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Tweetdeck is a super useful way to communicate as a social media marketer.

Tweetdeck is a super useful way to communicate as a social media marketer.

Tweetdeck is a super useful way to communicate as a social media marketer. You need tools so that you don’t end up logging onto one platform at a time and wasting precious minutes. But Tweetdeck doesn’t only save you time– it also provides the ability to better understand and plan your efforts, in order to gain a wider and more participatory audience.
Tweetdeck allows you to use your data more directly. It is a dashboard tool much like other useful social media tools, but this one is just for Twitter. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of Tweetdeck.
  1. Hook Up Multiple Accounts

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You can keep track of up to 200 Twitter accounts via TweetDeck, and this is all free. But you can also run more than one account using the dashboard. Just log in via the “Your Accounts” panel. That way you can have multiple dedicated accounts to your business, and easily choose which one you’re using or responding from. You can also have different accounts just for following certain subjects or facets of the industry.
  1. Use the Teams Option

“Teams” allows business owners to set up other people to access the account and Twitter profile without actually distributing the account password. That makes it simpler and more effective for teams to tweet, without managing passwords and getting locked out of accounts. It also keeps the account more secure. And speed and constant access are especially important when brands have to be sharp on customer service, quickly responding to questions or complaints.
  1. Make a Tweet Grid

Since we don’t have this on regular Twitter, it’s easy to overlook, but this is a great way to promote your social media channels on your website. The Tweet Grid can be embedded on your site to highlight certain tweets. You do this by creating a new “Collection” on Tweetdeck, and then simply dragging and dropping the tweets you want to include in the order you’d like them to be seen. Add the embeddable URL to your website and it’ll pop up on your site, encouraging more engagement from your audience.
  1. Use TweetDeck for Insights

Through TweetDeck, you can save certain search terms so that you’ll be in the loop when the situation changes. Do a bit of research into the different ways you can employ search terms. You can filter so that you only get tweets with links, filter out a specific user, only show tweets from accounts on a certain list, only show tweets with native video, find only positive mentions, find tweets near a particular city, only tweets with a minimum number of retweets….the list goes on. If, for example, you searched “social media management tools” near:San Francisco within:30mi min_retweets:200, you would see all mentions of social media management tools near SF that had gotten at least 200 RTs. This is hugely helpful when watching for industry trends or trying to spot momentum for a certain product.
  1. Set Up a Confirmation Step for Protection

This one is just to save you from embarrassing mishaps! TweetDeck allows you to add in a confirmation step before you send out tweets, so you don’t hastily publish something to the wrong account. It’s only a box you have to tick, but that extra step will prompt you to proof-read and make sure you’re being intentional with your tweet. No more typos!
TweetDeck is always changing, so there are new functions available on the platform all the time. Keep yourself familiar with TweetDeck’s tips and tricks and you’ll be getting more engagement from your audience for less work.
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