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How To Disable Safe Mode On Your Android Phone

How To Disable Safe Mode On Your Android Phone

Even if putting your device in Safe Mode is not so difficult, it is always confusing when it comes to getting your phone out of it. The process can be tiring, especially for phone owners that do not really have a special familiarity with their devices. If you are stuck in Safe Mode for any reason, you do not need to bother your pretty head. Below is our tutorial on How To Disable Safe Mode On Your Android Phone.

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1. Restart Your Phone

Restarting can rectify other problems with your phone, so we expect it to disable Safe Mode as well. The instructions to follow are not complicated:

  1. Simply press and hold the Power button on your phone. Keep holding until various device options are visible.
  2. Click Restart.
  3. If a restart option is not seen, keep holding down the Power button for half a minute.

2. Check The Notification Panel

Some phones allow you to disable Safe Mode from the notification panel. This is how you can make it happen:

  1. Get the notification panel pulled down.
  2. Click the Safe mode enabled notification to disable it.
  3.  Your device will instantly restart and deactivate Safe Mode.


3. Use Hardware Buttons

If the instructions above did not help you, hardware buttons can give you the fix you need. This is all you have to do:

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Immediately it is powered off, press and hold the Power button.
  3. When a logo is visible on the screen, release the Power button.
  4. Quickly press and hold the Volume Down button after releasing the Power button.

When you are done with these instructions, a Safe Mode: OFF message will be seen. It could be anything identical too. This method might work or fail, it depends on your phone.

4. Check For Erring Applications

Even if 3rd-party apps cannot be used while in Safe Mode, its cache and app data will not be blocked off in your phone's settings. This is great because it is possible that an app you downloaded is forcing your device into Safe Mode. If that is the case, it is wise to focus on the app itself rather than repeatedly restarting your device.

This can be tackled by wiping the cache, wiping the app data, uninstalling the application.

5. The Nuclear Option

Your last resort is a factory reset on your phone. Doing so will get rid of all your internal data, so make sure you have attempted everything else before doing this. And you have to back up all of your data before doing a factory reset.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Swipe down and click System, then click Advanced.
  3. Click Reset options, then click Erase all data.
  4. Click Reset phone at the bottom.
  5.  If required, type in your PIN, pattern, or password.
  6. Click Erase everything.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to disable safe mode on your Android phone. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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