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Crypto traders to file lawsuit against Coincheck over freezing of withdrawals

Crypto traders of Coincheck are suing the exchange to get their money back after freezing of wallets. The biggest hack of the crypto world in 2018 happened last month when the popular Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck claimed to lost at least $400 million worth of crypto coins in users' funds to hackers. Afterwards, the company restricted withdrawals of all currencies, including Yen, and trading of cryptocurrencies excluding Bitcoin. For now, it appears that crypto traders of Coincheck will not let it go like that and they can't bear any delay in withdrawals. According to  Reuters , ten traders will file the claim at the Tokyo District Court over Coincheck's freezing of cryptocurrency withdrawals. This has been revealed by a lawyer representing the plaintiffs named Hiromu Mochizuki. Coincheck froze transactions on its platform, holding plenty of virtual wealth hostage in the process after the hack of around 500 million NEM tokens occurred on its website. For now,

Google unveils Snapchat-style format for its AMP stories

Snapchat has got another copier in the industry. Google has launched its AMP "Visually Rich' stories today which are similar to Snapchat's stories format. Google is introducing a feature for publishers through which they can share pictures, videos in its search engine. It's a  "moble-focussed format for developing news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories". Moreover, the template is free and available for everyone. There are no ads in AMP stories, which hints towards a distraction-free tool for Google users. Google's AMP stories have the ability to transform quick short mobile magazine format which would be very effective for publishers to work more creatively and to produce easy-to-read articles. This format also attracts young generation through this story format as Google has adopted this style from Snapchat and everyone knows that Snapchat has mostly young users under its umbrella. Rudy Galfi product manager for AMP at Google said in

Galaxy S9 to copy iPhone X’s Animoji feature, report

Samsung's flagship from S-series lineup Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are about to be unveiled in a couple of weeks and the rumors of the upcoming phones are like an evergrowing hunger which seems to be never fulfilled. Samsung was earlier accused to be stealing the top-notch design of the iPhone X, the champion of its old-time rival Apple, for its upcoming phones but not for S9. But now a Korean media outlet reports that Galaxy S9 may come with a 3D emoji feature which will be quite similar to iPhone X's Animoji feature. According to a recent report by  ETNews , the 3D emoji feature of Galaxy S9 works by scanning your face and creating a 3D character that copies your facial movements and expressions. You could even send such 3D emojis instead of normal ones in messages. iPhone X Animojis The feature is quite similar to iPhone X's Animoji feature, however, the report hints that Samsung's version of 3D emoji is a step ahead of Apple's. 3D emojis will be powered by the Galaxy

Smartphone with the biggest battery ever that can last a week goes official

The biggest problem with any smartphone is it's battery life, what if I told you there's a smartphone that can actually last an entire week with a single charge? Yes, an entire week, a Chinese smartphone maker by the name of "Ulefone", that you might not even know about created a smartphone with a 13,000 mAh battery that's actually decent. And yes, before you ask, you can use that 13,000 mAh to recharge other electronic devices as well. The Ulefone Power 5  is an Android-powered brick, a rugged phone that can take a beating, although the design is clearly a result of Ulefone having to cram a 13,000 mAh battery in there. According to the company, the 13,000 mAh dual-cell battery offers one week of power and supports Super Fast Charge (5V/5A) and fast wireless charging support (10W). The Ulefone Power 5 will get a full charge in 2.5 hours on wired and 9 hours on wireless charging. The smartphone features a 6-inch Full HD display with a 2160 x 1080 resolution that ma