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10 Best Baby Sleep Apps for Android in 2019

10 Best Baby Sleep Apps for Android in 2019

Babies naturally are a blessing from God. The joy of anticipating the delivery date of babies can heal many wounds. But sometimes this blessing can become a torment for you. Having to make babies sleep in this non-collaborative world can be difficult sometimes. Thanks to baby sleep apps, we can bother less about sending our babies to sleep. In this article, we are going to explore a list of best baby sleep apps for Android.

best baby sleep apps for android

Baby sleeps apps are essentially apps that provide white noises that put babies to sleep. The Google play store has a lot of them. But here is my list of top 10 best baby sleep apps for android in 2019.

1. Baby Sleep – White Noise

baby sleep - white noise

White noise has over the years proved to be very useful to people who find sleeping very difficult. Though it is mainly used by adults, white noise can also be used to put babies to sleep. White noise is sound that calms the nerves. After spending nine months in the womb of their mothers, all they need is a very calm and soothing sound to send them to sleep.

The baby sleep – white noise app features a great selection of soothing white noise and lullabies. It features a timer that saves your battery. This app doesn't require an internet connection.

2. Baby Sleep Music
baby sleep musicPetting a baby to sleep can be a very difficult task. Trust me I have had my own share. Sometimes it deprives you of your own sleep. If you are still having problems with putting your baby to sleep, the baby sleep music app is all you need.

  • The Baby sleep music app features, relaxing music for sleep, has the ability to run as a background app, it features a very intuitive interface, features an interface with graphics suitable children of all ages.

3. White Noise Baby Sleep Noise

white noise baby sleep apps

As mentioned earlier, white noise refers to calm and soothing sounds that make it easy for people to sleep. White noise works on both adult and babies. This app offers a wide range of white noises to choose from. This white noise sound helps your baby sleep well and faster.

The white noise baby sleep app features over 20 white noise sounds, which includes: fan noise, sea noise, rain noise, waterfall noise, train noise car noise and lot's more. The white noise baby sleep app does infinite playback on white noise sounds, to ensure your baby sleeps for long. This app features a  Mixer with support for adjusting the volume of each sound in the mix and also background music support.

4. Baby Sleep: White Lullabies For New Borns

baby sleep white lullabies for white noiseBaby sleep: white lullabies for newborns, was developed to help newborn babies sleep faster and deeper. This app features classic white noise sounds, that resemble the natural sounds of the womb. This way, the baby still thinks he is still in his former habitat ( the womb)

Sleep Baby helps your baby to fall asleep using classic monotonous low frequency sounds proven to be effective by a lot of parents. White noise sounds featured in this app includes a shower, washing machine, car, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, shush, fan, train, music box, heartbeats and sea/stream sounds.

5. inSleep – Baby Sleep Sounds

insleep baby sleep sounds

Still, on the topic of white noise, inSleep is another app that provides white noise sounds, that makes babies sleeps better and faster. Worthy of note, White noise theory has its origins in mathematics and engineering and these days it has applications in fields as diverse as acoustics, electronics, computer programming, and even economics. If you want to delve deeper, Wikipedia which has an excellent resource on the science of white noise.

  • the inSleep app features 27 white noise tones, 5 lullabies, ability to play in the background, a sleep timer, it works offline, it features night lamp with colorful scenes and night mode background. White noise sounds featured here includes hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, bell, bird, car, clock, water drop, fire, car, forest, hearth, night, plane e.t.c

6. White Noise Baby Sleep

white noise baby sleep

white noise baby sleep app, is an app that helps your baby sleep faster, offering a wide range of monotonous sounds. This sounds includes 3 baby lullabies, pure white noise, waterfall, fan, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, washing machine, train, car, sea, rain, shower, creek, mother, heartbeat, birds. This app also features a timer with soft fade out, background audio support, offline working.

7. Mozart Baby Sleep

mozart baby sleep

Mozart baby sleep app provides a list of white noise tracks that help put babies to sleep easily.  Each track has been carefully selected to provide both falling asleep as soon as possible and Mozart effect as well, which means your baby brain development, memory stimulation and positive emotions.


The Mozart baby sleep app works offline, it works when locked, it features a timer that you can set to automatically start playing at intervals.

8. Sound Sleeper

sound sleeper app

Sound Sleeper is a three-in-one sleep solution for you and your baby that will accompany you from birth to the toddler years. It features white noise sounds like, fan, vacuum cleaner, womb and lots more. Sounder sleeper activates its self at the first cry of your baby. It lets you record your own lullaby. It also features sleep tracking, that learns you baby's sleep pattern, to help in his sleep throughout the night.

9. Sleep Music For Kids

sleep music for babies

Sleep music for kids apps provides relaxing nursery rhymes and lullabies that helps babies sleep, in a noncollaborative environment. Sleep music for kids app features a great selection of relaxing sleep melodies, four sound categories: Lullabies for babies, Music Box, beautiful Nature Sounds, White Noise sound. It also features Adorable characters for each category of relaxing melodies, Fades Out Sound feature to make the music turn off gradually, Full-Screen feature with animations your baby can play with.

10. Baby Shusher

best baby sleep apps for android

Last but not least is the baby shusher app. it is a revolutionary tool for parents who desire to put their babies to sleep easily.  Baby susher app does it by offering different white noise sounds. When turned on, these white noise sounds, help put your baby to sleep.

Now that you have been provided with the best baby sleep apps for Android, you can now put your baby to sleep in peace.

Though the apps featured on this list bear different names, their functions are very similar. they all feature white noise sound that put your baby to sleep speedily. Do well to let us know in the comment section if you have other recommendations.

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