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10 Useful Apps For Expecting And New Parents 2019

10 Useful Apps For Expecting And New Parents 2019

Are you and your husband or wife expecting a baby? Congratulations. However, it is not just all about the excitement, it is actually a very crucial time. You need to make sure you are very ready to handle all types of challenges that might come your way at any point in time. To help you with preparations, check out our list 10 Useful Apps For Expecting And New Parents:


1. My Pregnancy & Baby Today Daily Calendar

useful Apps For Expecting And New Parents
This is a popular site for new and expectant parents, and their app is brilliant as well. With it, you can monitor the due date, know what to expect every week till that time and even know all you should about time contractions.

As soon as the baby is born, the app will also transform into a daily parenting guide that will help you until your child turns one. It will cost you nothing.

2. Baby Monitor 3G

There are several gadgets for tracking your baby while he or she is asleep. However, this one saves you the stress of purchasing a particular tool for this.


It is a tracker for your smartphone, tab or computer that lets you hear every noise, stream live video, and soothe your kid even when you are far away. It is useful for when your business makes you travel but you still want to be close to your kid.

3. Baby Feed Timer

useful Apps For Expecting And New Parents
Monitoring breastfeeding can be weird. Similarly, timing feeds is quite complicated when you need a lot of sleep. However, this app helps you with all the sums. It will monitor when you should feed your child, for how long and even remind you when the time is right. It also tracks your child's progress, letting you spot trends as soon as possible.

4. My Baby's Beat

Do you want to listen to your child's heartbeat anytime you wish? This app allows you to listen to this sound when your child is yet to be born. It can be recorded before sharing with others, all through the iPhone's microphone. It is wise to use it in the last couple of months of pregnancy. This app is not free.

5. Sound Sleeper

This is a white noise machine that provides high-quality sounds that will put your baby to sleep comfortably.


It is also an app that listens to your child's cries and then plays soothing sounds that will help to put them back to sleep. With its sleep tracking feature, you will be able to analyze your baby's sleeping patterns as well.

6. Sleep Baby Sleep

This one is less complicated than Sound Sleeper. It provides six different noises like a fan, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, clothes dryer e.t.c, and they all help to give your baby a nice and sound sleep. Just use the start or stop button and be your baby's best friend. It is not free.

7. Baby's Firsts

It is a wonderful thing to see your baby progress and achieve several firsts in the early stages of his or her life. And this app makes it easy to monitor them.

 You can seamlessly capture their developmental milestones, and snap them all through the first year of their life. There are more than 300 prompts available that can inspire you to track the most beautiful moments before you share them. It is also free.

8. HiMama Parent

It is quite to similar to Baby's Firsts but this one will keep going and aid you to capture these moments throughout your kid's life. With its extensive sharing features, it is also amazing for receiving real-time photo and video updates from a helper, which means, even when you are in your office, you will miss out on nothing.

9. Baby Connect

useful Apps For Expecting And New Parents
This is an all-in-one monitoring app for your kid and it can be used to record feeding times, nursing, naps, diaper changes, plus your child's mood. Sharing such information with others is simple through its syncing feature and this makes it amazing for house helps and nannies, not just parents. It is not a free app.

10. Baby's Playful Hands

Your baby will surely be attracted to your iOS device if this app is on it. This app keeps them busy all the time. Every time your child touches the screen, colourful stars leap from their fingers, with several audio and visual feedback, depending on the musical instrument being played at that time. It is very cheap.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best useful apps for expecting and new parents. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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