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Unlimited Free Data Bundle: You Can Now Get 1500 Dents Per Referral Instead Of 999

  Dent   is a fully fledged crypto exchange that aims to liberate the way mobile data works. The platform's users are allowed to buy or sell or donate the data through a popular Ethereum-based   blockchain . The developers behind this exchange are working hard to make sure that it eventually becomes a global ecosystem   for   trading mobile data. Quite a while, Dent administrator has been given out free Dent coins /data to subscribers who downloaded or refer people to the app. Those who are using the Dent app will notice the sudden drastic increase in the Dent referral bonus (an increase of 50.1%), this is a great opportunity for those who want  acquired   huge amount  of Dent in the ongoing referral program. For those who are finding the means of getting MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Glo free data bundle, then your sure bet should be on the DENT. All you have to do is to share your referral code and the free data is yours. If you are new to Dent and you want to know how to get free dat

5 Ways (How) to Become Completely Anonymous Online

Being anonymous online directly correlates with protecting your privacy. If you don't take proper steps to ensure your privacy online, you put yourself at risk of potential identity theft. Cybercriminals don't tire when it comes to finding new ways to get and exploit people's sensitive information. Don't let them target you. Check out the following tips that will help you stay completely anonymous online, away from cybercriminals' reach. Article Map 1. Browse in Incognito Mode Incognito mode means no storing of web cookies, no browsing history, and no temporary web caches. When you browse in incognito mode, you limit the information your web browser can collect about you. It cannot store any of the information you enter in forms, such as your usernames and passwords, nor log the sites you visit. It cannot record your online activity at all. However, you can't hide your online activity from your ISP that way, nor from the websites, you visit. That's why you s

5 Best Travel Shows to Inspire Your Next Trip

It would be hard to find a person who doesn't like travelling. Exploring new cities and their famous landmarks, learning about different cultures, savouring the most delicious bites from various cuisines – it's a dream come true. Unfortunately, you may not have the time to travel as much as you might want to. So, while you're searching for your next travel adventure, why not watch a travel TV show to find some inspiration? It's certainly not the same as venturing out to explore the world, but it will definitely give you plenty of ideas for your next destination. There are dozens of travel shows that can inspire you, but the following are absolutely the best to binge on right now. Article Map 1. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father  is a Netflix travel documentary comedy show. It follows the travel adventures of comedian Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael Whitehall. The two set out on a road trip across Southeast Asia to stren

Chinese Database Leaks 42.5 Million Records from Dating Apps

As many as 42.5 million records of users of different dating apps were found in a single Chinese database that doesnt have a password protection, a security researcher has said. Jeremiah Fowler on May 25 discovered a non password protected Elastic database that was clearly associated with dating apps based on the names of the folders. "The IP address is located on a US server and a majority of the users appear to be Americans based on their user IP and geo-locations. I also noticed Chinese text inside the database," Fowler wrote in Security Discovery on Tuesday. The security researcher believed the database's owner was also Chinese. "Upon further investigation I was able to identify dating apps available online with the same names as those in the database. What really struck me as odd was that despite all of them using the same database, they claim to be developed by separate companies or individuals that do not seem to match up with each other," Fowler added. T

Top 3 Google Earth Alternatives You Can Use in 2019

The multi-fold advancements in the field of computers (and technology, in general) have not just simplified our daily lives, but have also made a lot of cool, and previously thought to be impossible things, doable. Whether you want to search for anything, binge endlessly on your favorite shows, write your next novel, or do anything else, there's a website, app, or software available for it. And thanks to incredible applications like Google Maps and Google Earth, you can see just about any place in the world, in front of your computer while sitting in the luxury of your house. Utilizing superimposed images obtained from sources such as satellites and geographical information systems (GIS), Google Earth lets you zoom in on cities, buildings, natural landscapes etc. around the world, mapped onto a virtual 3D globe. And among its many features are street view and historical imagery. Not only that, it also lets you take a broad view of our solar system which is pretty cool. While Google

Chinese Military to Replace Windows with Custom OS

In the thick of trade tensions between the US and China, Chinese officials have decided to develop a custom operating system (OS) that will replace Windows on computers used by the Chinese military to avoid hacking risks. The decision, while not been made official through the government's normal press channels, was reported this month by Canada-based military magazine Kanwa Asian Defence that said that Chinese military officials would not jump from Windows to Linux but instead develop a custom OS, ZDNet reported on Tuesday. Owing to the Snowden, Shadow Brokers and Vault7 leak cases, China fears the hefty arsenal of hacking tools which are with the US and could get into anything from smart TVs to Linux servers and from routers to common desktop operating systems such as Windows and Mac. The Chinese government plans to adopt a "security by obscurity" approach and run a custom OS that would make it harder for foreign threats — mainly the US — to spy on Chinese military opera

10 Best Duplicate File Finders for Windows in 2019

No computer system today is free of problems. Some are plagued with them right off the bat; others develop issues over time. Then there's variation in the nature of system issues as well. Some problems arise because of poor programming of the operating system itself, while others may happen due to user issues. Thanks to effective quality control measures, coding issues are not that big a deal these days, since they're either eliminated at the quality control stage, or fixed as they get identified. User issues, however, are a different story altogether. Because they're influenced by behavior and usage habits, they tend to pop up time and time again. And because a lot of human beings are inherently programmed a certain way, several user issues share a common ground. One such issue that you'll find in almost all modern computer systems is the presence of duplicate files. What it simply means is having multiple copies of the same file, be it photos from your latest holiday

Top 5 Recycle Bin Apps for Android You Should Install in 2019

To err is human and therefore, we always make sure we have some sort of fail safes to watch our steps. There are some errors that you can easily rectify but then there are the other types from which you might not recover, or even if you were to recover, it may take quite a few days. Take a document you were working on for months as an example. Press the delete button while the wrong file was selected, and everything you did for months is gone in a whoosh. It is especially problematic on Android as there is no official recycle bin app support in mobile operating systems. That's where recycle bin apps can save you. The recycle bin apps for Android help you recover accidentally deleted files thereby saving you a lot of headache. I believe every Android users should use these apps as they act as a fail safe for times when we screw up. So, if you are interested in such apps, here are the 7 best recycle bins apps for Android you can use in 2019. Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android in 2019