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Top Ten Travel Agencies and Websites in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja)

Top Ten Travel Agencies and Websites in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja)

Top Ten Travel Agencies and Websites in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja)

As Nigerian, you have a wide pool of travel agencies to choose from. These platforms have made it so easy for people to book a travel flight or ticket to their destinations from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, booking your vacation with a travel agency is way cheaper than doing it directly. It is seamless, secure, and easy for everyone to use the platforms to book their next vocational destination.

In this article today, we are going to show you the top ten best travel agencies in Nigeria that can take care of all your travel arrangements and itinerary. These agencies can book a flight for you, make a reservation for you, arrange for car rentals to take you to or from the airport, arrange for your international or local vacation, assist you with travel documentation, visa assistance, corporate and group travels management, and much more.

Of course, there are more than ten travel agencies in Nigeria. There could be hundreds, actually, but not all of them can be trusted, and that is why we have prepared this list for you.

1. Travelstart 

Arguably the best online travel agency, Travelstart has been operating in Nigeria for a long time and has been trusted by millions of travelers to make travel arrangements for them. The platform allows you to compare and book the best flights there is, search for suitable business and leisure travels, rent a car, and find the best accommodation options. The Travelstart website lets you find the lowest fares on the market, and you can pay easily as safely online using visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and more.

Website: Travelstart.com.ng

2. Travelbeta 

Travelbeta is one of the leading travel agencies by Nigerians for Nigerians. The company was founded by Nigerian entrepreneur Onyeka Akumah and is based in Lagos. While it has partnered with partners both international and local, Travelbeta focus is to ensure you find the best vacation packages for your company, family, couples, or as a solo traveler. The company is well-positioned to deliver exceptional online travel services as well as offer you unique and quality experience you will likely not get anywhere else.

Website: travelbeta.com

3. Wakanow 

Wakanow was launched in 2008 as the first-ever Nigerian online travel agency to help bridge the gap and eradicate the barriers and inadequacies facing the travel industry in the country. The platform extremely benefited on the 2010 FIFA world cup held in South Africa, as it was one of the go-to online travel agencies that offered quality accommodations, flight inquiries, and car rental services to visitors. Today, Wakanow has grown to be one of the leading travel websites not only in Nigeria but also in the world, with offices in Nigeria, UAE, United Kingdom, Ghana, and the United States. They are aggressively looking to open offices in all African countries.

Website: wakanow.com

4. Travelden 

Travelden delivers some of the best exclusive online travel services including flight booking and inquiries, visa assistance, travel insurance, hotel booking, and many more. Travelden has grown to become one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria over the years.

Website: travelden.com

5. Icarrygo 

Though unknown to many, Icarrygo is one of the most trusted online travel agencies in Nigeria and offers some of the best travel packages you will probably not find anywhere else. Among the world-class services they offer include domestic flights, international flights, domestic hotels, international hotels, tours and holidays, car rental, cruise holidays, and more.

Website: icarrygo.com

6. God'spowertravels 

Having been incorporated in 1994, Gods Power Travel Agency is one of the oldest travel agencies in Nigeria. The company is one of the IATA accredited passenger sales agent and tour operator, offering services with modern telecommunications facilities. Gods Power Travel Agency prides itself as one of the leading travel platforms in Nigeria with a basket of services designed to meet a wide range of travels needs for corporate organizations, individuals, and other institutions.

Website: godspowertravels.com

7. Aeroport Travels and Tours 

Aeroport Travels and Tours Limited is a full-fledged travel management company located in Lagos, Nigeria. The company focuses on providing customers with the very best online travel experience. The company offers the lowest flight fares on the market, arrange for corporate and business travels for seminars or conference, arrange for hotel bookings, organize education tour and excursions for clients, provide visa support and advisory, and airport protocol, which includes pre-check-in, meet and greet, baggage handling, as well as custom and immigration formalities.

Website: aeroporttravels.com

8. Jolie Global Travels and Tours Ltd.

Jolie Global Travels Tours Limited prides itself as one of the leading travel websites in Nigeria. The company provides services such as visa and immigration processing and assistance, holidays and tours packaging, foreign education consultancy, documentation services, travel insurance, corporate and group travels, development and language translation service, as well as air ticket sales and hotel reservation.

Website: joliewaka.com

9. Zenith Travels and Tours Ltd.

Zenith Travels and Tours Limited have been offering online travels for Nigerian travelers for years now. Their services include travel insurance, boat cruise service, rent-a-car service, bus hire service, holiday packages, conference and fairs, ticketing and reservation, event management, immigration, and protocol as well as visa counseling.

Website: zenithtravelgroup.com

10. Ashton and Dave Travels and Holidays Ltd.

This is also one of the best travel agencies in Nigeria. The company offers services such as travels, tour and packaging, fleet management, hotel, and protocol services.

Website: ashtondavetravels.com


The travel agencies shared in this article are trusted and reliable and have been in the hospitality business for many years. There are plenty of benefits of using travel a travel agency when planning for a vacation or business trip. In most of the time, they can help you reach places you wouldn't have if not for a travel agency.

Disclaimer: This is only our honest review of travel agencies in Nigeria, we have no affiliation or what so ever with any of the agencies listed above.

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