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10 Best Apps And Tools For Old People 2019

10 Best Apps And Tools For Old People 2019

Even if there is so much fuss about apps for the younger generation, apps for older people and their caregivers actually exist. This is the case because we have lots of old men and women who are tech-savvy and make use of PCs, smartphones every single day. These apps range from health care to the entertaining ones and a lot of them are cheap and free. To break it down nicely for you, check out our list of 10 Best Apps And Tools For Old People:

1. Fall Detector

Apps And Tools For Old People
This is a unique app that allows you to know if an older person is sick. If there is a time when this aged individual fails to move for a long period of time, the Fall Detector application will make a sound and you will be notified so you can hurry to where he or she is. You never know when this might be useful.

2. Pillboxie

With this app, that old person you care about will always remember to take his or her drugs.

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It is simple to use and you will never forget such important moments ever again. Just set it up and you are good to go. We all know using those drugs as at when due means good health.

3. iBP Blood Pressure

Apps And Tools For Old People
This application will need you to have a separate monitor and it is vital for whoever has blood pressure problems. It aids the tracking of your blood pressure over a specific period of time. With it, you can be sure there won't be complications anytime soon.

4. VizWiz

Apps And Tools For Old PeopleiOS owners will love this app, especially those that are sighted. A team from the University of Rochester developed it and it allows you to snap a picture with your smartphone, ask questions orally, and receive several spoken answers.

5. Comparison of Medical Alert Systems

If you have an elderly person who stays alone, it is best to have a medic alert system in case there is any medical emergency.


With several systems out there, it can be difficult to know the best option. But on this site, you will have answers to the information you seek.

6. WebMD

This is an amazing site where you see information about whatever you want to know about your health. It is home to various health tips, and you will improve your health knowledge from its daily mini-magazine.

7. Vouchercloud

Android users and Windows phone owners can use this one. In this app, you will see discount vouchers for stores, restaurants, cinemas and so on. You just have to download the vouchers to get discounts and they do not even need to be printed out. However, you have to check the T and Cs for all vouchers. For example, a good movie deal might be useful once in a while.

8. Motion Doctor

Anybody can get injured at any time and at any age, there are no scripts for when it will happen. To recover, physical therapy is required. This app is an amazing physical therapy aid, where you will see a reference guide that will assist you or someone you care about to recover from any kind of injury.

9. Dragon Dictation

This is a voice recognition application that will transform whatever you say into text. With it, you do not need to type messages again.

 Simply say what you wish to say and the app will type everything out on your behalf. Now imagine how useful this app would be for those who have arthritis in their hands? It is amazing.

10. Words with Friends

If you fancy Scrabble, this game will surely appeal to you. It is identical to Scrabble and if you own the deluxe version, ads would even be prevented. Over 20 million people across the globe play this game and they all have good things to say. Get your old parents, relatives to play it and they will never feel bored again.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best apps and tools for old people. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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