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5 Best Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe 2019

5 Best Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe 2019

All road trips come with a few wrong turns here and there, but to avoid complete disasters, it is best to have a dependable sat nav application for driving in Europe. Mobile devices exist to ease the stress and frustration that come with traveling. You don't have to depend on the confusing road map or out-of-date sat navs anymore and your days of getting lost because you did not have the right assistance are over. So, are you set to hit the road? Let's see our list of 5 Best Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe:

1. Google Maps

Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe

For directions, this app will always be important. It is beautiful to use when you are online and offline, so if you ever find yourself in a place with zero signal, not to worry, Google Maps will still be very effective.

 The only disadvantage that comes with using the app offline is that you will receive no live traffic update that will be useful when you are stuck. It is your go-to app for directions.

2. HERE WeGo

Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe

This app costs nothing and it can help you to find your way around any of its supported cities. HERE WeGo comes with a beautiful navigation service. It does not matter if you are driving or searching for a taxi closeby, this app offers all the information you need to get to your destination. You will be equipped with all you should know about your journey before you even leave your house. Ticket prices and parking info will be available as well. Like Maps, this app can be used offline.

3. Navmii

This app is available for your Android and iPhone devices. Anyone regular road tripper will fancy its free offline navigation, live traffic updates, voice navigation and local points of interest powered by TripAdvisor, Foursquare and What3Words.

 It has a community feature that aids you to help other drivers by sharing any incidents with the Navmii driving community. There is a speed limit feature that is also useful when you are driving in another country and you have no clue what the national speed restrictions are.

4. Waze

Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe

Waze has its own unique community feature and the community helps with the decision on the most appropriate routes while sharing insights and updates with other Waze users.

 It provides constant reports on incidents, police availability and traffic update to make sure everything goes smoothly during your trip. You can use Waze to locate the least costly prices for gas as well.

5. Road Trippers

Sat Nav Apps For Driving In Europe

As the name hints, it is strictly for road-trippers and travelers. It will not just help you to find the best route, it will also recommend stop-offs, diners, and attractions. Your road trip plans can also be shared with other travel amigos who can also make their suggestions. Frequent travelers must download this one.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best Sat Nav apps for driving in Europe. If you have any other recommendations, fee free to drop them in the comment section below.

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