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How To Auto Delete Your YouTube History

How To Auto Delete Your YouTube History

Online privacy is very key now. This is why several services now add features to aid the privacy of users. As YouTube viewers, one major issue we face is our viewing history. This history can expose too much info about us to marketers and other 3rd parties than you wish for them to know.  One key way to avoid this kind of intrusion is to get rid of that history. Even if, in the past, we could get rid of our history manually, Google recently made it possible to do it automatically, therefore the days of reminding yourself to do it from time to time are over.

How To Auto Delete Your YouTube History

If you wish to set your YouTube account to automatically delete your history, do this:

  • Head to the Activity controls for your YouTube history. Go through this link to reach there directly, or begin from the main Google account page. Locate and tap "Data & personalizations," then "YouTube history," and then "Manage activity."
  • Beneath YouTube History, 2 boxes will be visible. The right-hand box will aid you to determine if and when your history of YouTube viewing and searching will be deleted. If you are not familiar with this page, "Keeping activity until you delete it manually." will be seen. Tap just below that on the "Choose to delete automatically." link.
  • You can make Google delete your YouTube history after 3 months or after 1 year and 6 months. Tap on the option you want.
  • Confirm your choice. Google will inform you if you have anything that will be gotten rid of instantly (since it's older than 3 or 18 months).

If you will prefer to make things simple for yourself and not save your history at all, that can be done too. Begin from the YouTube History page and at the left-hand box, you will see if your YouTube history is enabled or disabled. If it is enabled, disable it.

  • Tap "Change setting."
  • 2 checkboxes will be visible, one would be "Include the YouTube videos you watch," the second would be "Includes your searches on YouTube." If you tick none of them, you have paused the collection of that specific history.
  • To pause both, toggle them off.

 Lastly, to get rid of your full viewing history right now, do this:

  • On the YouTube History page, tap the 3 dots on the right side of the top search box.
  • Tap the "Delete activity by" link.
  • Delete your activity for the last 60 minutes, the last 24 hours, for all time, or within a custom range.

 There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to auto delete your Youtube history. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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