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Best Rap Battle Apps For Your Smartphone 2019

Best Rap Battle Apps For Your Smartphone 2019

Rap battles are gaining popularity nowadays. If you did not know, Rap is not just a form of entertainment anymore, it is more than that now if you are paying any attention to the latest trends. Lyricists now battle with rhymes on stage, social media, in schools, e.t.c, and this act is really here to stay. Let's expatiate with our list of Best Rap Battle Apps For Your Smartphone:


1. Battle Me – Hip Hop Community and Rap Studio

This is the best app for organizing rap battles and recording rap jams. It is home to a brilliant promo-video as well. The app aids the combination of a rap studio with more than 3,000 beats to select from, plus a supportive community filled with other rappers like you. With it, you can locate your audience easily.

You will also have the opportunity to battle other rappers in it. People will judge your work though, so be ready for some feedback.

2. AutoRap by Smule

This app is useful for rapping and battling. It lets you rap in 2 modes. First, you will be able to turn your speech into a dope track with minimal effort by just saying what you feel before you "smile" it, Secondly, you can select a tune from a library and have the lyrics recorded. As soon as you record something, it can be shared with friends or with the app's community.

 If you want to challenge others, that can be done too. AutoRap by Smule makes use of advanced tech to change your voice into something amazing if it is not beautiful already.

3. Punchline – Battle Rap

Even if rap battle is not all about punchlines, it plays a major role. There have to be mean jokes and hilarious rhymes, especially those ones that stick.


This apps gives you ideas if you finding it hard to come up with something. Punchline – Battle Rap is a unique app that will not help you to rhyme but grant you access to jokes to laugh at and to use in your rap battles.

4. Battle App

This one is strictly for video battles. Do not restrict yourself by sending audio when you can create a complete performance with a clip.

 If you are very shy, it is best to stay away because it is not for you. This app allows you to show the bold you. Users are allowed to like, comment and share in this app just like it is done on social media.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best rap battle apps for your smartphone. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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