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10 Best Crossword Games For Your Android Phone 2019

10 Best Crossword Games For Your Android Phone 2019

Crossword puzzles are popular word games. They help to test your brain, teach you new stuff and they are an entertaining but cool way to keep yourself busy. You will be shown puzzles, just fill them out and you are done. For the best options out there, check out our list of 10 Best Crossword Games Android:

1. Bona Word Puzzle

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This is a special crossword puzzle that shows you a clue and the answers will be gotten from that clue. See it as a trivia game and also a crossword. The game is home various free puzzles you will need to complete and you can purchase more with its in-app purchases. On top of that, there is a puzzle creator you can use to create yours as well.

2. CodyCross

This is a fun combination of trivia games and crossword games that has a set category and every hint revolves around that one premise. Just make sure you provide answers. The game is home to several puzzles and 4 difficulty modes. You will be able to purchase additional packs with tokens or subscribe to everything. You can use the free version or part with cash to subscribe.

3. Crosswords with Friends

You can play this one vs friends, the AI, and other people on the net. There will be fresh puzzles on a daily basis and they come with clues.

 The game is also home to leaderboards, weekly challenges, puzzle packs, and a clue system if you want it. You just have to solve one part of the puzzle and then pass it to who you are playing against to solve one as well.

4. Cryptic Crossword

Still, on the topic of best crossword games for Android, Cryptic crossword is another highly recommended game. This is a crossword game that has one cost and zero in-app purchases or adverts. It is home to 260 puzzles, an answer checker system, a pinch-to-zoom grid, and more customization features. Cryptic Crossword basically involves the player, several clues and the puzzle. The puzzles are enough to keep you occupied for some time.

5. English Crossword

This is a traditional crossword game with more than 400 offline puzzles, several themes, and a clue system if you want it. However, please be aware that it is American English and not British English. Most of the clues are American too. This is not a disadvantage, but you still have to know. Players will be exposed to achievements, cloud syncing, and leaderboards.

6. ISTG Crossword Puzzle Free

This is a proper crossword puzzle game that will not hurt your pocket. It is totally free with zero in-app purchases, even if there are adverts. The game possesses 400 puzzles and they are all available offline.


On top of that, ISTG Crossword Puzzle has more than 100 puzzles in Spanish and 50 in Portuguese. Players have complained about its word spellings though, so expect to have issues with it.

7. New York Times Crossword

This is a cheap crossword game as well and it is very popular. There are new puzzles on a weekly basis here. It is also home to mini crossword mode that can be accessed without paying for any subscription. There are lots of crosswords in it that will last you for a while. New York Times Crossword is home to lots of free content too.

8. Picture Perfect Crossword

This is another crossword hybrid game that makes use of photographs as clues rather than traditional words. The experience is not that different but it adds a lot of things to spice things up.

Picture Perfect Crossword is home to various puzzles, Facebook integration, a clue system, and a new puzzle on a regular basis. The real crossword fanatics might not fancy it but it helps to keep you busy nonetheless.

9. Redstone Games Crossword Puzzle

This one is there even if you can purchase a lot of things in it. Gamers are exposed to clues and boxes they need to fill out. The game will let you know when an answer is not right and provide hints if needed. It can be played offline and new content is added regularly. So many new contents will cost you nothing but not every single one of them.

10. Physical Crossword Puzzle Books

There are a lot of crossword puzzle books you can get and a few popular ones are the Simon & Schuster collection which can be purchased on Amazon. Gamers can also purchase old volumes of The New York Times Crossword too. Check out the several other options on the internet, you will find decent ones on platforms that sell books like Amazon.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best crossword games for Android. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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