladies specially, your questions will never end, but it's time you say good bye to your good old sticky notes all over the kitchen and fridge and say hello to the amazing Samsung Smart fridge with Bixby, Bixby is here to rule, it will tell you the weather, the traffic outside, the daily news update, hourly maybe, you decide, it will also tell you your calendar, the day the date, the events you have scheduled for the day or week, and whatever else you want to ask. If you are still not impressed, we have more, Bixby will also come with the ability to learn individual voices, so it will personalize answers for you depending on who asks. This amazing feature was Alluded to during CES 2018 in January that is almost a month back, and Samsung also plans to integrate its artificially intelligent assistant Bixby in numerous products over the coming year, these products would include smart TVs and smart kitchen appliances that include smart fridges, smart washers and dryers, smart microwaves and almost everything from the Family Hub range, the new TVs will be first to get these amazing feature and the other devices will follow. Washing machines, for example, will come with Bixby from early spring 2018, in a few months' time.  

Following the Samsung Bixby timeline, in October 2017, Samsung announced the second-generation version of the amazing Samsung Bixby. According to Samsung, Bixby 2.0 is a "fundamental leap forward for digital assistants" and a "bold reinvention of the platform". In a nutshell: Bixby 2.0 is designed to make Bixby available on "any and all devices". It will be available on all smartphones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart washers, smart dryers, smart speakers, and other such connected devices. Furthermore Bixby 2.0 will be "open", which means that it will be allowing other developers to also integrate the voice assistant into their own products and personalize it, or modify it and choose how you will be able to interact with their services. So, we are expecting several different companies from all over the world will announce Bixby-powered smart speakers or smart phones and other devices in the coming months. Samsung also said Bixby 2.0 features enhanced natural language capabilities, which will result in more natural commands and complex processing. 

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