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6 Best Apps All Fashion Designers Should Have 2019

6 Best Apps All Fashion Designers Should Have 2019

At long last, fashion designers can now download iPad and Android applications that will make them better at their jobs. Want to impress those customers or step up your fashion designing skills? There are applications that can make your job easier. Let's dive straight into it and show you our list of 6 Best Apps All Fashion Designers Should Have:


This app is owned by Robert Weiand. It aids fashion designers to draw with a pencil or a stylus, mixing and matching references. One unique feature it has is how it allows you to work on clothes of any size and height, meaning all size and height restrictions are gone and you are allowed to express yourself. It is an app that has received an award so it deserves your respect.

2. Tayasui Sketches

This is a dope sketching app for artists that are tablet owners. It allows you to have access to several tools, draw on the worlds of graphic design, print, and fashion design. Tayasui Sketches suits your iPad the most since it offers you a super realistic painting experience. The app adapts to the width, angle, and pressure of the stylus. There are various drawing and painting brushes available for you to use as well.

3. Procreate Art

Apps All Fashion Designers
It comes with a Streamline feature that can rectify your brush strokes as you draw, giving it a more organic appearance. It gives you access to 120 brushes and if you want, you can download artiste brushes too.

 The app is home to a brilliant color picker with a selection tool that allows you to change specific aspects of your drawing so they can then be edited appropriately. It also has a time-lapse animation, which allows you to flaunt the evolution of your design.

4. Fashion Professor Picture Dictionary

To go back to design school or to view traditional and fresh styles, this is the app for you. Its subscriptions every month grants you access to several video tutorials and vectors. You will be exposed to courses given by professionals in the game. You don't believe me? Dinna Soliman, a lecturer at the Fashion Institute of Technology is available on this app with her lectures.

5. Sewing Kit

Fashion designers adore this app because it aids you to organize and monitor your designs and materials. With it, you can seamlessly scan pattern envelopes to know if you already have the fabric that suits the design. There is also an alert system that is available to ensure you do not overbuy or underbuy. It gets the job done easily.

6. Ruler 2

Apps All Fashion Designers
At times, it is key to have a simple backup tool in case you cannot find your measuring tape. This app can be just that. It gives precise measurements, allowing the designer to save numbers that could be useful in the future.

 Ruler 2 can also transfer a measurement to a calculator and then email them, helping you to skip the normal copy and paste.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of apps all fashion designers should have. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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