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10 Best Color Identifier Apps for Android/iPhones (iOS) in 2019

Despite the enlightenment given in schools, Identifying colors remains difficult for a lot of people. The inability to identify colors can be as a result of many things. Some people may lack knowledge of the color's name; others may be color blind, while others may be entirely blind. Whichever category you fall in, Color identifier apps will undoubtedly be of help to you. In this article, we explore a list of best color identifier apps for Android and iPhones.   1. Color Grab (Color Detection) Color Grab is an app designed for users who have problems identifying colors. It has an inbuilt feature that recognizes colors, as soon as you point your camera at the object. The color grab app was designed to suit the needs of designers, artists, professionals, developers and color blinds. The Color Grab app features real-time color measurement (color metering), color recognition (color-2-name), custom white balance, color platelets, and harmonies themes generation tool, color blending tool

How To Hide Apps On iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch

Strangers or even people you know snooping through the apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be disgusting. Ensuring the apps are hidden via methods like parental restrictions or removal of the app are very extreme and time-wasting ways to get this done. An easy way out is to simply hide the app in folders among other apps. This makes it difficult for someone to locate the app unless they allocate gigantic hours searching for it or are aware of what exactly to search for. It also ensures no one really suspects you like when you make use of a lock or passcode. It functions for all iPhone generation. Article Map   How To Hide Applications On An iPhone iPads or iPod Touch 1.  Find the app that you wish to hide. 2.  Press and hold the app until it enlarges. 3.  Move the app onto its own screen. 4.  Get the app hidden on a screen by getting it surrounded with other apps. 5.  Get the app hidden in a folder for more privacy. 6.  Give the folder name. Pick the name correctly. 7.  Get the

7 Best Time Management Apps For Students

As any student, anywhere in the world, you are faced with a mountain of tasks every single day, in addition to the time you have to set aside for yourself, your family, friends, your social life and coursework. Keeping your head synced in with all every single day can be daunting, so we are here to make that easier by giving you our list of Best Time Management Apps For Students:   1. Evernote This application is brilliant for the provision of a workspace for saving and organizing notes, task lists, and random ideas. It can be used to manage tasks, presentations and institution projects. Even if you do not have the hours to type, you can have a note stored via voice memos, photos, and more. It is  available on Windows , Mac, iOS, and Android. It charges nothing for a free plan buy you get to pay something to upgrade your plan. 2. Remember the Milk This is the ultimate time management app. Do not forget that the milk affords adult students the opportunity to add assignments and prioriti

10 Awesome Features Found in Android Q

Lots of Android lovers are still expecting the Android Pie to find its way to our phones, but Google waits for no one. The mega-company is presently working extra hard on Android Q, the next version of its mobile platform. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of 10 awesome Android features. These features are listed below: 1. A Legit Dark Mode The feature that stole our hearts was definitely the system-wide dark mode to the OS. This dark mode applies to the settings menu, launcher, notification shade, and other UI elements. The dark mode can be permanently turned on or automatically switched on at specific periods during the day. To turn heads, you can even force dark mode for apps that do not support it. A dark mode on an Android is long overdue. Helping to decrease glare at night and boost battery life on OLED phones is key for users. But the company has teased potential customers for long and failed to provide it, so chill until it happens. 2. Permissions Whenever You Ne

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2 (mods+Unlimited Coins)

Plants vs. Plants Zombies is a popular engaging tower defense game that had gotten over 100 Million Downloads. This is an app that has had received more than 100 million overall downloads across the globe. Plants vs. Plants Zombies game was developed by Popcap's Game and published by EA Mobile for free. Certain items require in-app purchase –that's some real cash.  In this article , we explore the features and we also provide a link to download plants vs zombie 2 mod. Right here, you can play the award-winning hit action-strategy adventure with much ease. Not only are you going to greet, meet, and defeat a battalion of chucklesome zombies from the dawn of time, to the end of days, but also get the perfect recipe for Mods+Unlimited coins. There is quite an array of the army from stunning plants; energize them with Plant Food, and strategies to get the ultimate plan to protect your brain. If you've been spending your real money on doing all those mentioned above, I highly rec

5 Best Android Remote Apps To Control Your PC

Microsoft lets users access Windows PC on their mobile device. And multiple-platform access is a brilliant way to be linked to your work at all times if that's your desire. But it can even get better. With the Android apps listed below, you are allowed to do and undo on your Windows 10 PC, plus everything can be done on your bed or in your car or as you stroll around. For details on these amazing apps, see our list of  Best Android Remote AppsTo Control Your PC:  1. PC Remote   This is an Android app that makes use of Bluetooth or WiFi to control your PC, with a remote that has several amazing features. Apart from its keyboard and mouse, there are programs like Powerpoint and Excel to do and undo with. The application utilizes the Remote Desktop feature to allow you to see the home screen of your Windows 10 system. There are also over 25 console games that you can play via the touchpad. You should expect various layouts for gamepads, which allows you to create your own game. 2. Chr

Top 10 Best Nikon Lenses Every Photographer Should Own

You might've purchased your first ever Nikon camera, but soon enough, you will be tired of the decent 18-55mm kit lens it comes with and begin to want more creativity and freedom, which will then lead you to upgrade your lens choices. Lenses are very vital than the camera body they are mounted on, and with several choices to go for, it is a difficult task.Some of these lenses are more appropriate than others, so to aid your selection, check out our list of Top Best Nikon Lenses Every Photographer Should Own   1. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G – FX This is one of the very best out there when it comes to the best lenses for your Nikon camera. It combines affordability and quality perfectly. This lens is actually better than lenses like Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED and the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VRII as regards technical specifications and both lenses are even more expensive. If you are just starting out in the photography business, you might be letting go of the comfort of a zoom lens. F

Best Places To Visit In Kenya As A Tourist In 2019

Kenya and Safari go hand in hand. It is a country known for its remarkable spirit of adventure and romance. As a tourist, you are treated to a diversity of views that will only wow you. Kenya is simply beautiful and to buttress my point, here are Best Places To Visit In Kenya As A Tourist 1. Maasai Mara National Reserve This is a beautiful game reserve. It is a Northern extension of the Serengeti and it serves as a wildlife corridor between Tanzania and Kenya. It is named after people of Maasai who have homes in the park and graze their animals as they have done for several years. In the Kenyan language, Mara stands for "mottled." The park is known for being the venue of the Great Migration, when several wildebeest, zebra, travel to and from the Serengeti, from the seventh month of the year to the 10th. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is popular for offering marvelous predator sightings, due to its huge population of lions, cheetahs, and leopards. The weather is gentle throu