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How To Find And Remove Fake Accounts On Twitter

How To Find And Remove Fake Accounts On Twitter

Are fake followers disturbing your influence in the Twittersphere? Do you wish to delete them once and for all? Let me show you how. You can manually check your followers' list, locate fake profiles, and unfollow them one after the other, but we are all too busy for that ain't we? In this tutorial, we will highlight a few tools to assist you to locate and get rid of fake followers – and it will not take you too much time at all. Let's get right into it:

Apps To Find and Remove Fake Accounts on Twitter

1. Twitter Audit

How To Find And Remove Fake Accounts On Twitter

TwitterAudit allows you to locate several fake followers you have. It is very easy to use. You just need to head to twitteraudit.com, type in your Twitter handle in the required field and tap "Audit." Twitter Audit will not show you a breakdown of your real vs fake followers.

The first audit will cost you nothing. If you wish to block the spammers, you will need to pay a membership fee to upgrade your account.

 Remember that every audit sample will be able to handle at most, 5,000 followers (more if you subscribe to Pro) per user and calculate a score for every follower. The score depends on the number of tweets, date of the last tweet, the ratio of followers to friends and this aids the revelation of who is a fake or real follower.

Pls, note that this method is not error-free but it is a proper way to know if anyone with several followers boosted his or her follower count by fraudulent means and wrong means.

 Membership begins at $4.99 monthly and it will depend on the number of followers you need analysis for.

Payment might not be what you want, but you will know about your following immediately you are done with the free audit.

2. CircleBoom

How To Find And Remove Fake Accounts On Twitter

These days, it is difficult to locate dependable services that will aid you to audit your Twitter account. Some of the options you have will charge money for premium services and others no longer exist.

However, if you wish to part with cash, CircleBoom is a great option, it will let you analyze your Twitter account to detect fake profiles, and reveal your statistics to you.

The dashboard will reveal your friends, total numbers of followers, the number of days you have been using Twitter for and your average daily posts.

 To locate fake profiles, tap "The Circle" on the left menu, and choose "Fake/Spam." Immediately you get this done, Circleboom will list every Twitter account you follow. You can also review the individual accounts and make up your mind if you wish to unfollow them or not.

Also, Circleboom allows you to create a new Twitter list for known fake accounts, which can now be used to unfollow/follow on the Twitter application in the future. You can also view the number of your followers that cannot see your tweets.

It will also reveal a list of profiles that are yet to tweet in the past month and allows you to silence accounts that are becoming a nuisance.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on How To Find And Remove Fake Accounts On Twitter. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the in the comment section below.

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